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  1. Who's it going to be!
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you are shrunk backstage in a wwe superstars locker room
Chapter 1

Who's it going to be!

    by: WonderBoy11   More by this author
as the wave of the funny feeling leaves you, and your head starts to clear you realize that something isn't right. you are surrounded in a white prison which smells like sweat and other things. you feel down at the, floor and notice that it has a cotton like texture... something is defiantly wrong here. That is when you look up and discover where you are. screaming in your head you struggle to deal with the fact that you have been shrunk down somehow to two inches tall and are current squirming around in your gigantic boxers.
terrified out of your mind you are snapped back to the hear and now when you hear booms which are getting closer, followed by the scrapping of a door knob being turned and you remember what you were doing here. the door opens and you hear a booming hello, as you look up a giant enters your eyesight, and stares down at the pile of clothes out side the locker room. if you weren't terrified before you were now staring into the form of the giant..
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