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Chapter 2

Cruel and Wicked Outlaw who Preys on Others

Now that you've chosen the sweet life of never obeying a single thing that the world tells you lets choose our gender

(Okay, some info about these guys that many of you who choose this path should know. These guys tend to be decendants of one of the two thousand hardcore criminals that had been onboard the ship. While most of the convicts were theives, smugglers, counterfiters, fraud artists and conmen, who could potentially reform themselves and help build society, like making money and birth certifricats, these guys were rapists, murderers, traitors, mutianers, pirates, and the like, who, even in the best of cercumatances, were unlikely to settle down and become model citizens. As a result, they were given some basic survival equipment and banished.
However, they sometimes attacked and kidnapped nomads, especially the women and children. The women became nothing more than sex slaves, and the children grew up to be outlaws or slaves themselves.
However, some rebelled against their masters and leaders, and went to the Wild Beasts for help. Given the lives that they had lead it was unlikely that they would settle down and be modle citizens so they were allowed to build settlements along the roads, and these became places for nomads and officers out on patrol to stop, rest, and do some trading.
Today's outlaws are either decended of outlaws and the slaves that they raped, or hardened criminals on the run from the law.)

*Note, had to change an option to include aliens*
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5.   I'm really an Alien. (Uh, are you leagel? Um, never mind.) *

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