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Your parents are going on vacation and they get you a babysitter. She has a special power.

Your parents are going on vacation and they get you a babysitter. She has a special power.

This is an interactive story containing 85 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
(Rules have been condensed and edited to make this page shorter and to make sure all possible "Do not wants" have been added. DO NOT ADD CHAPTERS UNLESS YOU READ AND FOLLOW ALL THE RULES ON THIS PAGE.)
         You are Jason North, you are sixteen and it is summer so you are off from school. Your parents are going on a vacation for a week and a half, you didn't want to go because they were going to one of those boring historical places. For some stupid reason, they said that you had to have someone to watch you, so they were going to have some girl babysit you. You tried to explain to them that you were too old to have a babysitter, that you were old enough to date the girl they picked to babysit. They just laughed at you and jokingly said, "Good, it is about time you got a girlfriend."


1.)No gay stuff, the only guy in this interactive is Jason.
2.)No animals. That also means no, furries, scalies, and whatever else similar stuff.
3.)Minimum age for characters is 16 years old, and the maximum is 25 (for the babysitter) now the mother max age is 36.
4.)The shrinking power has a minimum and a maximum, no smaller than three inches and no bigger than twenty inches. Jason will start out, when shrunk, at three inches.
5.)No toilet stuff, if the main character comes out the ass of the babysitter, there is to be no great description. No talk of crap or the main character getting stuck in crap, the reason being is because it is just sick and gross.
6.)Oral vore(through the mouth) is the only type of vore allowed. The only types of death allowed are: Sat on, crushed between or by breasts, and pressure after being inserted between a girl's legs. Eaten: By being swallowed whole, chewed, and cooked then eaten.
7.)Editions are to be written in the second person perspective; example, "You went to find help."
8.)Editions must be at least six sentences long, (i.e. A paragraph). Be descriptive. Description is what gives a story substance. Use adjectives and adverbs, they make a story more in-depth and interesting, like you were actually there experiencing it.
9.)Spell and grammatical check editions before adding them, I will not tolerate misspellings and grammatical errors.
10.)When adding, create an original title for the edition. Don't use what the site puts in, because it is just what was written for the choice you chose, and that won't work.

Follow the rules perfectly and I won't delete your chapter. Have fun
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