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  1. Codename: Geass
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You obtain a Geass. Use it's power to rebel, conquer, or just entertain yourself!
Chapter 1

Codename: Geass

    by: Divine Bandit   More by this author
It's an ordinary day in Area 11. The city is calm, and the people are peaceful. You're walking down the side of the street.

"Out of the road!" roars a voice from behind you. In an instant, three Knightmare Frames accelerate past, causing a huge draft that causes litter and papers to fly everywhere. But despite that, you hear a faint voice nearby.

You look around, and can just barely see a lock of green hair coming out from behind a set a trash cans. You push the cans aside, and find a girl in a loose white jumpsuit lying motionless on the ground. You take her in your arms, and check her pulse. You don't feel anything...

Despite that, the girls eyes shoot open, and she leans up, kissing you on the lips. You phase out, and hear the girl's voice as she pries into your mind. You hear something about "Geass" and a contract, and mindlessly answer "Yes."

You're back to reality. The girl is lying motionless in your arms. You set her on the ground so you can catch your breath, and catch up on what just happened. First off, who are you?
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1.   A Britannian Student

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3.   An Eleven

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