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  1. On A Quest To Get Eaten.
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All Jason wants is to be a snack or meal for a lovely lady.
Chapter 1

On A Quest To Get Eaten.

    by: OBusywriter   More by this author
         "Finally I have made it," Jason shouted, holding up a little half-blue half-white colored capsule. He was sitting next to his little lab area that was in a large closet of his apartment. Jason smiled and shook with anticipation, "By taking this, I will shrink to three inches tall and finally be able to complete my dream of becoming food for a beautiful girl or woman. It is only a matter of time before I am in the belly of a beauty." Many a night and day, Jason had fantasied about laying on the warm wet tongue of a woman, to be caressed and tasted, to be savored and then to slide down the slender female gullet, where he would await digestion in her lovely belly. Sometimes his fantasies would have variations, like he would be trapped in a girl's sandwich and be munched and crunched for her lunch. In another, he was baked in little pie with a gooey and sugary paste that was to make him sweeter. Now it could all come true with his new pill. Of coarse he knew that he could encounter obstacles like a girl or woman that wanted to keep him as a pet instead of eating him; or keeping him as a sex toy. Jason was ready, he was going to take the pill today.

Did he already have a beauty in mind to be his devourer? Or did he go somewhere and take the pill?
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