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Based on the TV series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Based on the TV series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

This is an interactive story containing 48 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Monsters are invading both our world and dimensions of the TV shows: Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Masked Rider, Kamen Rider Ryuki (the 13 Riders special is off limits, so don't try using it or I will delete the chapter(s) in question), Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The Advent Decks, along with a new deck appear on our world and appear to different humans, bonding with their DNA and making them Kamen Riders.


No gay/lesbian stuff or incest.

Keep any names of characters the same throughout the story.

No killing off characters or ending the story.

No turning the good characters evil or changing a character's personality unless I state otherwise (and I'll only approve that if the person who creates the character asks me).

Use proper grammar and spelling.

If I find out that someone who adds has stolen someone else's chapter, and then posted it as their own, then I'll delete it.

Don't have Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Kamen Rider Onyx be vented at the same time, and if one is vented, they must be back soon afterwards, as they will awaken.

When Dragon Knight, Onyx, Blank Knight, or Ryuga awakens after being vented, they will be able to search in the Advent Void for a little bit, and if they find any Rider before the time expires then they can free the person, but when time runs out or they free two people, then they will automatically be ejected from the Advent Void.

Only Onyx, Dragon Knight, Blank Knight, and Ryuga can be awake in the Advent Void, and anyone they free turns into a ball of light attached to them until they leave the Advent Void.

The Kamen Riders can enter any Power Rangers series, along with Beetleborgs (including Metalics), Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Masked Rider, Kamen Rider Ryuki, and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and interact with each other. Only other riders will be able to see the altered show. While in Power Rangers, the Advent Beasts will become Zords. While a Kamen Rider is inside a series, time is frozen, although Kamen Riders can still move around. Later, after many trips into a series and back, the Decade characters can come into the other shows and our world (and likewise, our world's riders will be able to go into the Decade series).

Unlike in the TV series, these decks (but not the Advent Beasts) go with the Riders when the Rider is vented.

A contracted Advent Beast can and will fight on its own if it comes into contact with any of its Rider's enemies, and will also do what it believes its rider would want (they're usually right because of the bond between them). The Advent Beasts will travel around, and if they encounter a foe (as opposed to being called on by the Advent Cards), they can fight for as long as they want (if they are called on by the Advent Cards, they will vanish after a while and return to where they were). The Advent Beasts will continue to do this even while their rider is vented (unless captured by Blank Knight).

The Advent Beasts will naturally track down their Riders while said Riders are in a battle so that they can help (although if they can get there in time in time to help or not is another question altogether). A non contracted Advent Beast will just do whatever it wants, usually just fighting monsters and trying to avoid contact with humans, unless they want to make a contract. The Advent Beasts will be able to possess their Riders' bodies with the Riders' permission, or if the Rider is asleep/unconscious. If this happens, the Advent Beast possessing its Rider can't use their Final Vent or Attack Vent, or cards that only have the Advent Beast come out, such as Wing Knight's Nasty Vent, but not cards like Onyx/Dragon Knight's Strike Vents, where the Advent Beast only aids them. Dragblanker can't possess Blank Knight while the two of them are under the spell, and the same goes for any Advent Beasts that Blank Knight has captured with a spell.

There is no Advent Master in our world, and even if a Rider would go into the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series, Eubulon wouldn't be able to mess with the decks.

The decks can fix any damage caused by monster attacks or battles if the Rider focuses on it. A Rider can also use his or her deck to wipe the memories of anyone who isn't a Rider about things involving them being a Rider. The decks can materialize and dematerialize a motorcycle for the rider at any time (the design is based on the rider power), also, the decks make it so the people they choose have the knowledge and abilities to ride their motorcycle. The decks can also create mirror images of their Rider, that will act as the Rider would, as replacements so that they can do other things while their duplicate takes their place (all knowledge from duplicates is given to the Rider). The duplicate will have no desire to steal the life of their original. A duplicate can be made for other people in order to keep others from realizing something is wrong if that person is kidnapped.

There is a mirror world in this story, it isn't Ventara (I don't know if I spelled it right) though, although it works more like Ventara than the one in Ryuki since the riders can spend unlimited time in it. There are no people or animals in that world. Everything that is made in our world is in the mirror world (except for meat, since all meat was at one point a living animal). The only creatures that live there are monsters.

The character's voice is different from normal while in Kamen Rider form.

