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The Afterlife of Animals. It includes Humans. And Anthros. 4,830 Views.

The Afterlife of Animals. It includes Humans. And Anthros. 4,830 Views.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Animals die: this is a Fact. So, the question is; do they go to Heaven, or do they go to Hell? The answer is this - they all go to the same place, but each get different rewards, or punishments, depending on if they were classified as Virtuous, or Condemned. Then there's the humans that have shown up.

The Virtuous enjoy a lot of rewards:

1. They can always find some sort of pleasure. This can be through having fun with friends, eating good food, having sex, and just enjoying things.

2. Virtuous Prey have no problems escaping from Condemned Predators.

3. Virtuous Predators have no problems catching Condemned Prey.

4. Virtuous Predators can eat Virtuous Prey, but there's a "No means No" policy in place - Predators must ask the Prey if they can eat them, and if the Prey refuses, the Predator is to respect it.

5. Virtuous Prey don't suffer any pain if they get eaten. In fact, some actually enjoy being eaten. In fact, they taste better than Condemned Prey.

6. Animals that qualify as both Predator and Prey enjoy both sets of benefits.

7. There aren't many rules were sex is concerned, so long as it's consensual.

The Condemned have a lot of punishments:

1. They don't get any pleasure, unless the other is willing.

2. Condemned Prey can't outrun Virtuous Predators.

3. Condemned Predators can't catch Virtuous Prey.

4. Condemned Predators can eat Condemned Prey, but they don't taste real good to them.

5. Condemned Prey feel pain when being eaten.

6. Animals that qualify as both Predator and Prey get both sets of punishments.

7. They get no pleasure from sex, unless the other is willing.

What's common to both is this:

1. They can talk.

2. Their bodies can reform.

3. For Non-Human, or Non-Antho, Animals, being marked as Virtuous or Condemned has to deal if they killed just to kill, killed way more than they could eat or horded way more than they could eat, which tends to get them marked as Condemned.

4. It's possible to change from being a Condemned to a Virtuous through doing Good Deeds, as well as the opposite, for a Virtuous to be Condemned for doing Evil Deeds. This is especially useful in the cases of those who are, more or less, border-lined.

5. There is plant matter that can be eaten by those who eat such things, but while those who were Virtuous enjoy the food, with it being rather flavorful, those who are Condemned find it to be tasteless.

6. Humans are Animals too, as are Anthros and both can fall into Virtuous or Condemned, and are classified as both Predator and Prey.

7. Technology initially seems to be similar to that of Stone-Age level, with clothes being made of Animal hide, at least to new arrivals. Often times, Virtuous animals, especially those with enough hide to either make the equivalent of a shirt or a set of pants, will make a "donation" to help clothe Virtuous Humans, or Anthros that like to wear clothes. As for the actual technology level, given all the actual advancements, it could be much higher.

The Setting:

The Setting isn't Fluffy Cloud Heaven, nor is it Fire and Brimstone Hell, which could be good or bad, depending upon one's point of view, but is instead more of a Natural and Unmodified world, similar to an animal's usual habitat, with a distinct lack of man-made buildings and structures. On the plus side, food is easy to find, as is shelter during the times it rains. Humans, upon finding out about the place, might be initially confused over the obvious differences between what they'd believed and actuality, tend to get used to things after a week or thereabouts, at least those who were Virtuous - as for the Condemned, this is but the start of their suffering.


1. Spelling and Grammar are Important

2. Sex is allowed - hardly any rules, beyond that of Consent, at least for those who are Virtuous.

3. Vore is allowed, although Consent is required between Virtuous Predator and Virtuous Prey. Also, it is possible for the Predator to swallow the Prey whole, providing that the Predators is big enough to do so. A tiger, for instance, could swallow something the size of a human, but a fox would be unable to do so.

4. Plots must be story-driven, in one way, or another.

5. Always leave an option open, when possible - I'll add the others if need be.

6. Third-person point-of-view.

7. Anything else goes, unless I say otherwise.
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