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You find a watch that allows you to transform into fictional girls.

You find a watch that allows you to transform into fictional girls.

This is an interactive story containing 143 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Based on Starfighter364’s interactive of the same name.

Your name is Nick. One day, you receive a watch-like device that allows you to obtain the data about fictional girls by scanning a screen or picture, or by plugging a special device that goes in it into a controller slot on a video game console. If you connect the device to the game, then you can enter the game in the body of that character. Eventually, you will gain the abilities to scan the data of female friends and to transform other humans, animals, and dolls/puppets (you won't be able to transform at the time, but you can control them with the device).


No gay/lesbian stuff or incest.

Keep any names of characters the same throughout the story.

No killing off Nick or ending the story.

School has just ended for the year.

No turning Nick evil or changing his personality.

Any character that in their series is called a god will be considered a powerful spirit instead in this story, even if the characters from their series won't call them as such.

The watch will prevent Nick from getting a girl pregnant (or from getting pregnant himself) before he is old enough to support a child.

If Nick and someone else who is changed wants to stay that form, then a function will appear on the watch, which will alter reality so that everyone except the two of them believe that the person has always been that way (it can't happen for Nick). If this is done, the original form of the person is lost forever (unless it is a girl who has been scanned by the watch, then her form will be saved in it). Nick will still have control of them, but the watch can be used to transform others again. Nobody will find it odd that the person will be the same as the girl they became. Also, while doing so, Nick can alter the age of the fictional girl to match the age of the person being transformed.

While the watch has Nick (or anyone/anything else that he'd transform) take the form of a character who can transform between girl forms and boy forms will be in girl form the whole time, with no traces of the boy form. While Nick is one of them, he can't go into the series.

If Nick is holding onto someone who is transformed when they go into the series, then he'll go in as well, and be sucked into the body of the main character (or one of them if there are many) regardless of if they or male or female, unless the player is a character in the game, in which case, he'd become that character. If the character is female, then she will be stored on the watch. If not, Nick can transform into that character without the watch. Note: Nick can only become one male per continuity.

If there is ever a debate on the gender of a character, then ask me, and I'll decide. Characters that are considered female:
-Teito Klein from 07 Ghost. He's small and cute, even though he is apparently old enough to be in an army, and his relationship with Mikage and that other guy borders on homo. So I'm making him a girl, just to avoid the identity crisis that 07 Ghost takes in stride.

With the scanning feature, you can use edited versions of characters, including female versions of male characters. If you do this, you must give a link to a picture of that character.

The device is waterproof (along with being indestructible), and can't be taken off once put on. The device also stops him from being able to be possessed, hypnotized, or brainwashed in any way, not that he knows that.

Use proper grammar and spelling.

If I find out that someone who adds has stolen someone else's chapter, and then posted it as their own, then I'll delete it.

Please put up links to pictures of the fictional girls during the option chapters they are mentioned in, or the chapter that Nick turns into them. Don't hesitate to use pictures of what someone as the girl is doing.

There may be other things I'm forgetting, so everything else is fair game unless I remember anything else and add it.

Nick’s personality: Quiet and observant. He doesn’t like to make small talk. However, he is extremely perceptive, as well as being quick-thinking. He will often make observations that surprise people. He’s also a very good liar – he doesn’t keep a poker face, but instead alters his facial expression and body language to broadcast the emotion that he wants to portray. He enjoys video games in general and writing stories. He’s also an anime fan. Incidentally, he knows a lot about psychology. (You can reference the manga Liar Game for ideas.)
Nick’s appearance: Dark hair, somewhat tall. He’s not really what you would call an athlete, but he’s surprisingly good at physical activities. His skin is pale in places and tanned in others, and he doesn’t often show emotion on his face.

Other characters:

Reesa: Nick's little sister, age 13. She's obsessed with the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Unlike other fanatics her age, she's pretty good at playing the game, and is an expert at constructing a good deck. (Nick's opinion is that if she would just focus on school instead of some card game, she could easily skip a grade or five.) She has long brown hair, and is rather tall for a thirteen-year-old kid.

Amelia: If you’re looking for three words to describe Amelia, then those words are “Sarcastic”, “Cynical”, and “Spiteful”. However, Amelia’s prickly exterior hides an inner emotional turmoil, and she remains an enigma to everyone – except Nick, who guessed her emotional state after about an hour in her company. He confronted her with it at the end of the day in a private setting, and she collapsed crying into his arms. Since then, Amelia has had feelings for Nick, and Nick knows it, but he has left the situation alone because he has no experience with love affairs, and doesn’t even know if he returns her feelings. She's sixteen years old. She has long, black hair and an unimpressive figure. She doesn't consciously watch her weight, but she is used to eating diet food. She enjoys RPG video games and watching anime.

Serena: Amelia's older sister, age 21 and with a great figure. More information will be added when someone adds it.

If you create a character, then you must give the details about them, such as their appearance and personality.

You are 16 years old.

Starfighter364's interactive can have a crossover with this one. Neither Nick nor Anthony can transform each other, or anyone that the other already has transformed.

Also, I will give 100 GP to anyone who makes a good chapter, aside from an option chapter, without breaking any of my rules. Furthermore, I will give an extra 500 GP to the first three people for their first good chapters, aside from Starfighter364. I can't afford to pay you right now, but I can and will keep track of how much I owe you.

Finally, have fun!
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