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  1. After the bail of Paolo
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Rated: E · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1709163
Story of a street racer called Paolo, who was released from the Underground racing scene.
Chapter 1

After the bail of Paolo

    by: Triviumfan   More by this author
Chapter 1

Mia pulls away in her Mazda RX-8 and takes Paolo to a garage where he had a choice of cars to choose from and then takes him to a safe house where he can ‘lay low’. With enough money in the bank, he can choose from a VW Golf, Ford Focus RS, Lexus IS300, Fiat Punto, Chevrolet Cobalt or a VW Golf Mk5. Paolo decides that he will buy two cars. He chooses the Golf R32 Mk4 and the Focus RS.
As soon as Paolo leaves the safe house, the police are on his trail. Quickly and in a panic, he phones Mia, he then explains his situation to her and she replies calmly “Paolo, listen, all around this part of town are things known as pursuit breakers, they are designed so that once they have been hit, they will fall and wreck the pursuit cars.” Paolo replies, “Won’t they wreck my car?”
“No” replies Mia, “the pursuit breakers are designed to destroy their cars, not yours.” Confused, Paolo asks, “Where’s the nearest pursuit breaker?” Mia hesitates and then tells Paolo not to use the pursuit breakers. Angry, Paolo moans “What do you mean, do not use the pursuit breakers? I’m gonna get busted for this.”
“Don’t worry”, Mia says, “I know what I’m doing”
Paolo complains, but then calmly replies “I hope so”. Mia then hangs up on him and then call him back, “I forgot to mention, if you wanna run with Razor, you gotta keep the pursuit going for as long as possible, that way you will raise the bounty needed to run with him”. Paolo then slams his foot down on the throttle, his Focus slowly pulls away and before he knows it, the Focus has reached 112mph, yet the Rosewood City Police are still behind him, nervous, he pulls a 180o handbrake spin. Facing the cops was not a good idea, now Paolo is cornered like a lone tiger. Reports have come through of a street race through on the police radio, which all of the cars receivers have been altered so that they can pick up the police frequency which means that all racers can hear the radio chatter on their receivers so they know what is going on where.

Paolo receives information of a 10-83, but because he is new to the city, he doesn't know what a 10-83 call is.
Mia phones up and says to Paolo, "half of the Rosewood City pursuit department are on a 10-83 shout so you have no need to worry as much." Paolo then calls Mia and says "Worry as much, are you insane woman, I'm worrying more than ever. And anyway what the hell is a 10-83 call Mia."
“A 10-83 call means that there is illegal street racing going on somewhere. It's basically police talk and usually, a 10-83 requires backup from additional units, so half of the Rosewood City Police department has been drafted in to deal with the problem over in the Camden Beach district."

“Why did the reserve units chase me, I wasn't doing any harm, I was only going to the garage to put some modifications onto my ride and they started coming after me." Paolo exclaimed. Mia then says to him "the only way that they will come after you is if you were caught at excessive speeds."
“What? I was only doing 112mph."
“They see speeds exceeding 100mph as over the limit."
“Is that why they came after me?"
“Yes, now tell me Paolo, what does your tach (tachometer) read,"
“It reads 120mph and rising, I haven't even got my foot on the throttle."
“That’s because the model you have Paolo has a built in turbocharger in the engine, so even when you haven’t got your foot on the accelerator, the turbo and the direct port nitrous oxide kick in to give the car that little extra power when needed most.”
Paolo finally realises that the turbocharger had give him an extra 8mph without the need for the throttle. The direct port nitrous oxide injections also give him a short burst of extra power.

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