If you want to use the Kamen Riders from this story in another one for a cross-over, then you are allowed so long as you get permission from me and the person who is the character, with the exception of people without accounts, in that case, with the exception of Evan, you must ask only me (for Evan, you must get permission from Kidwolf22)


Anthony: Kamen Rider Onyx, and the main character of this story, as such the story mostly focuses on him. He finds the Onyx deck one day, and becomes a hero. A lone-wolf, but not a mean person and is very stubborn. 19 years old (Birthday: May 23rd). He is ambidextrous, and by that extention, so are his clones. Won't betray his friends and will always be there for them if he can; become his enemy and you will have a hard time. Very serious, but will every so often do something unexpected. He is not a lone-wolf towards his friends. Tall, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Wears dark blue jeans or shorts, black shoes, with the shirts he wears being either completely dark blue, completely yellow, completely red, very dark blue with the word Nintendo written on the front, or black with a picture of Sonic on the front, and a dark blue headband (except when he's out in public so that he doesn't get mistaken for a gang member). Unlike in the TV series, this Onyx has a Survive Mode card. (Me)

Christina has recently made me aware that I have a verbal tick that causes me to sometimes end sentences with "You know," so I'm going to be going back to edit chapters to include it to my character's speech. Obviously, at the time and period that this occurs in, my character won't know about it, since this starts about a year before I was made aware of it.

Onyx: http://media.photobucket.com/image/kamen%20rider%20onyx/AnimeZodiac/Kamen%20Ride...
Surive Mode Onyx: http://www.toyzhunt.com/files/users/605/Ryuuga_Survive.jpg
Dragblacker: Onyx's Advent Beast. Dragblacker is a black Japanese dragon. When Onyx activates his Survive Mode card, Dragblacker transforms into Dragblazer (created by me), a dragon that can turn into a motorcycle.

Onyx's Advent Deck: Onyx slots his cards on the dragon-like slot on his left arm called the Black Drag Visor.
Attack Vent: Summons Dragblacker to directly attack his opponents.
Sword Vent: Conjures a black dragon-designed broadsword.
Strike Vent: Attaches a black dragon-like gauntlet on his right hand to shoot a burst of black flames assisted by Dragblacker.
Guard Vent: Attaches black dragon-like guards on his arms.
Final Vent: Summons Dragblacker for Onyx's Final Vent. Onyx jumps into the air while Dragblacker emits dark energy that paralyzes the opponent's legs, then he delivers a flying side kick with Dragblacker flying behind to boost the attack's power with its dark flame.
Survive: Allows Onyx to access Survive Mode and transforms Dragblacker to Dragblazer. When activated, the background of the card shines with a spinning black flame effect.

Onyx's Survive Mode Advent Deck: Onyx's slot changes from his arm slot to a dragon-like gun called the Black Drag Visor-Zwei. The Survive card is inserted inside the dragon mouth and the cards are slotted on the side of the slot.
Attack Vent: Summons Dragblazer to directly attack his opponents.
Sword Vent: Opens a blade on the slot (similar to a pocket knife).
Shoot Vent: Summons Dragblazer who shoots a burst of flames.
Guard Vent: Dragblazer coils around Onyx which protects him from attacks.
Strange Vent: An odd card which, upon being slotted, will become any card that any of the other Riders in the area use (excluding Final Vent, Attack Vent, and Survive). The new card must be reslotted to use.
Final Vent: Summons Dragrblazer for Onyx's Survive Mode's Final Vent. Dragblazer transforms into a motorcycle that Onyx rides on as it shoots fireballs at its enemies while ramming into them.

Leon (short for Leonite): Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He is a fond player of card games and of Kamen Rider. Tries to be loyal to those who he sees as friends, but appears to be arrogant. If you get on his bad side, then you better run as fast as you can. Views Onyx with some suspicion, given the nature of the decks. Tends to accidentally refer to the riders by the show's Japanese counterparts (Kamen Rider Ryuki) names, eg Onyx as Ryuga.

Dragon Knight: http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/2267/dragonknightvd2.png
Survive Mode Dragon Knight: http://www.d3publisher.us/Walkthroughs/images%5CSurvive%20Mode%20Dragon%20Knight...
Dragreder: Dragreder is a red mechanical Japanese dragon which is Dragon Knight's Advent Beast. When Dragon Knight activates his Survive Mode card, Dragreder transforms into Dragranzer, a dragon that can turn into a motorcycle.

Dragon Knight's Advent Deck: Dragon Knight slots his cards on the dragon-like slot on his left arm called the Drag Visor.
Attack Vent: Summons Dragreder to directly attack his opponents.
Sword Vent: Conjures a dragon-designed broadsword.
Strike Vent: Attaches a dragon-like gauntlet on his right hand to shoot a burst of flames, assisted by Dragreder.
Guard Vent: Attaches dragon-like guards on his arms.
Final Vent: Summons Dragreder for Dragon Knight's Final Vent. It consists of him jumping into the air, delivering a flying side kick powered by Dragreder's flames.
Survive: Allows Dragon Knight to access Survive Mode and transforms Dragreder to Dragranzer. When activated, the background of the card shines with a spinning red flame effect.

