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10 years have passed since John Wolfstone. Many changes have occurred. 1,010+ views.

10 years have passed since John Wolfstone. Many changes have occurred. 1,010+ views.

This is an interactive story containing 18 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
If you have read John Wolfstone and his section in Vegetarian Monster, and perhaps his section in oddler's Human in a Monster's World, then you know that John is a size-changing werewolf who is a vegetarian, in that he won't eat the flesh of sentient beings. You also know that he is a wealthy landlord, with people of various races and sizes renting homes on his land. You also know that he adopted a young human girl named Julia. You also know that he and a human woman named Janelle were very romantic, and Janelle was expecting. You also know that one of the children was the child of a vampire who had raped her, and had personal history with John. You also know about the fight that they had. You also know about how John became the principal of the school that he works at. You have also heard about how City Hall was in the process of passing a No-Predation law, which, while it wouldn't make predation of others illegal, it would make it a financially unwise decision, as the one who ate the other would have to pay that person's taxes in addition to their own.

Well, this story takes place ten years later. The city of Splittooth, John's hometown, passed the NO-Predation bill into law, meaning that, for the last ten years, humans could walk through the city without the fear of being eaten by a monster. John is still the principal of the school, and teaches the next generation of potential vegetarians. In his school, in addition to the big rule of no cheating during tests, he also makes sure that the students and teachers do not rape or prey on others. For teachers, his incentive is to pay them a bonus at the end of the month, and if they keep it up for the year, that bonus becomes a permanent pay raise. For the students, should they make it through the school year following the rules, during the last month, the lowest grade is set in stone, and from that point on, all of the work is extra credit, meaning that if someone had a 65 before the last month, providing that they did the extra credit, they could pass the grade with at least an 80. Also, the students look out for each other, both to protect their weaker peers from being eaten, and to help those who are about to lose control of themselves, because if they fail to do so, the entire class would be held back, giving them an extra incentive to stay vegetarians while in school. Also, should someone of schooling age be brought onto school property, for whatever reason, like if they were a piece of living jewelry or a snack that someone tried to sneak in, or whatever, they will be considered one of the school's students, and, especially if the person who brought them doesn't want John to come after them, the person who brought them is expected to care for them as if they were a member of the family.

Here are the basics.

John has four basic forms, a seven foot human form, a ten foot werewolf form, a hundred foot giant form, and a giant werewolf form that is of the same size. Also, he can be between those sizes, looking like either a human or a werewolf. However, he avoids using his fully combined form, as he looses control of himself very easily. He wears shapeshifting clothes, which can change their size, shape, and looks, depending on the form that John is in and what he wants to wear. On his left shoulder is a tattoo of a red heart with the image of a young woman, wearing a red hood, kissing a black werewolf. This was a tattoo that he got when he was twenty, after he and the woman, who was his girlfriend at the time, had their picture taken, and John decided to make it permanent. However, while they were in separate collages/universities, she was eaten by what John called a real monster. Prior to the start of this story, see oddler's story for details, John killed the man who had eaten the love of his life, an ogre, who was what John called a "Hippocratic Priest", as the guy broke up more unions than he joined, and angered more spirits than he appeased. Also, John has black fur when he is in his werewolf forms, and has brown hair and brown eyes when in his human/giant forms.

Julia, who is a redhead with blue eyes, is now a highly attractive, and sexually active, much to John's slight displeasure, 22-23 year old young woman. Thanks to a potion that her uncle, a very powerful dark wizard named James, who is one of John's best friends, makes, she can enjoy her various desires with her various sexual partners, both male and female, as the potion protects her from harm, in any shape or form. Now, while John doesn't like what Julia does, which includes being eaten, various types of insertion, including having things inserted into her, he is willing to look the other way, provided that the other person respects her. Also, her room has a special barrier that prevents people who wish to harm her out while she is in it, making it the perfect place to go when John loses control of himself

Janelle is now 35 years old. She is an English teacher at Snapjaw Central School, which was started by her stepfather, who was a T-Rex like creature, who gave control of the place over to John when he died. Loves her children and step-daughter, to the point that she'd risk her life for them when John loses control of himself and turns into monster.

