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  1. The doctor explains the experiment to Sean
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A high school student named Sean participates in an experiment where he slowly shrinks.
Chapter #1

The doctor explains the experiment to Sean

    by: scriptboy
Sean Roberts had seen the ad in the paper and he smiled.

He needed money for college, for his car, for the new laptop, and for his stereo. This seemed like a dream come true: To participate in some experiment, and all he had to do, was write a daily blog. He would get four monthly payments totaling $ 20,000. He would get $5,000 per month! Not bad, for a summer job!

“Hold still, Sean….” Dr. Sanders said, as he injected the syringe in Sean’s arm. “This will sting for only a minute…”

A minute had passed. The doctor removed the syringe. The strange fluid had been injected in the boy’s bloodstream. The doctor placed a Band-Aid over the spot where the syringe had been injected.

“Here is the website, where you can go to start the blog…” the doctor said.

The nurse handed the student a folder containing a batch of papers containing instructions.

“If you have any questions, please call us.”

“So, what’s going to happen to me, now?” Sean asked the doctor.

“Let me explain…” the doctor replied.

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