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Choose how girl(s) go through outrageous changes in their Puberty.

Choose how girl(s) go through outrageous changes in their Puberty.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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[Please Read Rules before adding to this interactive. They can be found below the updates]

(Plot Summary)
Chose how girl(s) go through what is suppose to be a normal puberty. But something causes their changes to get overloaded. Also some maybe late bloomers and use some kind of mean to accelerate their changes, but in doing so causes them to get more than what they ever wanted. So in a nut shell, it's all about girls have their puberty or trying to speed up puberty and getting something much bigger in return.


I reserve the right to edit or remove any chapter(s) that breaks the rules. But of course I will be fair in each and all cases. Just follow the rules and you'll have nothing to worry about. If you're not sure your addition(s) matches the rules for this interactive, then please feel free to message me with your question and I will reply to it as soon as I can.

(1.) This Interactive is about Giantess and to a lesser extent Breast Expansion. No male growth, weight gain, or anything that isn't GTS or BE. Other girls can grow too, but please stay close to the girl of choice. No shrinking below the girl's starting height, and she must grow again eventually.

(2.) Absolutely no age progression. The girls stay their starting age. Allowed ages are 8-12 Years of age, no exceptions. I'm sorry.

(3.) While Breast Expansion is allowed, it should be kept to a minimal next to growth if any is to occur.

(4.) Clothes DO NOT grow with the girl for any reason. Growth MUST be detailed, and should take almost a full chapter for a change to become noticeable. Chapters containing fast or instant growth, especially without detail, will be deleted.

(5.) Be detailed in your additions. (that includes plot, story, characters, and expansion) and a minimum of a paragraph in length. (4 to 7 sentences) Longer chapters are highly encouraged.

(6.) All the girls can have up to 3 siblings at a time. If they do, please provide a detailed bio so folks adding have an idea of what they're like. (the bios in the opening chapter are a good example of what to do) It would be preferred if most of them are younger or slightly older sisters, but anything up to around 21 years is fine for the siblings.

(7.) Please keep extreme language and/or violence to a bare minimum. Toilet stuff is not allowed. (This includes, but not limited to, Pee, Poop, Farting, Vomiting, Etc.)

(8.) Grammar doesn't need to be perfect, just readable.

(9.) No Sex Allowed. But Groping, Masturbation, and such is fine. Just don't be too extreme about it. This is more about growing giantess(es) and such.

(10.) Please don't end the story. If you plan on doing so, email me first before you do.

(11.) Destruction and Vore are allowed, but try to keep the girls to how they would normally react to their changes. (if they wouldn't think about doing it as a normal girl, they probably won't as a giantess) A rampage can occur, but a good, personality-fitting reason for it is needed. Playful destruction is encouraged over evil.

(12.) While there's no limit on how big a giantess can be, please try to keep her height and proportions reasonable. Don't make her too big too quickly, and keep the focus on her height rather than her bust. She should still manage to stand.

Sorry if I come off strict, but I know what works. So try to have fun, and try to write some good additions so this can be a fun to read and good interactive for everyone. Best of luck to everyone.

[04/06/23] Been a wile since the last update. My apologies. I am happy to announce this interactive has now reached over 500 Chapters! So it is still active. I hope this year it becomes more active and I will be trying to add more chapters myself as well. I will also be trying to introduce a new interactive as well. Thank you all for keeping up with this interactive and keeping it alive. I will also try to give back to other interactive I view as well. So be on the look out.

*XMasTree* [12/04/21] Well long time, no see. My apolgies everyone. Just a lot has been going on personally and time kind of slipped away. This interactive is still kicking. Not as alive as I hoped. But I still have fine folks adding to it to this day. So thank you to all who've kept this interactive alive. I hope as the new year comes. More will join in. Also, Rule 9. was updated slightly. Sex still isn't allowed, but I did tweak it a little and will allow other things barring straight up sex. Everything else is fine in that category.

I hope everyone is doing fine this holiday season and as 2021 wraps up. We all have a much better year in 2022. Also if you wish to see some changes to this interactive, such as rules, path, or what not. Feel free to email here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Take care everyone and a early Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!

[06/03/20] Hello folks, been a while hasn't it? I'm sorry, a lot has been going on in my life, but the same can be said about my interactive here as well too. The author, Alex15678. A newbie to here, but not to writing as the latest chapters added by him are just fantastic!! He also has a DeviantArt account, by the name of, TFCreator. If you liked his additions on here, he'll be working on different giantess growth and transformation stories as well in the months to come. So again, if you like his additions. Give him a shout out on here and DeviantArt.

