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by Mr. E
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You Shrank! Choose a type of Doc to be or grow a girl into a GTS. GP for Adds

You Shrank! Choose a type of Doc to be or grow a girl into a GTS. GP for Adds

This is an interactive story containing 655 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
New Interactive "Giantess Dreams Read about the Dreams I have about giant women. And add yourr own if youve ever dreamt about girls that are many times your size!

SUPER CONTEST:Add some good chapters and get your profile highlighted here and the same goes for my other Macrophile stories as well. ask me to put you on

You are Doctor Jake Smith your in your mid 20's and one day you shrank from the shrinking machine in your office
Your Preppy Blonde assistant Dallas is 24 messes things up a lot and doesnt really do much around the office.
try NOT to add any 1 or 2 sentence chapters They dont have to be as long as mine but try like a paragraph or something like that just give it your best shot GP for Additions

All types of GTS and Macrophile material are welcome so add whatever type you want.
A Couple Rules: NEW! Girls and guys can be can be shrunk
make sure to give at least 2 options when continuing a story and not just one
anything is ok but this is whats preferred Feet Butt Boobs Vore Soft Hard Belly Crush Mouth Play AV Unbirth Death Life Ass Slave Pussy Breasts Expansion Enlargement Growing Shrinkage Aware Unaware Gore Pet Vagina Humiliation Body Exploration Insertion Voyeur Gentle Evil Scat Toilet Tits Stomach Toy Throat Unbirth Digestion or no Digestion !
if you want to end the story go ahead just make sure theres at least one chapter before giving the OPTION to let him live or die or so on
Everyone is now over 18. I dont feel like changing hundreds of chapters
You can switch the story from one fetish to another EX:(from Breasts to Mouth or from Foot to Butt etc.)( as long as there are a couple chapters written about the original fetish
No gay male interaction whatsoever except that lesbians are allowed
growing one of the girls into a Giantess is allowed but as long as there are a few chapters into the story (once the girl has some fun with the shrunken doctor or vice versa whatever). New World Order

Nurse Dallas
whoa so Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dallas's new friends
>The Boss Lady. I know it's animated, but the way she stands on top of that shrinkee makes this drawing perfect.

> Kelly. Head of pediatrics.

> Nicole. Marriage counselor

> Denise. Nurse

> Sarah. Doctor with a tiny but Large butt

Dallas's sister Stacy

Rachels Big Butt in Spandex

Rachel's Mom Courtney

Rachels Friend Amber (shes in chapters 45-50)

> Laura's butt.


Julianna's Mom





Alicia and her sister Anna:

Maria Lopez
Her Fine Ghetto Booty

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