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A young slave encounters another prisoner in the castle that isn't human!
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Chapter 2

Felaryan Creatures

    by: Bruce Lee Gifford Jr.   More by this author
Felaryan creatures are always big and dangerous, but which creature is it?

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a Angel- Felaryan Angels, like most creatures in Felarya, are very large beings. The adult angels are around an average of 80 feet tall. When angels come to Earth, they become mortal, well they still can't die of old age, but they have to eat and such. Unfortunately there isn't much for a giant angel to eat in this world other than living things, no matter how much it doesn't want to eat living creatures. Some Felaryan angels eat humans and find that they love the taste and they become addicted to humans. They always try to eat evil people only, at first, but the addiction could sometimes get out of hand and they begin eating more people. Angels will always feel sorry about eating humans, because they see them as people too. Unfortunately, the addiction could sometimes be too great to fight off.

Felaryan Angels are very powerful in magic, but their strongest magic is their healing and defensive spells. They also can radiate their feelings into another person. This means that if the angel is feeling extremely happy or depressed, the humans near it would also be able to sense her feeling as if it were their own.

If you chose it to be an angel, then the creature put in the cell is only six years of age and 40 feet tall. (The angel had been scrunched in that cage.)

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Centaurs- if you pick this type of creature, three types of centaurs and their descriptions will be given.

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Dridder- These creatures have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a spider. These creatures are considered evil by many races, because of the dridders disturbing looks and eating habits. Dridders eat their pray by two ways: if the prey is small enough, they eat the prey by swallowing it whole, but it the prey is about its own size, dridders eat it like a normal spider. All dridders are considered evil and twisted and most races think of an evil dark creature lurking in the shadows ready to snatch up an unsuspecting victim and eat them without mercy. Well, some dridders are like this, but not all of them are.

There is a wide range of heights a dridder could be, but the one that is in the cage will grow to be 100 feet tall, including the long arachnid legs, and it is only a 20 foot tall infant at the moment.

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Mist Elf- Mist elves are half elf and half water dragon creatures. They look elven in structure, but they have sharp teeth, purple skin, and long whitish-purple hair. Their eye could be either blue, green, or more rarely, crimson. They have stronger bones and vision than normal elves thanks to their dragon heritage and they sometimes have a tail, and even more rarely, wings. The male mist dragons grow two horns on their brows. Mist elves also have great aptitude for knowledge and learning.

The average heights of these creatures are, 100 feet for females and 120 feet for males.

Whether or not a male or female mist dragon is chosen in the story, it will end up being 40 feet tall and six years old when the main character, Felix, first meets it.

Where will this story go next?

You've got the following choices:

1.   an angel

2.   One of the centaurs

3.   a dridder

4.   a Mist Elf *

5.   other Felaryan creatures

* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created.
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