Dragon Knight's Survive Mode Advent Deck: Dragon Knight's slot changes from his arm slot to a dragon-like gun called the Drag Visor-Zwei. The Survive card is inserted inside the dragon mouth and the cards are slotted on the side of the slot.
Attack Vent: Summons Dragranzer to directly attack his opponents.
Sword Vent: Opens a blade on the slot (similar to a pocket knife).
Shoot Vent: Summons Dragranzer who shoots a burst of flames.
Guard Vent: Dragranzer coils around Dragon Knight which protects him from attacks.
Strange Vent: An odd card which, upon being slotted, will become any card that any of the other Riders in the area use (excluding Final Vent, Attack Vent, and Survive). The new card must be reslotted to use.
Final Vent: Summons Dragranzer for Dragon Knight Survive Mode's Final Vent. Dragranzer transforms into a motorcycle that Dragon Knight rides on as it shoots fireballs at its enemies while ramming into them.

Toni (created by me): Kamen Rider Blank Knight. A clone of Anthony. Her body is that of a 19 year old, even though she was recently created. She was placed under a spell that infused her with evil while being created, and thus, she is evil. Please wait until later to add her in, but I won't stop you from putting her in earlier. She can be broken free from spell, but please make it at least 10 actual chapters (flashback chapters aren't included in that count) after she is introduced if you do. If she is hit by a blow that would vent her, then she a manifestation of the spell will be knocked out of her without her being sent to the Advent Void, and thus, the spell will be broken. A lone-wolf and is very stubborn. Very serious, but will every so often do something unexpected. A little shorter than Anthony, with long, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her creator was a pervert, who gave her large breasts, although it was his undoing, because she destroyed him the first time he groped her. She does use her appearance to get the better male opponents though (it won't work on Anthony though, since he is the one she was cloned from). She wears a dark blue skin tight bodysuit with heels on it (which she can fight in) and, like Anthony, a dark blue headband. She won't do any low blows.

She use a spell can capture the Advent Beast of a Rider who is sent to the Advent Void if she finds it (except for Dragredder and Dragblacker), and if she does, she can use the Rider's Advent Cards (But if Anthony or Leon rescue the Rider from the Advent Void, she loses them). She must weaken the Beast(s) before capturing it/them. She can use the power of her deck to enter the Advent Void (although it takes a lot of energy, allows Anthony and Leon to locate her, takes time to charge, and needs a couple days for her to use again), awaken a Rider whose Advent Beast she's captured, and control them (she has the same limits of time that Anthony and Leon have, so she won't always be able to find someone, and like them, she can only free two people at a time). If someone is under her control, they can be set free by venting them or by breaking the spell on the Advent Beast(s). As she is a clone of Anthony, she has his verbal tick.

Blank Knight: http://www.geocities.jp/czonea/ryuukibrank04.jpg (except pure white, with the exception of the deck, with a skirt, heels, and breasts).
Dragblanker (created by me): Dragblanker is a white mechanical Japanese dragon which is Blank Knight's Advent Beast. Unlike Dragon Knight and Onyx, Blank Knight doesn't have a Survive Mode card.
When Toni is set free from the spell, her deck will go from blank to having a white dragon image (with her gaining all of the counterparts of Dragon Knight's and Onyx's cards, with the exception of Survive Mode), and her suit will be a feminine white version of the Dragon Knight/Onyx suit, instead of a feminine white version of the original Blank Knight suit. She loses the ability to capture a Vented Rider's Advent Beast at this point.

Blank Knight's Advent Deck: Blank Knight slots her cards on the slot on her left arm called the Blank Visor. She doesn't have counterparts to all of Dragon Knight's and Onyx's cards at first, but will gain them after being broken free from the spell.
Attack Vent: Summons Dragblanker to directly attack her opponents.
Sword Vent: A white dragon designed katana (unlike the Blank Knight in the show, hers won't break easy). She gains a second Sword Vent card upon being freed from the spell, which conjures a white dragon-designed broadsword (she can dual-wield the two swords).
Final Vent: Summons Dragblanker for Blank Knight's Final Vent. It consists of her jumping into the air, delivering a flying side kick powered by Dragblanker's flames.
As mentioned above, she can also use the cards of riders whose Advent Beasts she's captured.

Josh: Kamen Rider Wrath. 18 years old. A little short compared to most people his age, but he was once very short compared to people his age, to the point in 5th grade he was afraid he'd be shoved into his locker in middle school (he had good reason to fear the possibility with his height). Anthony's best friend since 4th grade, although they argue/debate a lot (they enjoy it however), and sometimes call each other idiots jokingly. Josh is certifiably insane (although not the world domination kind of crazy), and very random, but loyal to his friends. He's hyper, and doesn't always think before he acts. He can be serious if it is needed however. Very fast, especially when not wearing shoes since he is flat footed. Has asthma, but it doesn't effect him very much anymore. Doesn't like Randy very much, but can tolerate him (although he has said that if Randy annoys him, that he'll tie Randy to a table and gag him with a dirty sock). Loves most categories of fictional media (such as games and anime).

Wrath: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CcuBCSF5vtk/TEcEf58qk9I/AAAAAAAAXdk/x-kiOJEZwsg/s1600/...
Goldphoenix: Goldphoenix is a golden mechanical phoenix which is Wrath's Advent Beast.

