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  1. Oppur Town Days
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by Lizuka
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Four perfectly normal girls deal with the supernatural. Offers 100 points per addition.
Chapter 1

Oppur Town Days

    by: Lizuka   More by this author
It was a perfectly normal day in Oppur Town. . . or at least, it was when it started.

As it stood at noon, though, the four friends of Oppur Town were due to meet up in an hour. They were to meet in front of the Parsons household before heading to the mall, to be exact, but with an hour to kill the parties were divided up and attending to other matters.

Identical twins Katlyn and Suzanne were tasked with cleaning up the attic, as instructed to them by their parents through their older sister Hannah. Of course, they entered the attic much against their will due to the bout of regression (in Katlyn's case) and diapering (in Suzanne's) that had accompanied their last visit to the place with the blowing of a mighty wind.

Mel, the girl tall enough she often was described to others as a tree, found herself standing on a bridge near her home watching for trains to pass nearby. It was a decent little use of time, so long as it did not go on for hours, and given the girl's studious nature she could easily get lost in observing the local birds or something of that nature instead.

Then there was Wendy. Given the way the blond was prone to walking everywhere, barefoot, and checking out anything that caught her attention, the huge Pokemon fan with blue-tipped bangs and blue-streaked hair often had to leave early for her destinations. As it stood, she basically slumped through the streets taking up as much time as possible in getting to the twins' home.
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