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by Blake
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AS: Another Story. Non-canon spin-off

AS: Another Story. Non-canon spin-off

This is an interactive story containing 140 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
A year elapsed after the first story, and now, there's trouble...

Main Characters:

Blake (Main character): Tall and strong 17 years old latino boy (long black wavy hair and black eyes, tanned skin). He's very used to fight and is far stronger than before, keeps training

By the way, He's very smart and even gets high notes without studying for exams. In some storylines, he encounters with his son, who came from the future. He didn't believe him until he was able to prove it. But Blake doesn't like James and even feels angry when Joana acts protective toward James...

Joana (Blake's girlfriend): 18 years old beautiful girl (dark brown long wavy hair, hazel eyes,D-cups and a very big ass, fair skin). She met Blake in the first day of 7th grade and they've been together since 10th.

Depending of the storyline she had become a giantess or she had found a way to get Blake to normal (shrink). She believes James jr. at first as her son and acts very motherly.

James (A.k.a James Jr., not Blake's father)
: Blake and Joana's future son. 17 years old. Identical to Blake excepting skin color (white as Joana), eyes and hair (hazel and light brown, as Joana). Slightly weaker than Blake and has a few less muscles.

He came to the past to save his father from death (Blake sacrificed himself to save him and Joana, as his father did when he was very young) and finds that Blake actually isn't interested in parenting and in fact, Blake doesn't like very much James. Joana is very protective with him, almost as she is with Blake. He also has his own story (In the future) which is the special #1.

Blaze: Age unknown. Maybe centuries... A weird demon who likes to fight and has found in Blake a tough rival. He looks like a 16 years old boy with long white hair which cover his eyes. (Dark red but they can glow when Blaze's furious).

Evil, sadistic, unresponsible and somewhat strange at his methods. He has the power (or technology) to shrink people, or also to make people giant (only works with females). He has superhuman strenght as he demonstrated when he fought giant Joana.

Also he has a lot of stamina and is difficult to hurt him. He also posseses dark powers and magic. Most of time he isn't serious at fights, But when Blake gets angry he reaches a level enough to cause damage to him (even when Blake doesn't get the same strenght, just adrenaline's effects).

He always looks the same and doesn't get old. He also appears as the enemy or villain in James' story, being the only one who knew Blake besides Joana, Karina and Ayrton.

Future Joana: 36 years old (Exclusive James' story). James' mother. She's very sad because Blake's death long ago. She's still a sexy woman and even she could have gotten sexier. Very motherly and protective, she might mistake James for Blake if the circumstances allow it.

Beatrix: 16 years old, almost identical to Joana but she has longer and black hair, straighter, almost the same body (she possibly had more butt and less bust). Black eyes and a darker skin. James' girlfriend and Kyle's younger sister.

Kyle: 17, Strong muscular guy and James' best friend. He has blond hair and green blueish eyes (a strange color). Ayrton and Karina's son. He is somewhat stronger than James but has less skills. Anyway, he's always willing to help his friend. He uses to call him "bro" most of times. Beatrix is his little sister.

Secondary Characters:

Karina (18 years old): A good friend of Joana and Blake, she's cute but isn't Blake's type. She doesn't seem to have more interest about him than friendship and she probably would help if Blake was in trouble (But Joana was the one who has done that the whole time).

Blonde with green eyes and short hair. She's Ayrton's girlfriend. Longest female friend of Blake, they met at 4th grade and she was a fighting since those days.

She has still fighting skills depite she fights less to be more feminine, and helps Blake in fights where he's losing by physical disadvantages or numerical...Her body is possibly B cups and slim hips. Green eyes

Cinthya (19 years old): Beautiful and very popular latino girl who wanted Blake for herself and almost did it once.

Her feelings toward Blake now may go from still wanting him for her to hating him (she hates more to Joana). She has black hair, small boobs and a nice butt (Joana's is better but almost everyone in school drool for Cinthya's).

Dark brown eyes. Evil and likely to ally anyone to get Blake or to get vengeance on him or Joana, willing to everything. She has gone almost crazy since last year.

Claire: 18 years old. Blake's friend (since 3th year, second longest one since Karina). Very beautiful and the only one even Blake has thought could rival Joana. C-Cup breasts and a big butt (slightly smaller than Joana's, still better than Cinthya's). Her differences with Joana are that she has Asian-like black eyes which look very sensual, while Joana's are big, light brown and cute.

Also, though Joana's thighs are thicker, Claire's seem slightly thinner and longer, the other difference is that she has a bit of tummy (and Joana not, because she played volleyball and basketball, and not enough to be called fat, in fact, it makes her to look cute). She has black straight hair worn as a ponytail. She hugs and kisses Blake (in cheek) more often than Karina, causing Joana to be jealous of her.

Though she's aware Blake has a girlfriend, most of times she doesn't pay attention to it, as she only acts friendly. Her feelings to Blake have never been clear as she acted as protective as Joana in the time they didn't know each other. Some times it seems Joana wants to just kill her (And Blake has to appear to prevent it)

She's very likely to help and taking care of Blake, but due to her relationship with Joana, it's not very probable she'd give him back to her (She also acts some times jealous as Joana has a better body and is Blake's girlfriend)

Ayrton: 18 years old boy. Blake's second best friend (since secondary). Short and tanned. He fights along Blake sometimes but he really isn't a fighter, just an average guy. He's the one Blake trusts the most, only excepted by Joana.

Ferdinand: 19 years old boy. Some sort of mixure between a goth and a nerd (He has practically the same intelligence level as Blake but he's better in Math and Physics while Blake's better than him in the rest of subjects). He's Blake's third best friend. And is STILL stupidly in love of Cinthya (Physic: a bit shorter than you,thin,dark brown curly hair).

Karen: (18 years old): Nerd/Geek girl. Cinthya's friend and accomplice. she hasn't practically own will and does every thing that Cinthya tells her to. (red hair, small breasts and a very big butt. She's not really pretty because she's flabby and a bit fat). Blue eyes.

Thania: (17 years old): Average popular girl, Cinthya's friends but she's the least evil one. She is just a friendly girl (light brown wavy hair and body like Karina's, but she's shorter). Hazel eyes darker than Joana's

Lillian (17 years old): A Joana's, Blake's and Ayrton's friend. She still has a crush on Blake. She's the tallest girl with long black hair, small but round breasts and a HUGE ass (biggest of those characters). Brown eyes

-No gay/lesbian stuff
-Joana's not evil.Even if she turns into a giantess.(The other characters can go free about their behavior to Blake or James)
-In James' story is allowed Joana to mistake James for Blake and treat him like that, but only because a drug or Blaze did it.
-No parents (Except special stories)
-If it's about ass just butt cheeks.
-Feet are ok but take on count that Blake and James don't like them more than an average boy.
-NO male interaction unless the male characters are both shrunk.
-In the special story #2 most of rules don't apply and just keep a understandable grammar and some content in chapters (not 3 lines-chapters please). Gay/Lesbian stuff is still NOT ALLOWED, but you can still do whatever in that line. I won't be editing much of it unless it's necessary.
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