Wrath's Advent Deck: Wrath slots his cards in his staff called the Gold Visor.
Attack Vent: Summons Goldphoenix to directly attack his enemies.
Sword Vent: Conjures dual sabers in the shape of a phoenix's wings.
Guard Vent: Conjures a shield in the shape of a phoenix's tail.
Steal Vent: Steals any equipment that another rider has conjured.
Time Vent: Allows Kamen Rider Wrath to control time. This card has limits, it can't be used to go before he became Wrath, and if it is used, twice the amount of time that he went back must go by before he can use it again. He can use it to freeze time temporarily
Final Vent: Summons Goldpheonix for Wrath's Final Vent. Goldphoenix lifts Kamen Rider Wrath into the air and enables him to do a body slam upon an opponent while engulfed in flames. Unlike the TV series, this version won't have the risk of Wrath venting himself.

Brianna: Kamen Rider Shade. 18 years old. She has long black hair, dark skin and bright green eyes. She wears a red, white, and blue jacket with a Puerto Rican flag on the backside. She also wears a pair of pitch black jeans and red and white chucks. She can walk and run pretty well in high heels, but she doesn't know how to fight in them. Laid back, yet somehow, easily excitable. She loves video games. She later becomes Anthony's girlfriend. (LadyLita)

Shade: A completely black verion of Siren
WingBlacker: WingBlacker is a giant black mechanical swan who is Shade's Advent Beast.

Shade's Advent Deck: Shade slots her cards in the crossguard of her rapier called the Shade Visor. Can be used as a weapon if she doesn't have enough time to slot her cards.
Attack Vent: Summons WingBlacker to directly attack her enemies.
Sword Vent: Conjures a black twin blade-like weapon
Guard Vent: Conjures a black shield that can create special black feathers that can allow her to vanish.
Final Vent: Summons WingBlacker for Shade's Final Vent. WingBlacker attacks the enemy from behind by producing a gust with its wings sending them flying into the path of Shade's sword attack.

Randy: Kamen Rider Axe. 17 years old. A high school friend of Anthony's. Wears a blue shirt with an arctic wolf on it, jeans, black studed gloves, and carries around an ipod. Listens to a lot of heavy metal. His hobbies are playing video games, watching anime, and reading manga. He's very unpredictable, and can be random, but he can be calm and serious if the situation calls for it. He can be a little perverted, and is the most likely to get distracted by Toni. He loves Wolves. In the TV series, his favorite Kamen Rider is Siren. He doesn't think before speaking, which annoys Anthony's mother some times when he accidentally offends her. He has great computer skills, and is good at sneaking around and telling riddles, but he is a bit of a slacker. Fairly tall, with short, brown hair and brown eyes. He likes Josh, although as mentioned above, the feeling isn't mutual. (Kidwolf22)

Axe: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_2piEmpWAT2w/SwhCKv9J9zI/AAAAAAAADAE/D7BK-xK93PM/s1600/...
Destwilder: Destwilder is an armored humanoid white tiger which is Axe's Advent Beast.

Axe's Advent Deck: Axe slots his cards in his axe in the tiger like top called the Dest Visor. Can be used as a weapon if he's not using his Strike Vent.
Attack Vent: Summons Destwilder to attack his enemies directly.
Strike Vent: Conjures a claw similar to Destwilder.
Freeze Vent: Freezes the opponent for a certain period of time.
Final Vent: Summons Destwilder for Axe's Final Vent. Destwilder drags the target across the floor and lets Axe finish his prey with a claw-based stab in the torso.

Evan: Kamen Rider Spear. 14 years old. Randy's younger brother. Their parents are divorced; Randy lives with their dad, and Evan with their mom. More info later.

Spear: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_2piEmpWAT2w/SwhCMH49Q8I/AAAAAAAADAM/AYfQCDQJjX4/s1600/... (Using Spin Vent).
Gigazelle: Gigazelle is a humanoid gazelle which is Spear's Advent Beast. When Gigazelle is summoned, it is also accompanied by fellow Zelle monsters Magazelle, Omegazelle, and Megazelle (multiple of each).

Spear's Advent Deck: Spear slots his cards on the slot on his right knee called the Gazelle Visor.
Attack Vent: Summons Gigazelle and the other Zelles to attack his enemies directly.
Spin Vent: Conjures a twin drill weapon.
Strike Vent (made by me): Conjures a spear with a design based on Gigazelle (I did this because I thought it was odd that Kamen Rider Spear doesn't have a spear).
Final Vent: Summons Gigazelle and other Zelles for Spear's Final Vent. The Zelles stampede a target before Spear unleashes a powerful knee strike to the enemy's head.

