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Chapter 2

Someone Trying to Reform Themselves in a Wild Town

    by: BIG BAD WOLF Feels Lucky   More by this author
Okay, you live in a settlement out in the Wilds. You could be a criminal banished from the cities, who can't go back until a certian time, in lue of prison, a travel weary nomad, who is done wondering, but still can't take athouriaty from city officials, a former outlaw that is honestly trying to turn over a new leaf, or just someone hiding from their past for whatever reason. While there are no laws in this town, there are rules and guidlines that you are advised to follow. Also, watch out for challenges, because while murder is not allowed, one can challenge another to a fight to the death if they feel that they were insulted, cheated, or someone did something wrong to them. Such fights can go until one gives up, can't get up to fight, or is dead.

So, what are you?
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Male Hybrid

2.   Male Human *

3.   Female Hybrid *

4.   Female Human *

5.   Someone from another planet. (takes place after 4000 AS)

* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created.
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