Thank you again Alex, for those fine chapters!

[08/23/19] This interactive has been seeing quite some actively as of late. Which is wonderful to see! It still has a long ways to go, but thanks to the wonderful contributors here on Writing.com. This interactive is getting some love it's been needing for some time.

So thank you again to all those who've been updating it and especially to those who do it regularly. However, if you do add to this interactive, please read the rules. Been getting a few chapters that aren't following this and they had to be deleted sadly, while some are going down the wrong path. Though good news, this is far and very limited in between all the chapters being added. Just wanted to give a heads up.

Last but not least. Another comic script I wrote was approved by GiantessFanComics! So look forward to the finale of Pool Party Growth Comic and a new comic to come down the line as well :)

Take it easy everyone and keep on adding to, A Girl's Growth Spurt Overload Interactive.

[07/04/19] Well 2019 is here and today is the 4th of July! I'm real sorry for the lack of update on this page here. But in my absences, this interactive has been doing quite well. Thanks to some talented writers who care to continue it on. I will be adding some my self very soon I hope, but been having writing issues. A lot has happen this year, mostly bad, won't lie. But still better than last year ^^;

Thank you everyone for the support and helping keep this interactive alive and well. And allowing it to be enjoyed by many others as well.

On that note, I will soon have the final comic of, "Pool Party Growth" being wrapped up soon. So if you haven't bought a membership at GiantessFanComics yet, please do so now and enjoy not only the comic that's based off my hit story, but the many other great comics on there as well, https://www.giantessfan.com/comics/

Take care everyone and hope to see you all again soon!

[05/05/18] A brighter update this time around, I want to give a, "BIG THANKS" to Tsuyo (emperorzip8500) who has been giving my interactive a lot of love. I am sadden he is still the only one keeping up with this interactive. But I wanted to thank him in this update. I hope others will follow his example and help write chapters for this interactive. He has also been adding to other interactives as well. So be sure to check them out as well. His writing is really good and worth looking into. Other than that, not much else to report. I hope to have bigger news in my next update and I hope to add some chapters myself in-between all of that.

On another note, my very first comic I wrote a script for is being released soon on May 15th!! So here is the link to download it - https://www.giantessfan.com/comics/Pool-Party-Growth/c=188/ it just cost a month subscription to GiantessFan, which allows you to download other comics as well. I will have other comics being made as well, so keep your eyes pealed. This is also issue 1 of a 4-part comic series. So let me know what you think about it and thank the wonderful artist who drew it as well. Take care everyone and hope to see more entries to this great interactive as well.

[03/05/18] A new year and sorry for the late, late update and lack of additional chapters from myself or others. A lot has happened since the last update... my mother passed on 12/26/17 and that was a rough blow to me. If anyone has read my Deviantart Journal Entry, you will understand why I haven't been on here or added much on either site sadly. I am hoping the things in my life become smoother and get better, but until then, I will do my best to hold everything together. Thank you all for your support on this interactive and if you like it, please review and add if you can. Be sure to read the rules first, but please add on, so others may enjoy this interactive. I will again try my best to add to it as well to show my support as well. Thank you all and have a good week.

[12/21/17] Well 2017 is coming to a close... But not this interactive however. Been getting a few new chapters here and there and it's great to see. It could be doing a lot better, but I am thankful I have good friends and fans that care about this interactive. I hope it continues to grow even further into 2018 (Pun intended) I hope as we enter into the new year, this interactive becomes even more lively! I will try to add more myself, but real life issues will be holding me back I am afraid...

But fear not, I will still do my share as well. Thank you all who have supported this interactive and please send others my way who you think would be interested in adding to this and can add good chapters. Thank you all once again for your hard work and dedication.

~Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's

[08/21/17] New year and a very, very late update. This interactive is still Lacking many chapters sadly to report again... but has closely reached the 100 chapter Milestone. So all is not Doom and Gloom. But honestly, this interactive needs a nice shot to the arm. So if you are a good writer or know of someone who is, please, PLEASE add to this interactive. Of course I want Quality over Quantity, so please remember that. There are very few interactive's that deal in such a young age range and I know that to some this is not favorable to them.

But of course the same can be to those who like Vore or Feet. Everyone has different taste and I think even if this genre is unpopular. Some people like it. Plus it's harmless fiction folks, so no harm, no foul. I mean people don't shame those who like vore and trust me, there is some disturbing vore material out there. Same can be said for loli. But heck, this interactive is tamed compered to the others out there. There is just too little young GTS stories out there. So I wanted to change that. Granted this interactive hasn't gain nearly as many chapters as I hoped it would have by now and some parts I am to blame. I won't lie.