Christina: Kamen Rider Siren. 13 years old (Birthday September 21st). Anthony's little sister, they argue a lot, but they are always there for one another when they are needed. Very sneaky and onery, and she likes to pull pranks. She loves animals and children. A bit of a tomboy, and she can't stand cheerleaders. Loves video games, playing on the computer, music, and reading (especially the Twilight series, which Anthony doesn't care for). Fairly tall, with brown eyes, and her hair is brownish (used to be dirty blonde, but it changed over the years), her hair is long and naturally curly, but she works to keep it straight because she doesn't like her hair being curly. Loves making friends, although it seems they usually stab her in the back. She is very strong, and a good fighter, but she doesn't usually wear high-heels, and thus, doesn't know how to fight in them. She gets annoyed with Randy, but really likes Josh.

Siren: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2668/3889544698_9c1debcde9.jpg (The person to the left is the character from the show, and has no connection to this Siren).
Blancwing: Blancwing is a giant mechanical swan which is Siren's Advent Beast.

Siren's Advent Deck: Siren slots her cards in the crossguard of her rapier called the Blanc Visor. Can be used as a weapon if she doesn't have enough time to slot her cards.
Attack Vent: Summons Blancwing to directly attack her enemies.
Sword Vent: Conjures a twin blade-like weapon
Guard Vent: Conjures a white shield that can create special white feathers that can allow her to vanish.
Final Vent: Summons Blancwing for Siren's Final Vent. Blancwing attacks the enemy from behind by producing a gust with its wings sending them flying into the path of Siren's sword attack.

Robert: Kamen Rider Thrust. 13 years old. One of Christina's best friends, and one of the only friends who hasn't stabbed her in the back. Looks up to Anthony, and loves video games. Whenever he does something wrong, he regrets it and confesses soon after. Not a very strong build, which makes it ironic that he is Thrust, especially since he normally relies on speed instead of power. Can be hyperactive. About Christina's height, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Thrust: http://www.d3publisher.us/Walkthroughs/images%5CThrust_Wii.bmp
Metalgelas: Metalgelas is an armored humanoid rhinoceros which is Thrust's Advent Beast.

Thrust's Advent Deck: Thrust slots his cards in a compartment on his left shoulder called the Metal Visor.
Attack Vent: Summons Metalgelas to attack his enemies directly.
Strike Vent: Conjures a horn-like weapon.
Confine Vent: Negates the last Advent Card slotted. Thrust has two.
Final Vent: Summons Metalgelas for Thrust's Final Vent. Metalgelas carries Thrust on his shoulders, his Strike Vent weapon equipped, as it pierces his enemies in a high-speed charging attack.

Greg: Kamen Rider Incisor. 20 years old. 5'10, 145 lbs. Red hair, blue eyes. Likes video games, anime, and sports. Kind of lazy, but doesn't mind helping people. Bit of a loner, kind of shy, has a hard time talking to people, a little sarcastic, and blunt at times. (Sentinel)

Incisor: http://www.d3publisher.us/Walkthroughs/images%5CIncisor_Wii.bmp
Volcancer: Volcancer is a mechanical humanoid crab which is Incisor's Advent Beast.

Incisor's Advent Deck: Incisor slots his cards on the pincer on his left arm called the Incisor Visor. Can be used as a weapon.
Attack Vent: Summons Volcancer to directly attack his opponents.
Strike Vent: Attaches a pincer on his right hand.
Guard Vent: Attaches a guard on his left hand.
Final Vent: Summons Volcancer for Incisor's Final Vent. It has Volcancer spring Incisor into the air for a spinning somersault attack.

Eric: Kamen Rider Wing Knight. A child at heart (although age 39) with a short fuse but a big heart. Enjoys writing, video games, climbing (of any kind), and reading- mostly Sci-fi. A balding man- 5'10'' - of medium build and a young face. (looks and acts much younger than he truly is) tends to grumble but really doesn't mind hard work. A Jack of all trades/master of none. Does not hold back in a fight. Often tends to do and learn things the hard way. High blood pressure, had it since he was six, causes moderate to severe migraines. Is on medication but if he misses a dose, the headaches come back with a horrible vengeance. A big fan of the original Power Rangers. Stopped watching the show, due to work schedules, shortly after the beginning of Ninja Storm. (Scifiwizard)

The people in charge of Project R (see the section for Project R. below) intercepted the Wing Knight Deck used a special beam of energy on it, causing its chosen rider (a.k.a. Eric) to believe that the riders were formed once before in the past, with him as a rider.

Wing Knight: http://larcho.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/5c4d3230e92f1d90e472239ee67f784b.jpg (On his motorcycle).
Survive Mode Wing Knight: http://www.d3publisher.us/Walkthroughs/images%5CSurvive%20Mode%20Wing%20Knight_W...
Black Wing: Black Wing is a giant mechanical vampire bat which is Wing Knight's Advent Beast. When Wing Knight activates the Survive Mode card, Black Wing evolves into Black Raider, a bat that can turn into a motorcycle.

