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  1. The UFO after soccer practice
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Eleven boys on a soccer team gain super powers after an alien visits them during practice.
Chapter 1

The UFO after soccer practice

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The eleven boys were still left kicking the ball around on Meridian Road Park after the 3 o'clock soccer practice session. It was Wednesday afternoon, and the boys had just completed their weekly practice.

Unknown to the boys, an invisible UFO was hovering overhead, watching and studying the boys. The aliens were benevolent and peaceful, and they were very powerful. They scanned and studied the boys and they were able to extract their names, their ages, and their memories by beaming an invisible ray at each of them from the bottom of the space ship.

The aliens concluded that the boys were all good-hearted, and the aliens decided to endow the eleven youngsters with amazing powers. They were to do this as an experiment, just to see how they would react. The powers would be permanent, and they could never be taken away. Other powers and abilities could develop later on, depending on each boy. The boys would not have any weaknesses like being exposed to Kryptonite, for example. They would be completely invincible and invulnerable to any man-made weapons including bullets and knives.

Soon, each boy on the field passed out, and collapsed on the ground. Then, beams from the ship struck each boy, granting every boy unlimited physical strength and stamina, along with super speed. After a minute had passed, each boy would slowly wake up, not remembering what had happened.

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