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There's a new mall in your town, and it has some items that may 'change' you.

There's a new mall in your town, and it has some items that may 'change' you.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You kept hearing about this new mall that's being built. You just realized that today was the opening day. Unknown to you, things are about to get interesting.

This interactive involves weight gain, gender change, age change, size growing and shrinking, and more transformations.

(I apologize that most of my additions focus on weight gain. It's my favorite transformation and I plan to focus on other transformations when ideas pop into my head)

1) Do not submit one sentence answers, make it at least a detailed paragraph.
2) Characters must not die.
3) If there's an addition there may be a chance that I'll edit it. Mostly just fixing the grammar.
4) No transformation in the story is permanent, it can always be reversed somehow, though it doesn't have to be an option.
5) Do not end the story too soon.
6) Do not post sexual writing that involves Age Changes.
7) Keep an eye on this page for further updates such as rules, additional characters, etc.

Main Characters:

You - The Protaganist. You are an eighteen year old teenager who just got done with high school. You have your own place, money's not an issue. The mall has just been built by your house, so you decide to go check it out. 100% chance of getting transformed.

Alexis - The Girlfriend. She is an amazing woman and you're relationship with her has gotten really serious. You've known her all your life and she's one of your best friends. Perhaps she'll join in the transforming fun.

Matt - The Best Friend. He's one of your close friends and he has been ever since grade school. He secretly desires to grow fat.

Josh - The Older Borther. Your twenty-four year old brother. More will be known as his character develops.

Sarah - The Girlfriend's Sister. Your lover's ten year old sister. She's very curious and can sometimes get into trouble.

Major Characters:

Brandy - The Clothing Employee. She knows all about fashion and helps you out in the clothing aisles to pick out an outfit. Don't worry, she'll make sure what you pick out will fit you.

The Chef - The....Chef. The person who runs the bakery business and knows just how to make everything taste delicious. He never forgets the 'special' ingredient in the treats.

Kimberly - The Daycare Employee. She knows how to take care of babies, whether they're adults or not. If she's in the mood, she might actually join you in the diapered fun.

Caitlin - The Daycare Employee. She works at the daycare center part time and is best friends with Kimberly. She usually does everything if Kimberly becomes a big fat baby, and vise versa.

Gwen - The Jewelry Store Employee. She knows all the history and secrets of all the jewelry in the shop. Too bad she never remembers to tell customers about them when they buy the items.

Kat - The Pet Shop Employee. She takes care of all the animals, furries, and humans. She'll even take care of you.

Susan - The Balloon Employee. Her belly's not big because she fat or pregnant, it's inflated. Just like the stuff in the balloon store is supposed to do to you.

Jen-Jen - The Clown. She runs the joke shop in the corner. Someone that worked at the mall said she shouldn't get too many customers as clowns seem to multiply. Wonder what that means?

Fred - The Electronics Employee. He works at the Electronics store. Not much is known about him though.

Olivia - The Spa Employee. She'll take all that stress out and change you into something you'll love.

Will - The Candy Shop Employee. A slim guy who'll give you anything your sweet tooth is looking for. It's weird, he seems to be the only slim adult there.

The Magician. No one knows his name, he simply goes by 'the magician.' He performs his tricks on the stage in the mall and impresses a lot of people with his magic.

Minor Characters:

The Snotty School Girl and her Sister - Chapter 1313 - A snotty customer that gets a dose of karma when she makes fun of you for being fat. More will be known as their characters develop.

Lauren - Chapter 15213 - A fat diapered girl that introduces herself when your diapered self enters the Daycare Center. More will be known when her character develops.

Chad - Chapter 121111211222 - A 300 pound guy from your school that just graduated. He works as a pizza delivery guy and you two seem to get along well.

Hayley - Chapter 121111111122212 - A girl who Matt gave the spell book to so she could fatten up her boyfriend. She then calls Alexis about your immobile situation.

Terrance and Tricia - Chaper 15111 - Terrance is a 17 skinny nerd with freckles and glasses. Tricia is a 42 overweight woman with short brown hair. Both could be you first opponent in the card tournament. But which one?

Mrs. Cynthia Beagle - Chapter 154321 - The Pet Shop's owner that'll help you if you decide to transform into the furry option.
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