Wing Knight's Advent Deck: Wing Knight slots his cards on the crossguard of his rapier called the Black Visor. Can be used as a weapon if he doesn't have time to slot his cards.
Attack Vent: Summons Black Wing to directly attack his opponents.
Sword Vent: Conjures a lance-like sword.
Trick Vent: Creates two copies of Wing Knight. Wing Knight can also create 5 illusions of himself in addition to the copies, but the illusions can't touch anything.
Nasty Vent: Creates a loud noise emitted by Black Wing.
Guard Vent: Uses his cape as a shield.
Final Vent: Summons Black Wing for Wing Knight's Final Vent. It has Black Wing fly onto Wing Knight's back, its wings becoming a cape as it locks into place. Wing Knight then jumps into the air, coming down as his cape spins around him like a drill that allows him to pierce through his enemies
Survive: Allows Wing Knight to access Survive Mode and transform Black Wing to Black Raider. When activated, the background of the card shines with a spinning blue wind effect.

Wing Knight's Survive Mode Advent Deck: Wing Knight's slot changes from a rapier to a shield with a sword sheathed inside it called the Black Visor-Zwei. The Survive card is slotted in the back of the shield as the sword's crossguard (either pulled out or inside the shield) is used as the slot for the other cards.
Attack Vent: Summons Black Raider to directly attack his opponents.
Gust Vent: Summons Black Raider to emit a tornado.
Sword Vent: Allows Wing Knight to remove his sword.
Shoot Vent: Changes the slot (with the sword and shield) to a crossbow that shoots lasers.
Guard Vent: Shields Wing Knight with the slot.
Trick Vent: Creates four copies of Wing Knight.
Final Vent: Summons Black Raider for Wing Knight Survive Mode's Final Vent. It transforms Black Raider to a motorcycle that Wing Knight rides on. It shoots a laser beam from its eyes to paralyze its enemies, then it transforms into a missile for a high-speed ramming attack.

Diego: Kamen Rider Strike. A good computer programmer who is handy with design and ideas. His hobby is designing video games. A real friendly guy, he makes friends with anybody who don't make fun of him first. He tries to get on the computer whenever he can, so to work on the game he has. In privacy, and sometimes in public, he can be very weird and sometimes outburst prone. Appearance: http://o15.com/images/6/68/Diego.png (SanDiegoIsAwesome)

Strike: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_2piEmpWAT2w/SwhCHijip0I/AAAAAAAAC_8/akD4qFRNCjA/s1600/... (using Sword Vent).
Venosnaker: Venosnaker is a giant mechanical cobra which is Strike's Advent Beast. Venosnaker's acid can melt away cover.

Strike's Advent Deck: Strike slots his cards on the top of his scepter called the Veno Visor.
Attack Vent: Summons Venosnaker to directly attack his opponents.
Sword Vent: Conjures a spiral sword that is shaped like Venosnaker's tail.
Steal Vent: Steals a target Rider's weapon.
Final Vent: Summons Venosnaker for Strike's Final Vent. It launches Kamen Rider Strike to deliver a devastating bicycle kick.

Jordan: Kamen Rider Torque. Shy but can go to being fighter when he sees a friend in trouble. He always sees the good in people and tries to be a peacekeeper. His age is 14 soon to be 15. He has a good aim. Likes playing baseball, video games, and basket ball, as well as liking to write. African American and slightly pudgy. (Panther)

Torque: http://images.kamenconnection.com/kr_dragon_knight/gallery_krdk_episode_06_page_... (using Shoot Vent).
Magnugiga: Magnugiga is a giant minotaur robot which is Torque's Advent Beast.

Torque's Advent Deck: Torque slots his cards on the bottom of his gun (similar to how one loads a clip or magazine into a gun) called the Magna Visor. Can be used as a weapon if Torque is too close for Shoot Vent or Launch Vent.
Attack Vent: Summons Magnugiga to directly attack his opponents.
Strike Vent: Conjures a minotaur-like horn.
Launch Vent: Attaches shoulder cannons on him.
Shoot Vent: Conjures a large hand-held cannon.
Guard Vent: Conjures a green mechanical shield modeled after Magnugiga's chest.
Final Vent: Summons Magnugiga for Torque's Final Vent. It opens its chest compartments (revealing missiles) and lowers its leg cannons as Torque connects his gun to its back, and delivers a devastating barrage of missiles and lasers.

Mitch: Kamen Rider Camo. a friend of Leon who can be rather blunt and insultive at times, but rarely means it unless people have a reason to attract his ire. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is about 6 foot. Plays World of Warcraft and several other video games (Pokemon for example) and, importantly, only knows the faintest things about Power Rangers and Dragon Knight, and nothing of the other shows.

Camo: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/YwxzKsYXVm0/0.jpg
Biogreeza: Biogreeza is a humanoid chameleon which is Camo's Advent Beast.

Camo's Advent Deck: Camo slots his cards in the chameleon on his left leg called the Bio Visor which grabs and slots with its tongue.
Attack Vent: Summons Biogreeza to directly attack his opponents.
Clear Vent: Camo becomes cloaked.
Hold Vent: Conjures a yo-yo like weapon.
Copy Vent: Copies a target Kamen Rider's appearance at the time (including any equipment they may be using).
Final Vent: Summons Biogreeza for Camo's Final Vent. It has Biogreeza wrapping his tongue around Camo and swing him towards an opponent where Kamen Rider Camo grabs the enemy and does a piledriver on the enemy after being thrown.

