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by Puffy
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This interactive story is about Georgette the poodle from the Disney movie Oliver&Company
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Chapter 2

Georgette finds a vacume cleaner

    by: R-cha   More by this author
Georgette had just used a cell phone to call Tito over for a date. And now, swhe has to wait for him to arrive. She is bored waiting, there's no one in today, except Oliver, but he's snoozing and does not want to wake him up. She then decided to look around and find anything interesting, until a closet door suddenly opens and a bunch of stuff falls out. she does not get covered by the stuff, and Oliver does not wake up to the sound of the crashing. When she attempted to put all the stuff back in, she saw this vaccuum cleaner: the Suck-O-Lux. Georgette, for some reason, decided to leav this out of the closet as she put all the other stuff back in. She then laid herself on the couch and just looked at the Suck-O-Lux.
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