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You are trapped in a parallel world, can you find your way home?

You are trapped in a parallel world, can you find your way home?

This is an interactive story containing 108 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The Characters:

Eric Summers (You): Very shy but kind, you are very small and slender for your age of 13 (4' 0'') with gentle blue eyes and longish dust blond hair. You are often mistaken for a small girl, you have become used to it.

Tonya Summers: (Older sister): An out going, athletic tomboy (15) with wild green eyes and long auburn hair. She stands at a towering 6' and is very protective of you, trying to get you to become more out going. She often takes you with her when she goes out with her friends to keep you safe.

Maximilian Summers (Father): A 35 year old inventor/scientist with short dust blond hair and wild green eyes. He works for the government. building devices to 'benefit' man kind. He never used you to test his inventions but Tonya fears that he will, someday, be tempted. Her fears are realized.

Natasha Summers (Mother): A muscular 32 year old adventurer/explorer with long auburn hair and gentle blue eyes. She has a passion for risk and danger, she happily tests her husbands inventions for him. (thus your condition) She is constantly trying to make you more adventurous.

Bethany Lore (best friend): A feisty/energetic pistol of a girl (13) with long sun blond hair and piercing green eyes who loves you for your gentle nature and is determined to bring out your 'wild side'.

Trever 'the tank' Powers (Tonya's best friend): Strong and outgoing (15) with crew cut black hair and hazel eyes. He sees Eric as a 'little brother' and strives to make him stronger in hopes that he will grow because of it.


1: New characters are welcome, this includes Anime characters as long as they go well with the previous chapter.

2: Do not kill the main character and have him work to find his way home unless you intend to have him somehow jump from world to world.

3: Try to change Eric's size only by perspective, ie: he is in a world of tiny people or a world of giants making him look like an infant by comparison. Making him younger or older works as well.

4: Eric's gender can change by what ever means but make it believable. ie: The energy of the portal does it to him, Bethany or Tonya is a witch, etc.

5. Eric can become fused with an object, pulled in with him but, again, make the reason how it happened believable.

That's it! Have fun!

The story begins as you accidentally walk into one of your father's experiments in the basement of your house...
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