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A talented brother and sister discover a war between witches and mad scientists.

A talented brother and sister discover a war between witches and mad scientists.

This is an interactive story containing 452 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You may play one of the following characters:

Juan (Jan, for short.) A fourteen year old boy with dust blond hair and hazel eyes. He is very talented in either Mad Science or Sorcery. (You decide which.) He loves to play tricks on his twin sister, just to drive her crazy.

Christina (Chris, for short.) A fourteen year old girl with shoulder length dust blond hair and ocean blue eyes. She is very talented in either Mad Science or Sorcery. (You decide which.) She loves to play tricks on her brother, just to annoy him.

Simon Smith (Father) 35 years old. A tall, muscular man with hazel eyes and crew cut blond hair. He seemingly has no knowledge of the twin's talents, even though he keeps a 'sharp' eye on them.

Elvira Smith (Mother) 34 years old. She is an older version of Chris. She also seemingly has no knowledge of the twin's talents, she also keeps close watch on them.

There are options to play other characters (to make things interesting) just remember the theme of the story, a talented brother and sister discover a war between witches and mad scientists. The character you choose or create must have a sibling. Back to the main option...

Jan and Chris have two best friends, Hank Patton and Sarah Reed. (both are 13 and live next door.)

Ms Dr. Lucy Reed (Sarah's mother) is the Smith family's doctor and childhood friend of both Simon and Elvira, her husband died of mysterious reasons.

Harry and Emily Patton are both explorers and adventurers and leave for weeks, if not months at a time, leaving Hank in Lucy's care. He and Sarah see each other as brother and sister. There had been many talks of adopting him due to his parents' apparent lack of responsibility.

You may add new characters as long as they work with the plot of the story.

Jan and Chris are constantly trying to out wit the other with their magical or technological high jinks, while keeping their parents from finding out. Occasionally, they playfully challenge each other to a 'friendly' duel, Most end in a stalemate, which keeps them after each other, sibling rivalry.

The two work very hard to help protect the other's secret from both their parents and the outside world. That is until, one day, the brother or sister, (or both), discovers that someone is trying to draw his(or her) sibling into an ancient war between witches and mad scientists.

Are the two siblings destined to fight each other in combat? Will one try to save the other? Will the two join forces and try to escape the war? Or will something completely unexpected happen? Your choices will decide their fate.

Here are a few rules:

1. No sudden killing of the two main characters or their parents, I ask that if you do kill off one or both siblings that you work up to it first. Other characters, OK, this is a war, after all.

2. Transformations of any kind are welcome, in fact, I encourage them! Gender change, shrinking, age regression, whatever, GO FOR IT! Just bear in mind the talents of the two children, they MUST be able to change themselves back... eventually.

3. NO sibling on sibling or underage sex of any kind!! It will be deleted immediately!!

4. PLEASE be a little descriptive in any battle scenes that might occur.

5. New Characters are welcome. Create friends, neighbors, teachers. They can be witches, mad scientists, normal people, etc. Just please, NO characters from Anime... Keep this original.

6. Try to write chapters that are at least four lines long or more.


*Credit to Runner, the creator of 'The Witch' for allowing the use of his story as a crossover. Thank you.
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