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  1. The Reducer
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by Powor
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What would happen if you found a laser gun that could shrink/grow things? (Cliché)
Chapter 1

The Reducer

    by: Powor   More by this author
The government is always developing technology to keep people safe, but what happens when they fail? What happens to the project do they lock it up, or just throw it away?

Well anyway the government had just invented a prototype device named the “Reducer.” It was a device that could reduce anything down to a fraction of its original size.

However human test subject was all that was left to complete it's testing, but with no volunteers the higher ups got tired of waiting and the funding was cut. The only thing left to remember was the Prototype gun which was lost in an accident is space. The gun was being used in deep space testing when it was lost in a meteor shower.

However the gun itself is made of in indestructible metal. It was presumed lost in earth's gravitational field. It actually had crash landed some where on earth, and that's where this story begins at the home of...
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