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A young slave encounters another prisoner in the castle that isn't human!
Chapter 1

New Arrival

    by: Bruce Lee Gifford Jr.   More by this author
As Felix cleaned his master's crown, he thought about how he had ended up in the mess he was in now. As long as Felix remembered he had always been a slave. Well, he was a slave since he was five, but he didn't remember his life before that time. He couldn't remember his parents, but he had always been told that they had sold him into slavery for the money. Felix wanted to believe that was untrue, but he really wasn't sure. He had seen his master do many cruel things and it was possible that his parents sold him, no matter how much he didn't want to believe it.

Felix was ten year old now, and he had seen many terrible things while the lord was his master and Felix had learned one important thing, the lord was an evil man. Some might say that people could never truly be evil, but Felix knew that people who thought that were wrong. The lord was an evil man, there was nothing that was remotely good in his heart, just blackness.

Lord William wasn't a king, but he ruled over his land like one. He sustained his power through both mental and physical abuse. He was a tyrant who sought nothing but power over all that he ruled, and he was obsessed with gaining more. Felix hated the Lord and he wished he could do something about it. The man deserved nothing but punishment for his sins, yet no one was brave enough to stand up to him and the Lord's Generals were just like him and were loyal to their Lord. Felix was just a ten year slave boy and he could not stand up to the tyrant. He didn't have the power or the will to do so.

Even though Felix never thought of rising up against the Lord, it didn't mean he never thought of escaping. Felix had many plans of escaping, but he could not act upon them yet, because either he was not old enough or he was not strong enough to do so. He had always dreamed of what it would be like to be free and he knew that the first thing he would do is to try and find his family and find the truth about why he had become a slave. He had many dreams about what his family was like, but he knew none of it was probably true. He knew that deep inside there was a memory of his family, but he couldn't remember those memories no matter how much he tried.

"Slave! Slave!" Lord William yelled. Felix didn't look up, because he was in one of his day dreams once again as he cleaned his Lord's crown. Suddenly, Felix felt a hand smack against his face and he nearly fell out of the chair due to the surprise and force. "Pay attention when I call you, slave!" Lord William yelled.

"I'm sorry, Master, but I didn't know you were speaking to me. You call all us slaves slaves and I didn't know it was..." Felix tried to explain.

"Did I ask for an excuse, slave?" Lord William questioned. Lord William took the crown from Felix and placed it on his head own head. "Come, slave, I have a another job for you to do as well as all the other tasks you are to have," Lord William told Felix.

Felix followed his master through the castle and into the dark prison chambers. There they saw a large wooden cage being rolled into a cell. The cage was about the size of something used to transport an elephant or some other large animal. The cage was shaking and the creature inside was definitely no elephant from the shrieks it caused. "This creature was caught by General Ethan. The creature will remain here until it properly learns that I'm its true master. Once it understands that, I will be in control of a very powerful creature," Lord William explained.

"What is my task, Master?" Felix asked worriedly.

"You are to take care of this creature by feeding it and cleaning after it. It will be a simple enough task, because the creature will be chained down. As long as you keep out of range it can not harm you," Lord William stated.

"What is the creature, Master?" Felix asked.
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