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a coworker who is a witch turns you into a disposable product that your company makes!
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Chapter 4


    by: Pinetree   More by this author
Before you stands a girl around 3 to 4 feet tall. She had to have been 9 hears old. She was wearing a black skirt with a blue argyle sweater which you realize must be the school uniform. She had beautiful blonde hair covering her one eye and the hair that wasn’t reached down to her back on the back. It was radiant like it was pure sunlight captured in one form. She had light blue eyes and her lips were dyed red. If she was older you could imagine dating her. As you are admiring her your expression turns from a expression of shock to a expression of disgust. You see her turn around and begin to pull down her skirt. Under the skirt was a pair of laces black panties which she also pulls down. You feel so horrible for watching nit as you try to close your eyes you are not able to. You hear the sound of her sitting down on the porcelain seat of the toilet. You hear her releasing a stream of liquid gold constantly splashing against the sides of the bowl. As you hear the Slowing of the stream you see her and her red painted fingernails on her hand reach for you. She begins to unroll you and rip part of you off of your roll. Where are you?
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