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  1. How you're going to be Shrunk and Cloned
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Die and come back to life and explore more than one woman or body part at a time.
Chapter 1

How you're going to be Shrunk and Cloned

    by: Mr. E   More by this author
Your name is Derek And you’re sick of this boring old town you live in. There’s almost nothing to do except lay around and watch movies. A pile of VHS lie at the foot of your bed which include Weird Science, Teen Wolf Too, and Meatballs 3. Nobody goes to the mall anymore, all the fast food restaurants are deserted and the beach is filled with stuck-up girls who complain nonstop about you getting in the way of their sun. On top of that you had just graduated high school and were waiting for the summer to end so you could finally start college. You don’t know how you did it but somehow you had gotten in to a prestigious Ivy League school but your grades were C average with a couple of B’s. But you didn’t question it so you just lie on your bed most of the day and look up hot girls on Facebook and MySpace.

"What else is there to do?" You look up in the sky out your window and plead “I wish there was something fun to do.”

And that’s when it happened. As soon as you finished your sentence a blinding bright light filled the sky and a loud ear splitting screech echoed behind you. Rubbing your eyes you thought you saw a large silver object next to your computer but could’ve sworn it was hallucination. After staring at it for a full 10 seconds and poking it with your finger you know knew it was real on account of it burned your finger a little when you touched it. It had weird red green and blue buttons and levers on it and a hole with shutters to the right side that looked like it could expand larger.

“What the hell is this thing?”

Almost as if it heard you, it printed out a piece of paper from the top of the machine. It was instructions for how to use the device.

They said

“Congratulations on whoever discovers this machine! I bet your wondering how you found it in the first place? Well, I'm not going to tell you. Why? Because. Once you find out the capabilities that this wondrous device has to offer, then asking how it got here will be a thing of the past.

You have been lucky to find a size changing and cloning machine. Which means you can clone yourself and have a bunch of buddies to hang out with. But here’s the catch. You can only clone yourself if you change your size first. And when I mean change size I mean shrink down to a size that you can’t be easily seen at. Preferably between 1-12 inches, but you can go smaller (it just seems a little dangerous.) The machine can also grow someone taller but there are restrictions on that feature and one of them is that you have to shrink yourself first and then use the Instant Rejuvenation feature.

What’s that you ask? Well it’s a state of the art new piece of technology that even We haven’t Fully figured out the limitations of yet. If you die and are wearing the special watch then you will be brought back to life with an exact copy of yourself down to the smallest scar or birthmark. Let’s just say while you participate in your shrinking adventure that someone drops a book on you. You will be brought back to life as though nothing ever happened but you will still retain the memory of what happened (every detail). One might say that you’re invincible (but I wouldn’t say that). Time results to be reborn may vary between a few seconds to who knows when? (not fully tested yet).

All you have to do is while wearing the watch go to your destination and press the green shrink button and the blue clone button if you want more of yourself to explore and fulfill your inner fantasies. There’s one more thing. From the main terminal in your room it lets you teleport to any place you’ve been to before in your life. All you have to do is press your palm on the scanner and think of where you want to go and you'll be instantly materialized there. But there’s another catch. Once you teleport there you have no way of teleporting back and will have to find your way back home if you want to regrow back. Did I forget to mention that? In order to grow back you have to be touching the machine and it will restore your normal size.

That was a lot to remember so here’s a quick recap. Wear the watch at all times. It can shrink, clone or revive you from death. The machine can teleport you anywhere once, but not back home. You can only grow back if you touch the machine (not the watch). Also if you’re, lucky the LCD screen on the watch will display some special instructions that May help you if you fulfill the right requirements. What are these requirements? You'll just have to find out. Good luck and I hope you have a great time using Our invention.

Confused you say “He sounded like a wacky salesman? Is this thing really going to work?”

Thousands of thoughts are running through your head. “I can use this for the good of mankind. I can see naked girls. I can cheat on my tests. I can discover new life forms. I can see Naked Girls! I can be an expert at hide and seek. I can shrink the world’s garbage supply and Nuclear Waste. I Can See Naked Girls!! I can finally have some cool copies of myself to hangout with. I can teleport to Disneyland. I have a cool LCD screen watch. I Can see Naked Girls. I can Explore naked Girls!!!”

Your mind is made up; you know what you’re going to do with this new power. The same thing any other horny teenager would do. “Screw world peace I wanna get laid. The only thing left to do is decide on which lucky young lady ill get to try it on first?”
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