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Welcome to Animalus, home of the hybrids, people with strange customs. 25,330+ views

Welcome to Animalus, home of the hybrids, people with strange customs. 25,330+ views

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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*Important Note* Planet Animalus is based off of a series that I wrote, and it was my longest piece of work yet, 19 of those 70-page spiral notebooks. So, if the rules seem a little complicated, it is because of how I had wrote it when I was using pencil and paper, so bare with me please. Thank you for understanding. PS Zena is my main character throughout the series, check her out if you want, look under the Wild Beasts section.

The first chapter tells the basic history Of Animalus. However, your person may live at any time, though aliens can only exist after 4000 AS (Years after Animalus is settled.)

Okay, just in case you don't quite the rules when you read the intro chapter, here are the basics.

1. Sex is allowed, but try to keep it casual for the most part, gay/straight/bisexual are all allowed, and one can have multiple lovers/spouses.

2. When it comes to hard vore, that is either for the funerals of the dead, self-defense, or survival in starvation situations.
*Please note, when it comes to funerals, the body is to be served in small portions to each of the mourners, and if the family member or friend of the deceased is a human/herbivore hybrid, they are given tofu that is flavored with the person's blood instead.*

3. Hybrids can't drink much alcohol, so it is either specially carbonated fruit/vegetable juices, or a blood-and-water mixture, which has a maximum of a 1 to 3 ratio, in which the largest concentration of blood to water is one cup of blood to three cups of water, as straight blood, or half and half, can cause carnivores to become a little, blood-thirsty, as it were.

4. Other than crocs and snakes, most hybrids are humanoidal. However, all are mammalian enough to give birth to live young and produce milk.

5. Aliens are allowed only after 4000AS, with aliens that are mentioned in the intro coming only after said date.

*This rule also applies to those who had been transformed by certain nefarious scientists back on EarthTwo, who can look human, but have features of animals, like a little girl with the ears and tail of a cat for instance.*

Bios are needed for any alien race that you create. I want to know where they are from, what they look like, and what they can do. Also, I want to know the relationship that their world and Animalus have with one another, Are they friends and allies, just trading partners/neutral, or are they enemies and fighting each other.

*Please note, Animalus is not to be conquered, or anything of that nature, If they tried that stunt, they would face the entire wrath of the entire planet, and Zena is one fighter who won't surrender, and she just won't die anyways, as she is immortal. Besides, Animalus has a lot of friends, who are very powerful.*

6. Hybrids of all sorts can have viable offspring with other types of hybrids, as well as humans.

7. If you want Zena in your story, like if you are an officer after her when she is a thief, or some such thing, you can't kill her. Also, as her bio says, she prefers women over men.

8. Weapons rule. Weapons are allowed, especially when in the Wilds or in unrecognized settlements. However, should they enter a city, they are expected to be turned over to the local authorities. Those who fail to do so could face up to five years in prison. Besides, most hybrids have natural weapons, like teeth, claws, horns, ect. There is one exception to this law, humans. Since they have no natural weapons, they are allowed to carry a long knife, which has a handle the length of their fists, plus the guard and pommel to keep the hand from sliding up the blade or falling apart, with a blade that is equal to the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinkie. (make the call me sign to get the idea.) This knife is to be worn on a belt in plain sight while in public or in an establishment of any sort. Failure to comply with this law could get the human arrested and sentenced to five years in prison, as concealing a weapon, of any sort, is against the law. Please note, weapons can vary from blades, to clubs/maces, to firearms, to laser-type weapons, as the settlers did colonize the planet at around 6000 A.D. They just use more environmentally friendly technology, and never made a phone call to Earth, as it were.

9. Someone just asked me a question about magic, and if it is allowed. My answer is this, no, there is no magic allowed. However, that doesn't mean that there are not aliens who don't have strange technologies and abilities out there, if you catch my drift. All that I ask is that you give me a bio of the person's race

10. Someone just asked me if things like dance clubs are allowed and here is what I have to say, if it exists in the USA or most "modern" places, like Western Europe, Japan, or anyplace that has been influenced by Western culture, chances are that something like it exists on Animalus. However, try to keep things like strip joints to a minimum please, my tasting houses and mating houses border enough on the erotic as it is.

11. I don't mind nudity, providing that you are not too descriptive with things like breast size, vaginas, asses, ect. If you say that the woman has a nice looking set of breasts, and ass cheeks, I'll allow it. But if you get into how wet the woman's vagina was or how big a man's penis is, forget it. Heck, I just might delete it, and not even bother to try and edit it. *Note, this also extends to sex scenes as well. If I don't like it, I'll delete it.*

12. People can be angry with their lot in life. In fact, they may not necessarily remember that what their ancestors had done, especially the scientists, was to save their lives. Heck, they don't even have to like things like tasting houses, mating houses, or even those of other species/races.

13. The meat that carnivores, omnivores, and humans eat comes from "wild" animals, which are just plain old, non-hybrid, animals. People can get this meat in one of two ways, hunting in the Wilds or from the farms that are nearby. *Note, these farms are, more or less, owned by the city, with a portion of the taxes going to ensure that they, and all other food producing, and storage places, are kept up to code and maintained.*

14. The nomads very rarely marry someone. Basically, a woman's children could have different fathers and vice verse. Of course, they do keep track of who's whose child, so that half-siblings don't accidentally have sex with each other, or those who share the same blood at any rate.

15. Money. No units of money are to be mentioned, so no dollars, yen, pounds, euros, whatever. If you need to say a units, just say units, or, if you are in the Wilds or unrecognized settlements, pieces of gold.

16. The religion on Animalus is based off of Judaism/Christianity/Islam, or some such religion that has one god. The person is called the Judgement Beasts, a being with the head of a lion and the head of a ram. When a person dies, their soul appears before them, where it is said that the Judgement Beast lists every deed that one has done, both good and evil. After that, they decide if one goes straight to Paradise (Heaven), or if they need to stay in Digestion ( a lighter version of Hell as it were) for a while before they can go to Paradise. Of course, if someone was truly evil, they ain't getting out of the Beasts's stomach, which is were Digestion is, ever.

If you have any further questions, e-mail me and I will answer them.

Enjoy my first interactive guys.

By the way, here is a list of things I've made.

Things I've made.  (ASR)
A list of things I've made.
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