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You are an astronaut sucked into a solar system of gigantic proportions.

You are an astronaut sucked into a solar system of gigantic proportions.

This is an interactive story containing 146 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
**If you are not eighteen, turn back now lest corruption ensue**

This is a setting-focused macrophilia piece. When adding please respect what was added before and revisit these details so that the reader remains cognizent of place and perspective. The planets themselves should be a large part of the story not just the man-munching and what-not.

Basic story goes as follows: Mike Anders, red-blooded American astronaut and all-around male chauvinist, is flung away from earth's gravity by the pull of a spontaneous worm-hole (yes I know this is a rip off 'Farscape' but it gets much different from here on I assure you). The tear in space-time spits him up in another solar system in perhaps another galaxy. He is immediately struck by the scale of the planetoids orbiting the system's red-giant star (get-it 'giant'). The smallest is five times earth's size and all support life. Mike has enough fuel in his ship to reach one (but only one) of these five worlds.


1) No extreme underage sex scenes (ie. younger than 14)
2) Stick to the planet's theme

Anything else is fair game, please add and I will add to yours

SPOILER ALERT! For your convenience I'm placing a brief overview of the planets here; please read if you intend to write. If you're a reader I highly suggest skipping so as to preserve the suspense of the tail.

1) Varash- This is a barbarian planet. They have little technology to speak of but I plan on introducing for them a type of sacrificial magic. The environment is arid with desert and rocky steppes being the dominant terrain features. The Amazons themselves stand between 80-90 feet putting Mike's scale height at about 4 inches, just big enough for an appetizer ;P Tinies live here too and are the terrified worshipers/servants of their Amazonian Goddesses. They are, as per usual, Mike's size.

2) Lysune- This is the gentle giantess storyline. I am placing an aware and unaware s.t. in this one so if you don't like the grosser stuff please stay on the aware track. I am modeling these giantesses after Venusian Goddesses. They should all be extraordinarily beautiful (no foot stink, please). Their technology is based off their varied psychic abilities (feel free to expound on these and incorporate them into the erotica -- I sure will.) Their planet is mostly covered with water and many scenes will have to do with water (ie. baths, drinking cups, toilets). Since I want these giantesses to be divine I'm making their scale big. The tinies here are non existent having all been captured by the Amazons of Varash in the past. This is a good plot device because it puts Mike at the center of their attention. The Lysular are all female and stand a thousand or more feet putting poor sexist Mike around a quarter of an inch or less.

3) Vorax- This is the furry-focused world. Vorax will have the most variety in scale since the various anthro races are all different sizes. Mike himself will be mouse sized. This makes him toy sized to cats, bug sized to bears, doll sized to rabbits etc. Predation is the rule on Vorax ( "Vore"-ax ;P) and Mike will probably spend a lot of time in my writing attempting to escape the 'food-chain.' However, I imagine kindly animals will also be present, and some Kittys might like to 'play' with their prey before eating. The main characters of his scale Mike will interact with here are Mice (Neo-rodent ;P) who are exactly human sized to him. Descriptions may range from very anthro (no or little fur, ears, tail maybe) to totally furred out (snouts, paws, scales, you name it). Just make sure that when a species is introduced as decidedly one or the other, you keep it that way Please have some humanoid characteristic though. No Godzilla-vore, sorry, there's a little of that going on on Varash if its yo' thing.

4) Krynn- I call it gothic, steam-punk, industrial, factory vore. I do not know if I'm the first one to put this exact slant on the fetish, but knowing the internet, I suspect not. On the world Mike will find himself in the clutches of a heartless society driven by primitive steam power. The tinies are the mass produced food for the giants (both Male and Female) and there is little to their existence other than being eaten. Giantesses and Giants who have a sexual desires for their food are considered as big of freaks as I am on earth. This is a good plot device since it means any Giantess or Giant who captures him will have to secret the little astronaut away, perhaps only 'sharing' him with their closest friends. The scale on Krynn has Mike and his fellow tinies at about an inch tall, making the giants around 400 or so feet tall.

5) Doros- This is a mostly unaware tale of Giantesses and Giants so large Mike is less than bug-sized to them. He will be extremely hard to see and will be the only tiny on this world making the big-folk less likely to suspect his presence and more likely to mistake him as a bug, mite, or speck of dirt. Giants will function mainly as landscape with Mike climbing up out of pond sized navels or trudging through swamps of toe-jam. The Giants themselves have a late twentieth century level of technology ('Land of the [Mega] Giants!'). Scale is hard to fathom on Doros but I've been imagining Mike smaller than 1/32 of an inch.

Alright, I think that's it. Feel free to add, twist and change so long as you stick to the erotic spirit of the world you're on.

--Neo-rodent, the technologically augmented marsupial (yes I know marsupials aren't rodents but it sounds funnier)

P.S. If you are offended by anything you see here, please ask yourself a question: In a world where 1 out of 5 women are sexually assaulted during their lifetime, is a fetish that makes its owner physically and psychologically incapable of rape a perversion or the next step in human evolution?

*Fairy Hunters* my growing tale of a word plagued by tiny-people is ready for viewing, chapters 1-8 on my portfolio, my gift to you my fellow macrophiles for showing me I am not alone in my weirdness. Link below to Chapters 1 and 2.

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