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Necklace = chaos.

Necklace = chaos.

This is an interactive story containing 1,253 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
I know, a LOT of reading. Read it before you start, please. Don't be intimidated, some you don't have to read like the updates. If it's in red, it's updates or contest stuff.

Update - I previously said I would not add anymore. I will now begin adding again, infrequently. I hope others still add :)

Thanks, Dutch91

(What you should read)


It's 18+, but there are some rules.

1) DON'T write something like an underage sex orgy, sexual things with kids, etc.

2) NO bashing other authors or something drastically inappropiate.

3) Also, remember the focus of the story is basically random events. So, be as crazy as you want. Preferrably do not do the same type of thing over and over. Growth, age regression, whatever is fine, but if you add multiple chapters, please add all kinds of random chapters not just the same thing over and over.

4) Sex is allowed, just don't be too descriptive (as in, don't dedicate a whole chapter to description of it...at least have crazy choices that affect the whole story or something). (Except when noted otherwise)

NOTE: In "College Craziness" (See Option 5 on the main page, follow to Option 3), you can be as descriptive as you want.

5) Please refrain from lots of swearing and usage of the word f*** or anything overly offensive (just use discretion, if not, I may lightly edit).

Okay, with those out of the way, below is stuff about the story.

First off, the story may get kind of crazy so you have been warned.

In this story, you start off as a 17 year old student named Steven. You find a necklace in a dumpster and try it on. When you put it on, you find that you can change anyone and anything. Fun, right? Well, maybe not.

Because anything you even remotely think about happens. Let's say you're watching a cartoon. Then you think about a character from it. The character becomes REAL. Anything can change or become real. Anything.

Also, to top that off, if someone else gets the necklace...then they become the one changing everything. And if the necklace is broken, the world stays crazy (until it's fixed, if you want).

Plus, the more the necklace is used, the more it uses itself. In other words, things will go crazy by themselves as time goes on (the changes will still be based off the character wearing it, but they can't control them if they are wearing the necklace).

Due to the craziness the necklace makes, some characters may be scared to use it, since it may change things in ways they don't want. For example, if someone uses the necklace to save a puppy...but somewhere in their mind they're thinking of snakes, you could make it rain snakes. Or have the puppy become a snake. You can screw over the characters as much as you want.

Also, deaths/end of story chapters are allowed (ANYTHING is allowed) but, if the person with the necklace dies or loses it, just continue the story from whoever now has the necklace (or in some cases, it may be more interesting to continue the story from points of view of those trying to avoid things that happened because of the necklace...or something along those lines). Of course, if something so horrible happens that the story will end, then please leave at least one choice that can continue the story.

Basically, if you write in this, be as crazy as you want to be. If you want to make your favourite anime become part of the real world, go ahead. If you want your favourite comic book supervillain to go on a rampage, do it. Whatever fiction you can think of, you can incorporate. Also, feel free to allow whoever is wearing the necklace to change anything and anyone, including themselves (transformation fun!). And if you want, give the necklace to a fictional character...see what fun you can have there.

If you use fictional characters that you think not everyone may know, leave BRIEF descriptions of them in the chapter you first have them in. That way, people who don't know much about the character can still write about them. When I say brief, you can incorporate some need-to-know details into your writing. Just don't copy and paste wikipedia or something. (On the other hand, if you want to write about a character you don't know much about, just pull up wikipedia first. Sure, they aren't the most reliable source, but anything goes here, right? Or just find out about these characters in a different way, I'm only suggesting wikipedia)

Here is a list of the initial characters (remember, the cast can and will change vastly):

Steven is a 17 year old high school student. He has a stash of comics from when he was a kid (and maybe still likes them).

Rachel is a 12 year old, and Steven's little sister who highly enjoys anime and video games.

Steven's mom and dad never seem to be around, but feel free to include them (even in changed capacity...)

Jill is the 17 year old school head cheerleader and Steven really, REALLY likes her.

Benjamin is Steven's 16 year old best friend, though maybe he watches too much TV and reads too many books (even though some people think that is contradictory).

Sylvia is the protagonist from The Necklace's Beginning, the prequel. She's now 17. However, it seem in her appearances in these stories...she's different. Something has changed about her...be it good or bad.

Anyways, you can and probably will change the cast. There are no limits in story terms (other than the aforementioned "If the story has to end, leave one option to continue it" and "If someone else gets the necklace, continue from their point of view").

If you have to put something crazy though, go ahead, just think before you write. Check the rules at the top.

Although it is 18+, I don't want anything that could offend many people.

I'll be checking these updates, so if someone goes too far I may either a) edit/delete them or b) mail them or c) both. But I really don't want to, just go nuts but at least have some decency when you do.

All I can say now is go crazy!

(Below are updates, contest winners, etc.)


Update - I previously said I would not add anymore. I will now begin adding again, infrequently. I hope others still add :)

Thanks, Dutch91

MysteryGirl - 3615 GP
Wolfwriter - 2000 GP
Switcher - 6020 GP, 5200 GP, 3010 GP, 5000 GP, 4000 GP, 2510 GP, 3325 GP, 25,060 GP
TheMM - OVER 9000!!!! (9010 GP)

Contest #1: World Takeover Opportunist - TheMM
Contest #2: Now You See Her, Now You Don't - blue jellybaby
Contest #3: 150th Post Milestone - omniblueeyes
Contest #4: Master of Merging - Zack
Contest #5: 200th Post Milestone - Zack
Contest #6: Destined Meeting - MysteryGirl
Contest #7: 250th Post Milestone - Lonedynasty
Contest #8: 300th Post Milestone - Zack
Contest #9: Witchy Words - Catfish
Contest #10: 350th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #11: 400th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #12: Triple Play - Doctor Devi
Contest #13: 450th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #14: Writer of Holidays - scriptboy
Contest #15: 500th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #16: Triple Poster - Switcher
Contest #17: 550th Post Milestone - Westland_One
Contest #18: Necklace Wearing Cupid - twothumbsup
Contest #19: 600th Post Milestone - scriptboy
Contest #20: 650th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #21: 700th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #22: 750th Post Milestone - Denchow
Contest #23: 800th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #24: 850th Post Milestone - Doctor Devi
Contest #25: Changing C.C. - Lelouch
Contest #26: College Beginnings - HannahV

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