John Jr. A giant-werewolf hybrid like his father, he has yet to wake up his size-changing abilities, though he has been able to turn into his werewolf form since the day he was born. He cares for his older step-sister, and protects his half-sister, and helps her when she needs what she needs, which is blood. Prefers to be called Johnny.

Janelle Jr. A vampire like HER father. By blood, she is of the Redblood family, which was a clan of vampires that controlled the town in secret, until John took on their most powerful member, the man who is her biological father, and beat him in a duel, by breaking his neck, and paralyzing him below the neck. However, despite the fact that she knows this, she still considers John to be her father, as he is the one who cares for her, her mother, her half-brother, and her step-sister. As a member of the Redblood family, she tends to know what they know, and they know what she knows. Needless to say, this can cause her some problems when she gets thirsty for blood, because she needs to drink blood to survive. Thankfully, her brother is usually there to lend her a cup's worth when she needs it. Prefers to be called Jane.

James, powerful dark wizard, about the same age as John. Has a fetish for the female form of all races. Was a womanizer until he met the one woman who was more than happy enough to satisfy his desires, a shapeshifter named Clara. Created an invulnerability potion that protects one from all sorts of harm.

Clara, shapeshifter, same age as James, her husband. Is very sexually active, and is more than happy enough to turn into any form that her husband wishes to paint or have sex with. Tends to be with her husband, as a suit of some sort.

Other characters include, but are not limited to, any person who is part of John Wolfstone or the world that this story is part of, which is oddler's "Human in a Monster's World". Also, you are more than welcome to create your own character.

Since the city has a No-Predation law, but there are people who are addicted to the flesh of others, there is a special Red Light District, as it were, where people can go to to satisfy their cravings for the flesh of others. In this area, there are places that do serve people to be eaten, as if they were a meal. However, the people who work there take a special potion which protects them from being harmed, an invulnerability potion which is made by James, Julia's uncle. Also, the clients have to be over the age of eighteen, and have to stay in the place until everyone that they swallowed is out of them.


1. Sexual activity is allowed, though protection is advisable, especially if there is a size discrepancy between the pair.

2. All types of vore are allowed, provided that the one being vored has protection.

3. Try to not do any underage activity, I don't want to see it here.

4. Swearing is allowed.

5. Try to give options for people to chose beings of another race, or different people of the same race.

6. You can use any type of monster you want, or you can make your own. Just follow rule #5 about listing other as an option.

7. This story takes place in the modern world, as it were.

8. Make sure that your story-lines make sense, otherwise it will be deleted.

9. There are two classes in the school that John runs that have no exact equivalent in our world, Hunting classes and Sexual Education classes.

In Hunting class, non-humans learn how to hunt. While this once taught monsters how to hunt humans, it now teaches them how to hunt non-sentient animals, though John will allow the students to use live capture methods on their fellow pupils, providing that they don't harm them, and that they do any actual hunting on his land, and turn over their kills to him, which will be used for the school's meals.

In Sexual Education class, students learn about the various sexual methods, and are allowed to practice them, providing that certain conditions are followed, the youngest that the participants can be is sixteen, and the partner has to be willing, and their wishes must be respected, as no means no, and stop means "Pull out and zip your pants up." Should one not be able to find a willing partner, they can either have sex with the teacher, a were-fox, or her husband, a werewolf, who teaches the hunting class, or they can write a report on the various ways to have sex, with citations and references included. Should one be caught raping a student while taking the class, they fail it, and should they do it again during the next time it is offered during the second half of the year, they become the Sex. Ed.'s sex slave.

10. Should the student have trouble in classes, with their grades, the teacher is to make sure that they have a tutor who will help them. If they are disruptive, like fighting or trying to eat their fellow students, they will be sent to John Wolfstone's office, where MR. Wolfstone will make sure that appropriate actions are taken, and will, more or less, be placed under his personal supervision, until he sees a true turnaround in the student's behavior.

11. I want this to be in the third person point of view. So, unless someone is talking to someone, no "As I walked", or "As you walked." It's "As he/she walked". please.

Other than that, I hope that you have fun and enjoy yourselves, and don't hesitate to ask me questions.

Oh, a little something to check out. It's a list of the things I've made, or have helped make.

Things I've made.  (ASR)
A list of things I've made.
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