Though the same can be said to everyone else. If you want change... you need to start it with yourself. So please show this Interactive some love and bring so entertainment to a very small and isolated sub-group. I will try my best to add here and there. But due to personal issues in real life. It will be difficult I am afraid, which disappoints me. As I use to work a lot on this stuff. But I suppose everything must come to an end eventually.

Well I want to leave this update on a brighter message. Thank you all who have added to this interactive and I hope you continue to support it into the future. Thank you once again and good luck to all.

[12/29/16] Well folks 2016 is coming to a close, finally... I hope everyone had a great holiday. As we near into a new year, this interactive is still majorly lacking chapters... which is a shame to say as this means in the 6-months since my last update here. Nothing has changed much :/ However! There have still been a few 'Loyal' members/friends on here who have added a bit, so to them a massive THANK YOU! But to the rest... come on, the rules are simple. Show some love. Interactives don't just write themselves. So come on, if you have an idea for a new chapter, add then! (Following the rules of course)

Also wow, just wow. I was struggling to make it to 4,000 views, but in just 6-months this Interactive has reached over 28,000 views!!? Holy cow! Thank you for all who have viewed this interactive. Now if we can just get the chapters that are added to be a lot higher. Then we will be in business :) So come on! A new year will soon be upon us and is a good reason to show this interactive love and to show writing.com and this interactive isn't dead! Thank you all again who've supported this interactive and I hope to see more chapters very soon from you all. And with that said, see you all into a new year and may 2017 bring good things your way. Good luck everyone.

[06/20/16] Been quite a time since I've updated this part. My bad everyone... Well anyways, looks like in almost 6-months, this interactive has gained over 4,000 views since, which really isn't too bad to be honest. So thank you all. And chapters could be a LOT better, but still the adds are quite slow, which I'm sadden to be here to say that once more :/ However, I have noticed a few on here who have added more than 2 chapters to it, so a massive thank you to all who even bothered adding, and a bigger thank you to all who have added more than 1 chapter. Thank you to the both really. I haven't added in some time still, but kind of hard when folks don't seem to want to add to the chapters I have left for them to add to...

But anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped this interactive stay alive and I hope those who have added and that more will keep adding to help this grow even more. It needs some love and if it can start becoming active once again, I'll try to add a little to help out as well. I don't know when I'll be back to update this page, but it shouldn't be as long as a wait like the last time. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend that is coming up in the next few weeks. Also don't forget to check out my DeviantArt page - http://redacegod350.deviantart.com/ as I have updated that once a few times. Let's continue to work hard and help this interactive and all interactives we enjoy. Have a great week and see you all later.

[01/17/16] Well New Year, same Interactive. Though I am clearing to the 20,000 marker! Which means this interactive is getting way more foot traffic than it was getting. Sadly however, the additions to chapters show other wise. With only one new addition this year alone, and very few since my last update. I can't lie, it's a bit of a downer. Yes I could add a few myself, but what is the point when others aren't adding too. This is an interactive after all. So if a few more start adding and regularly, I'll start trying to add more often as well. So please, if your reading this. Add to it and if you do, try to be more frequent as well. Don't add one chapter and then disappear forever ^^; But none the less, thank you all for allowing to grow as big as it got and for the views, I didn't even think it would get this far to be honest. Good luck to everyone in the New Year and let's try to be more active across this site in general.

(Rule Update / This Interactive rules were cleaned up thanks to my friend Detective Barricade http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/dbarricade They are basically the same rules, just more cleaned up ) - 08/17/15

Awesome, 61 Chapters with 11,100 views now?! This is great. A Huge Thanks to my dear friends who have helped my story grow. I'm happy to see others are adding to this other than me. Though I haven't been adding to this for some time. I have fallen out of place with this site and just writing altogether, so I apologies. But more folks can still be adding to this. So please everyone continue to add and help it grow. Even if I don't add to this much anymore, this shouldn't be a reason to let it fad. I want others to enjoy this interactive. Also I would like to see some additions to Tiffany's character, so if you have a good idea, please add to her. She needs some love. Also lastly, please read the rules! I won't say who, but some are not following the, "Write in detail rule"... But I digress, again thank you to thus who've added thus far. I feel like writing a little more, so I will be adding to this one again. Keep on writing and help keep the GTS and all other forms of Expansion healthy and alive!

~Red Out

Wow, 3,000+ Views and with only 25 Chapters?! Thank you everyone for the views, though I would also like to see more chapters added to this, who aren't me... So please read the Rules carefully and continue to read and write on. Once again, thank you for all the views.

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