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  1. The Secret of Hawkboy
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You're a super hero who likes women's feet.
Chapter 1

The Secret of Hawkboy

    by: howdyboy   More by this author
The school bell rung. Class was out.
"Hey, did you want to hang with us tonight, man," said one of your friends.
"No thanks, I have some work to do," you replied.
"Oh well," said Taylor, acute girl from your class, "see you next week."
Any other day you would hang out with your friends, but not tonight. Little did your classmates know, that you were actually an upcoming vigilante, Hawkboy!

Later that night, as your parents are asleep, you look out your apartment balcony at the city of Footropolis. The city had an infestation of criminals. You look over at your newspaper clippings and see all of the villains in town. Some were quite hot! These girls had some sexy feet!

Oh yeah, that's right, you like girls' feet. You've never been able to actually play with a girls foot before, besides childish tickling at school. But you really yearned to be able to suck on a girls toes if you could. However, no one must know you had a foot fetish. Especially that you were Hawkboy and had a foot fetish.

Suddenly, you heard police sirens in the distance. There was trouble afoot. You quickly put on your cool black and brown costume. It had spikes on your boots and wrists and even had a mask with a tiny beak for a nose. The coolest part though, as that you had a visor that could let you see in heat and night vision, plus it his your eyes from people. The only thing open was your mouth. Once you were ready, you jumped off your apartment balcony, shot off your cable, and was lowered down to the streets below.

The city had many villains and heroes. Who should you visit first?

There was the Jester, the 21 year old villainess who dresses up like a cute jester. Although she might seem crazy, she was really just a copycat of Harley Quinn from Gotham City.

Next was Madame Reich, a 25 year old woman who wore a Nazi uniform and was known for committing hate crimes across town. You had to teach her a lesson!

Then there was FireWire, an 19 year old villainess who could control the wires in computers. She can even make them move and attack her victims. She was from Indian descent.

There was the Troop Squad, a tag team of 3 young ladies about your age who liked to cause trouble across the city. The dressed up as girl scouts and robbed people.

So what's your choice?
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Jester

2.   Madame Reich

3.   FireWire

4.   Troop Squad

5.   More...

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