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  1. The Curse
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A child becomes an outcast, because the child is half human
Chapter 1

The Curse

    by: Bruce Lee Gifford Jr.   More by this author
Bowhan ran out of the village as fast as he could. He was carrying something that was bundled up in a cloth. He was rushing and hoping that no one would see him. For some reason, he didn't want anyone to know about what he was carrying. "How the hell did I get into this mess?" he asked himself, "Why did I fall for that trick?" Bowhan was out of the village, and far away from it. So, he stopped and reflected on the events that had occurred that night.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Bowhan walked into the bar with a sword in hand. He then raised his sword above his head and yelled, "I have killed the beast!" The entire bar cheered, everyone except for a woman in a dark corner of the room. Though, Bowhan didn't notice her at first. Bowhan walked up to the counter and bought a drink. As he drank, many people came up to him and asked about his latest kill. Though, Bowhan didn't feel like telling anyone about the kill at that moment. "I'll tell everyone in the morning on how I killed the wicked monstrosity.

That was when the woman from the dark corner came up to Bowhan. She was the most beautiful woman that he had ever met. She had long black hair that came down to her mid-back. She had a slim and sexy body. Some might have argued that her body was perfect. Bowhan stared at her massive boobs as she walked to him. He watched as they swayed on her approach. "Are you the one that is called Bowhan?"

"Yes," Bowhan answered, but her never lifted his gaze from her boobs.

The woman noticed this and she asked, "Do you like my body?"

"Oh, yes," Bowhan replied, "Your body is perfect. Of all the fair maidens I have rescued, I have never seen anything as perfect as you, my lady."

"I'm glad you like my body," the woman said, "Let us make love right now."

"What?" Bowhan asked, "I mean, just like that? You're willing to have sex with me right now?"

"Yes, why not?" she said.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Bowhan looks down at the bundle of cloth he was carrying. The hand of the creature inside of the bundle reached out of the bundle. Disgusted by this, he covered the creature's hand with the cloth. "You're not my child," Bowhan said to the creature in the bundle, "You're a damned monster. I shouldn't have fallen for that demon's trick. I shouldn't have made love to her, then I wouldn't have had you."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Bowhan had just finished having sex with the woman. The woman was still lying in bed beside him. It was the best sex he had ever experienced, because the woman seemed to know exactly what he liked. There was something strange about the woman, but Bowhan couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Bowhan turned to look at her naked, sexy body. That was when he noticed that her belly was swelling up quickly. He stared into the woman's eyes in shock. The woman smiled back at him and explained, "I'm pregnant, now."

Bowhan quickly jumped out of bed and placed his back against the wall. "What... What are you?" he asked.

The woman stood straight up with ease. "I'm a demon," she answered while still smiling. "You have spent all your life killing what you call monsters," the demon woman explained, "Now, I am cursing you with a child that is half human and half monster."

Bowhan saw his sword near his clothes. He rushed to the sword, but the woman got to him first. She grabbed his shoulder and threw Bowhan across the room. Bowhan's head hit the wall and he fell unconscious.

When he woke up, the woman was gone. Though, there was a bundle of cloth on the bed with her baby inside. Bowhan slowly approached the bundle and uncovered it. That is when he saw the baby which was half human and half...
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