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  1. The story begins
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I start to develop a strange power, what will I do?
Chapter 1

The story begins

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It was close to noon in a small suburb inside the busy streets of Rome. There was a certain calm in the air, one that would make any alert person uneasy. Greg, in traditional western clothing, walked out into the open and gazed upon the ten story building they had targeted. There did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary, however, his instincts were telling him otherwise. Inside the target building was a man named Sykes, whom they needed information from, and they were not about to let that man get away.

"Keep a sharp eye out, everyone." he said, through his ear piece radio. "I have a nagging feeling that we are not the only people working this side of the street."

Nearby, Jon, a tall, well built man in a black business suit, raised a hand to an ear piece radio of his own, having heard the transmission. "What the hell?"

"Did you hear that, Jon?" came a woman's voice.

"I did, Crystal." replied Jon, radioing back. "It's coming over the static, their frequency must be overlapping our own."

"That means they must be real close."

"Rodger that. Keep your eyes out. I don't want any surprises. Sykes won't get away this time." he turned to a small girl, standing next to him, holding a sniper rifle in her arms. "Kayo, get ready."

The girl looked up at Jon with a blank look in her eyes. "Yes, Jon." she said.

On the roof of another building, Heather, in western clothing, sat crouched down in front of a number of small flat panel screens on a folding rack rising from an expensive violin case. Each screen showed a parts of the surrounding area and key rooms inside their target building through cameras on small, mechanical flies, built by Mech.

"I... I'm nervous, Greg." she said, her voice wavering.

"Why?" asked Greg. "What do you see?"

"There has been a large increase of suit activity in the area and there is a heavy smell of gun oil in the air. I'm afraid we are not the only people after Sykes."

"Remain calm and keep an eye on them. If they get too close to your location, move to your alternate spot."

"Rodger that."

Inside a small government car, Crystal, a slender, well dressed woman with Italian features, listened to the children talk, taking notes, then turned to her radio. "Confirmed. This group is also after Sykes. What are your orders?"

"We wait for them to make their move. If they are successful, we simply surround them and take Sykes off their hands. You know the routine."

"Rodger that."

Standing in a nearby alley, Tex, also in western clothing, rolled his eyes and touched his radio. "We tracked this guy for weeks." he said, irritably. "I say we go for it now! Besides, that worm is holding a small girl hostage! Who knows what he's doing to her in there!"

Inside a black, full sized van, Sam, also in western clothing, frowned. "Relax, Tex." he said into his radio. "You'll get your chance to bust a few heads soon enough."

"We have to consider the suits." added Greg. "We can not afford a battle on two fronts, not now."

"And if they are after Sykes as well?" radioed Heather.

Greg gnawed his jaws in decision. "Tex, I want you to crash the party inside the target building. Make as much noise as you can and take Sykes. I will follow behind, handle anyone you miss, and rescue the girl. Sam you're our transport out, be ready. Heather, do you have a physical visual of the girl?"

"Yes, Greg."

"Keep an eye on her, tranquilize anyone who gets too close, understood?"

"Yes, Greg."

"Let's do this!"

Taking a deep breath, I placed the book down with a dream like smile on my face. "If only super heroes really existed in this world." I said to myself. "I wish I were one, it would solve a lot of my problems."

Little did I know that my wish was about to come true.

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