Steven: Kamen Rider Abyss. 31 years old, wears glasses all the time, 6 ft tall, very slim, not very muscular, about as average as you can get. Spends most of his time either on his computer or Playstation 3. Works part time in a hardware store, unloading a truck and putting stock on the shelves. Also has a speech impediment (a stutter), doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't smoke and doesn't go out to clubs or anything. Has never had a girlfriend. Hobbies are studying military history, geography and to an extent... astronomy. A big fan of Sci Fi series like Stargate and Babylon 5, but not Star Trek. (Switcher)

Abyss: http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/4033/dcd76.jpg
Abyss has two Advent Beasts, Abysslasher and Abysshammer, who work together
Abysslasher: A humanoid shark that can fire high pressure streams of water
Abysshammer: A humanoid hammerhead shark.

Abyss's Advent Deck: Abyss slots his cards in the shark-like slot on his left arm, called the Abyss Visor
Attack Vent: Summons Abysslasher and Abysshammer.
Sword Vent: Conjures his Abyss Saber.
Strike Vent: Conjures Abyss Claw. It can perform the Abyss Smash, shooting high-powered streams of water.
Final Vent: Abysslasher and Abysshammer combine to form Abyssodon to attack the opponents.

Abyssodon: A single giant shark with a chainsaw attachment (giving it the appearance of a sawshark when in use) and machine gun eyes (giving it the appearance of a hammerhead shark when in use).

Leon: Kamen Rider Sting. 17 years old. Outgoing, cheerful, and considered cool. Black hair with light tan skin. His hobbies are basketball and video games. He knows about Power Rangers, but none of the other series. When both he and Dragon Knight are both introduced in a storyline, Dragon Knight will be refered to as Leonite. (Lonedynasty)

Sting: http://www.nerdsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Kamen-Rider-Sting.jpg (with Swing Vent)
Evildiver: Evildiver is a flying mechanical stingray which is Sting's Advent Beast.

Sting's Advent Deck: Sting slots his cards on the stingray-like slot on his left arm called the Evil Visor. Can be used as a shield.
Attack Vent: Summons Evildiver to attack his enemies directly.
Swing Vent: Conjures a stingray-tail to use as a whip.
Copy Vent: Copies equipment from the last Advent Card that gives equipment slotted, and then gives the copy to Sting.
Final Vent: Summons Evildiver for Sting's Final Vent. Kamen Rider Sting rides on Evildiver's back as he crashes into enemies.

Project R: An experiment by an evil group from another world. The man who created Toni was working for them. Toni herself was the first of Project R, whose goal is to make an army of evil riders by cloning the Earth Riders. Toni does not know any of this herself as she is a test to see how well the experiment works. After Toni killed the one who cloned her, the group decided to make the following clones have no soul (so the clones can't get angry at them), and to be completely under their command. Of course, in any experiment, there is bound to be at least one mistake...

Anna: Kamen Rider Ryuga. Has the body of a 19 year old, although she was created sometime afther Toni. She is the mistake of Project R. She has a soul, and is on the side of good. She is a second clone of Anthony, and shares many personality traits with him, although she is more open than him, more easygoing, and, of course, a little girly (not quite a tomboy, but not a girly-girl). She has all of Anthony's skills and hobbies (along with typical girl things for hobbies). Anthony and her can contact each other mentally, and he can take direct control of her body (he is the better fighter). If he is vented, he will be in her body until his body awakens in the Advent Void. Her appearance is very similar to Toni's (but not exactly the same), but since the group members aren't perverted like the person who made Toni, she doesn't have quite as big breasts as Toni. She wears a black, short sleeved shirt, a black skirt with black shorts underneath, black elbow length gloves, black knee-length boots with heels, and a headband like Anthony's (she wears it under the same conditions that Anthony does). Her armor looks like the Onyx armor, but more feminine, complete with a skirt. She has the exact same deck as Onyx with the exception of no Survive Mode card. As with Toni, since she is a clone of Anthony, she has his verbal tick.

Project R stands for Project Ryuki, as such, all of the rider powers of the clones from Project R (with the exception of Toni) are called by the Ryuki versions of the Rider names (their decks work like the Dragon Knight ones instead of the Ryuki ones, however). All of the clones from Project R resemble the one they were cloned from, but don't look exactly the same. Shade and Abyss don't have clones, and the armor of every clone, with the exception of Blank Knight (since she's the first Blank Knight) and Ryuga, is darker than the original's armor. The riders from Project R are contained in a tube similar to the ones that the clones from Pokemon the first movie were in before being released. I don't care when Anna is introduced, but the others must be after Toni is set free from the spell (if Anna is introduced before then, she must have accidentally been released early), I will not budge on this, and I don't care how many chapters are made afterwards, even if they are really good, and I will delete the chapters if necessary to make it so this rule isn't broken. All of the clones are the same gender as the original, with the exception of the ones cloned from Anthony (which annoys him when he discovers it).

