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A pair of magical panties makes people pregnant. Belly growth and extreme content likely.

A pair of magical panties makes people pregnant. Belly growth and extreme content likely.

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Beyond all rational explanation, a magical pair of panties has the power to impregnate a person or accellerate an existing pregnancy.

Nobody knows where the panties came from, nor exactly how they work. Their appearance seems to vary, and may come in a crotchless type, but they are always an appealing shade of purple. They are always clean and seemingly new, and give off an aura that encourages people to try them on. Anyone of any age or gender who wears them for too long will become pregnant. Anyone wearing the panties while pregnant will experience abnormal growth.

The panties may -
- cause the pregnancy to develop rapidly, causing the baby to grow to full term in hours or days
- cause the baby to grow larger but develop at the normal rate
- cause the baby to develop to adulthood while still in the womb
- allow anyone having sex while wearing them to fall pregnant regardless of contraception or infertility
- grow breasts on pregnant males
- prevent birth
- work on animals
- cause a lot of mischief

The panties will not -
- change a person's gender
- effeminate or emasculate a person
- kill anyone
- allow cross-breeding
- change a person's sexual preferences
- cause a pre-pubescent child to be sexually active (not even if they are pregnant)
- make me a cup of coffee dammit!

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A poll has been created as an experiment to determine whether the readers think I should include elements such as incest, or if I am already too depraved or not depraved enough in this story.
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