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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1234979
Follow Trent's Journey through Shoven to stop the everlasting war between man and dragon

Follow Trent's Journey through Shoven to stop the everlasting war between man and dragon

This is an interactive story containing 101 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Rating Rankings---
Interactive - #3
Genre - #2

6400 views! This many views isn't to much compared to others on this site, but It lets me know that people are still interested in Trent's journey. Add to the fact that people continue to assist me in adding chapters and I think this will become what I envision.

I have completely fleshed out how magic is to work in Shoven as well as some spell examples, and also the role Trent plays as a Wizard. If you plan to write in this story take a look at "Magic in A Wizard and his dragon." Yes, it may be a tad cliche to have him born with talent but it makes for a more interesting story I believe. For quick reference, the link explaining it is right here: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1422893

A new author to my story has made some work of his own with a bit of my help. If your interested take a look at it, It is very good "Resident Evil Damnation

current co-authors to story are Unwritten , S. Perry , anneinedu, thetaintedtear, horosuma , HeroicWriter , ur face , and Material Defender
I hope I continue to see updates from all of you.

Editing every thread of the story to make this a true interactive. I realize this will take a great GREAT amount of time to even come close to completing and for those of you who have actually been paying attention to the story i was writing i apologize. But since this story is considered an interactive, I am going to attempt to make it so. To do so I am now upping the quality i require for additions to this interactive. Possible writers to this can either write to the guidelines i have set or write what they want and I will edit as necessary. I realize that this does not send the message that gets people to write but for this to be the story that i am envisioning I cannot let it stray to far from the main points in the story. This does not mean that I do not want people to write their side to this, on the contrary. it only means that there are now higher standers to the writing quality and the fact that a few things must happen in each storyline to make sure that there is consistency. e.g. I can't have Trent see only 2 dragons in a cave when in another thread he spots 12 in the very same cave. I know this will deter some possible writers from adding on to this story, but think about what can be done with this. A completely fictional story only loosely based off of others that has the possibility to go on infinitely. This is now a life goal of mine to see this through. May god help me and have mercy on my soul.

Many complaints have been given in reviews that the branch I am writing is better suited as a novel and I am finally taking that to heart. A prologue is being written by ruduen with my supervision and will be posted once completed.

Questions have come in regarding the size a dragon can become. This can vary due to the Race/color of dragon but you will see in this quote from the interactive what the base scale for growth is in dragons.
"Fenrir explained that in their first year of life, a dragon undergoes a large growth spurt in which he will become about 9 feet tall in height. This lasts until his second year of life. The speed of growth then slows to about a foot a year then around the age of ten slows again to a foot every five years. Though the process continually slows with age, dragons continue to grow until the day they die. Judging Fenrir's hight at about 42 feet, according to him he would be about 100 years old, but probably even older since he said the process continues to slow."

A few last rules before you get started
1. No Vore, Shrinking, enlargement or any other sort of this kind of writing
2. put some thought in it, no one liner chapters
3. Always be as creative as possible, this story should be very open ended

Guidelines for the story line to avoid confusion:
1. Anyone that writes a chapter will be sent a map of the world in which the story is set.
2. Trent's Parents are named Sheila and Thomas. (Can't have everyone make up their own. Description of them will be done by the first person to put them in the story.)
3. Magic in this world is described in my addition "Magic in A wizard and his dragon" I am open to ideas but for the most part, use this guide to know how the magic works in this story. If you do not I will edit as necessary.
4. As Trent becomes a rider he inherits dragon like characteristics. For example, he obtains wings and additional magical powers from the bond with his dragon. The wings are the color of the dragon that he bonds with and will also pick up some characteristics of that race of dragon. i.e. magic with the corresponding element increases and. Example:: If Trent bonds with a Fire dragon, it will strengthen his fire spells and will be able to use fire in the same manner as dragons, and a water dragon will strengthen water spells and allow Trent to breath underwater.
5. If you would like to create an original charecter, know that this since all threads in this story back up, that charecter will either be in every thread or be deleted from the story completely. I'm sorry but I have to make sure all things that happen in this story are caused by the main charecter Trent or those around him, not by outside forces such as the author of the chapter or a charecter in the story he has never met.

I encourage everyone to review and add to this story so that it may become what i know it can be.

Thanks for writing!

Be prepared to begin a journey never like none other. You are about to be thrown into the life of Trent Godfrey, A young wizard in training on a journey unbeknown to him to become a Dragon Rider. Every choice you make will effect the outcome of the story, be it good or bad. One man may be a friend with one choice and an enemy with the other. Good, Evil, none of this matters when the choice is before you. No choice is right or wrong. Only the outcome matters and the only way to find out is to plunge inside and take the risk. Only one moment will remain the same, the beginning. And the rest is all up to a fate you yourself will create.

You are a young wizard named Trent Godfrey, a 16 year old boy with short brown curly hair and a very calming demeanor. Stripped from your hometown Parcel to be newly enlisted in the human militia which is at war with dragon kind, because of your abilities with the fabled "Defensive" magic, you were suddenly sent on an assassination mission with a small band of men. A war has been going on for nearly 20 years in the land of Shoven between the humans and dragons. Though you have no ill will toward these creatures, they do not hold you in the same regard nor do your fellow soldiers give mercy to the enemy. With the war giving way to neither side, it seems it will drag on for eternity. Wearing the standard black hooded vest and pants with light leather guards on your arms and shins, black as well, The story begins as you approach your intended target.

For a more in depth description of Trent and how the story truly begins, check out "A Wizard and his Dragon: The Novel
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