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This is one teacher's quest to protect his students from monsters. 3,030+ Views

This is one teacher's quest to protect his students from monsters. 3,030+ Views

This is an interactive story containing 63 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Here is the story abot John Wolfstone, the story that you have not seen, yet have heard about.

*I got this turned into a book. Enjoy!*

John Wolfstone-The Book  (18+)
Book version of my John Wolfstone story
#1625129 by BIG BAD WOLF Is Hoping

John Wolfstone is a sizechanging werewolf who lives in a world where monsters love to eat humans. However, he is not like other monsters, as he will not eat humans, as he is what is known as a vegetarian, someone who will not eat a human just because he could. He is a philosophy teacher at a school, and is one of the harshest teachers that the school has, as he will not hesitate to hit his students, especially those who try to eat or rape others. He is also cold-hearted towards them, and never gives out extra credit, unlike other teachers.

However, underneath all of this, is a man who cares for others, and he will go to great lengths to protect people from harm, even when he doesn't even know them. He could easily be the most powerful, and feared, monster out there, but he chooses to help others out, and tries to befriend them. He also wants his students to see the painful truth that he has seen. He feels the lose of his girlfriend, who was eaten by a monster at the collage that she had gone to, as they had went to separate places. He also struggles with his addiction to human flesh on a daily basis, doing his best to never take life needlessly.

Here are the rules that I'd like my fellow writers to follow.

1. Only I am allowed to add to the section dealing with John directly. After all, the story for him is on my personal computer.

However, you may be someone who knows John, like a fellow teacher, perhaps one who hates or fears him, a student who has him for a teacher, or someone else entirely, like one of those who rents a place from him, or someone he has hired to construct houses for him.

2. If you rent from, or work for John, if you wish to stay on his land, which is a third of the price most landlords charge, and have him sign your paychecks, which are three times the normal wage, you must follow the rules that he has in his contract for both workers and renters, namely the rule stating that they cannot eat someone for non-survival reasons, with the exception of traveling salesmen and priests, especially those that can't take the hint that "No" means "Leave, or I will add you to my supper tonight."

3. If you are a student, or teacher, who tries to eat or rape those who go to John's philosophy class, which is almost all of the students, he will not hesitate to run to you, and beat you to a pulp, to protect his student from you.

4. John Wolfstone turns into MR. Wolfstone, a cold-hearted bastard, when he is teaching his students. His eyes seem to say, "Don't even mess with me." when people see them, along with the rest of his face and personality. He will not hesitate to hit or threaten students who break his rules, which include, "No cheating, no talking when I'm talking, and No eating of your classmates, Ever."

By the way, here is a list of things I've made.

Things I've made.  (ASR)
A list of things I've made.
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