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a coworker who is a witch turns you into a disposable product that your company makes!
This choice: It’s off to the supermarket! Some random woman will buy and use you. · Go Back...
Chapter 3

It’s off to the supermarket! Some random woma...

    by: Lillyhammer   More by this author
You can’t see a thing as your trapped inside the extra thick maxi pad - you can only feel movement and muffled sounds as the package is shipped off to a grocery store. Eventually you find the package taken out of a box before being placed on a shelf - it feels cooler as though you’re in cold air conditioning now and you must sit here for days occasionally being bumped, or picked up only to be set back down on the shelf. Still, you cannot see and hear muffled voices and music in the background but can’t really make anything out.

Eventually your time as come as someone picks up the package and drops you into a shopping cart, piling more groceries on top of you. Eventually your picked up again, placed on a conveyor before being picked up by the cashier and scanned followed by a loud beep. She nonchelauntly drops you into a bag with some other household goods and your placed back in the cart. Eventually you feel like it’s getting hotter as the women walks through the parking lot to her car and tosses her grocieries in the back seat. It’s not a long drive and soon enough your picked up again and brought inside her house. She begins to put away her grocieriee before finally grabbing you and placing you under the bathroom sink.

Here you sit for a couple of days before you feel the package grabbed and the sound of ripping plastic as she rips open the package and removes one of the maxi pads - you! Your placed on the bathroom counter still inside of your wrapped You hear the sound off water running and realize she must be peeing in the toilet. This is followed by the sound of toilet paper being taken off the roll and used before a deafening sound of the toilet flushing. Soon enough you’re grabbed as she takes of the out plastic wrapping and unfolds the pad - you can see now as she deposits the thick pad in her panties, carefully spreads the wings and promptly pulls her panties up - you’re now face to face with her most intimate parts though you couldn’t even get a good look at her - all you know was the she was white and wasn’t a teen and wasn’t an old lady.

She then leaves the bathroom in just her panties and heads into the bedroom - the sensation of walking is nauseating to say the least as she then
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