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Your trapped in a giant's house. What do you do?
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Chapter 3

Japanese samurai

You one day find yourself in a room in a Japanese samurai castle, but everything is huge. You estimate yourself to be about a half in tall. Two young men enter the room. You stay hidden and watch them. They look to be in their early twenties. From their speech, you gather that one is the emperor's son and the other is his friend. They are both short, about 5' 5", although they are giants compared to you. They have fair, light brown skin and are both wearing loose robes. They are there to practice their fighting skills.

You watch as they both bow and begin to fight. They are very quick. The slap of their bare feet against the ground sounds like thunder to you. The fight ends with the emperor's son catching the other with a kick to the face, his sole hitting him square in the face and knocking him over. He then places his sole over his friends face, pinning him to the ground. You see his friend kiss his foot, which you think is odd, then they get up and bow. They then go to the dressing room.
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