Project R Riders:
Toni/R1: Blank Knight. Advent Beast: Dragblanker
R2: Ryuki. Advent Beast: R Dragreder.
R3: Knight. Advent Beast: R Black Wing. Note: This rider is a younger clone of Eric without the high blood pressure (the people in charge of project R made sure of that).
R4: Verde. Advent Beast: R Biogreeza
R5: Gai. Advent Beast: R Metalgelas.
R6: Ohja. Advent Beast: R Venosnaker.
R7: Scissors. Advent Beast: R Volcancer.
R8: Zolda. Advent Beast: R Magnagiga.
R9: Raia. Advent Beast: R Evildiver
R10: Imperer. Advent Beast: R Gigazelle (aided by multiple of Magazelle, Omegazelle, and Megazelle).
R11: Tiger. Advent Beast: R Destwilder
R12: Femme. Advent Beast: R Blancwing.
R13: Odin. Advent Beast: R Goldphoenix.
Anna/R14: Ryuga. Advent Beast: R Dragblacker.

With the execption of Dragblanker and R Dragblacker, all of the project R Advent Beasts are a darker shade than the original. R Dragblacker has pink eyes. As a side effect of not having a soul, all of the riders from Project R, with the exception of Toni and Anna, will not go to the Advent Void when vented, but will be destroyed. Their decks will stay behind and be blank as the contracts will end (the DNA lock will then be undone). The escaped Project R Advent Beasts can then be contracted by another rider.

Project Alternative: Another project by the evil group in charge of Project R. They managed to take the Alternative and Alternative Zero decks out of the series after the holders were killed and completely fixed them, also making them officially Advent Decks. Afterwards, Alternative Zero is known as Kamen Rider Zero.

Alex: Kamen Rider Zero. 15 years old (his birthday is Aug. 30th). He has a red t-shirt which has a tri-force symbol on the front. He also wears a grey zip up sweat shirt which he carries his cell and a toy morpher in. He has blue jean shorts and has black and red stripped shoes. Kind and caring, as well as loyal to his friends. He doesn't give up with out a fight, even if the enemy is more powerfull than him or he is just out numbered. He simply laughs in the danger's face and then kicks it's head in. He will never let a friend go into battle allow even if he/she is more than capable of taking on the threat alone. He loves to play videogames as well as read manga. He watches a lot of power rangers (mostly re-runs of the Operation Overdrive saga since it's his favorite) as well as watches a little bit of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight when he gets the chance. He can drive a motorcycle rather well as well as do various tricks on it. He is also a sort of techy so he can repair various things. Knows some Kung-fu as well as some boxing.

Zero: http://www.fortunecity.com/tatooine/halojones/75/ryuuki/af00.jpg
Psycorogue: Psycorogue is a Robotic cross between a human and a cricket. Since this power and Psycorogue come from the Kamen Rider Ryuki TV show, and were just removed and altered by the group, Psycorogue will not act like the other Advent Beasts. Alternative has a Psycorogue as well.

Zero's Advent Deck (Note: Alternative has the same deck): Zero doesn't slot his cards, his card reader, named the Slash Visor, and which is mounted on his right forearm, requires him to slide his cards through it. The cards burn up instead of vanish, but they return the same way that other Advent Cards do.
Attack Vent: Summons Psycorogue.
Sword Vent: Conjures a lance.
Speed Vent: Increases Zero's movement speed.
Wheel Vent: Transforms Psycorogue into its motorcycle form, Psycoroader.
Final Vent: Psycorogue transforms into Psycoroader, then Zero and Psycoroader spin-out faster and faster until they ram into the opponent.

Kozan Shoku: A 17 year old caucasian boy with spikey black hair and green eyes. He is left handed, is an expert swordsman, and knows everything about Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Power Ranger, and Beetleborgs. He wears blue jeans, a white undershirt and a black leather jacket with red streaks on the shoulders. He is a bit of a lone wolf with very few friends but those friends are close as brothers and sisters to him. At first he will only help if the other riders are on the brink of defeat but as time goes on and he sees the others as friends he will always be on the frontlines to protect his comrades.

Kozan has a strong sence of justice will never standby when innocent people are in danger or are being bullied. Kozan has a kind heart which is covered up by his dark demeanor and scary phisical power, but once he warms up to you, you'll find he's a nice guy who has a great sence of humor and is good with kids.

I'll put more into for Kamen Rider Alternative and Kamen Rider Zero, including their Advent Beasts.

There can be wild Advent Beasts that can be contracted, but the person who makes the Advent Beast must put the info for it in the chapter that the Advent Beast is shown. Advent Cards and armor description (for when they are contracted to a blank deck) must be told in the chapter that a contract is made.
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