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If you think you know Area 51, you know nothing. The Police make sure of that. 3,130+ Vs

If you think you know Area 51, you know nothing. The Police make sure of that. 3,130+ Vs

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
When one hears about Area 51, they think about Top Secret military aircraft and weapons testing, or, if they believe in aliens, where certain experiments are being done with alien corpses, including genetic manipulation. Thing is, those don’t even scratch the surface about what really goes on.

If one were to manage to slip past the roving armed guards, they would find out that the area around the dried-up Groom Lake is actually a city- one home to over a hundred thousand inhabitants. Thing is, the majority of these people aren’t exactly humans, and most of them aren’t aliens. No, these people are what most would classify as Monsters. Werewolves, vampires, kitsunes, nagas, mermaids, dragons- if it isn’t human, and seems to belong in the realms of myth and legend, or horror or even Sci-Fi, odds are it’s there. The city is simple called Monster City by the residents, as it was more preferred to its true name of Dreamland. What’s more, if an Outsider is caught past the guards’ patrol area, they aren’t exactly allowed to leave the city.

The Origins of Monster City can be traced back to the Expansion of America. Monsters fleeing from Hunters came to the New World, and would settle in remote areas. As America expanded, monsters were forced to flee. Eventually, they settled roughly a hundred miles north of what would eventually be called Las Vegas. Since it was Federal Government land, and undesired by humans, no one came to bother them, and the people were free to start building a life.

Then World War Two came along, and the American Military decided that they needed a place far from prying eyes, especially those of the German and Japanese. To their surprise, the area that they wanted was already inhabited. Initially, the military wanted to go to war with the creatures, until a certain high ranking general saw them himself and realized that negotiating with the creatures would be far easier than being involved in a secret war in the middle of the country, especially after he saw how strong one of them was, when his jeep ended up in an accident, with him trapped under it- the five men with him couldn’t lift the vehicle up enough to free him, but one werewolf, who saw what had happened, was able to lift the jeep upright. This general had a talk with the President, and convinced him to have a talk with the creatures.

Of course, the monsters had known what was happening in the Outside world, as there were creatures coming from various parts of Europe and Asia, and they were bringing tales of what was happening- genocide against those of different religions, State-sponsored Secret Hunts, and more. When the creatures heard that the American President was going to come, the leader of the community, a European dragon, decided that he was going to meet this human leader, and prepared himself for battle, making sure that he had plenty of fire in him, and that his scales and everything were polished to a blinding shine, as he wasn’t just going to walk away from his home, like others had before him. Much to his surprise, the human he encountered was one who needed to use a chair with wheels to move around. For reasons known only to himself, the President got the dragon to talk with him in absolute privacy, though the locals, the military, and the Secret Service observed them from several hundred yards away. When the two leaders came back to the others, they agreed that another meeting would be needed to discuss the details of the treaty between their peoples. What is known about that particular conversation is this; in spite of their appearances and abilities, the monsters and other creatures were indeed American citizens, and therefore were guaranteed certain unalienable rights, including the right to happiness, justice, and freedom.

Soon after this, the military was given permission to build their base and testing facility, in exchange for making the 25 by 23 mile area nearby off-limits to Outsiders, unless the Outsider was authorized to be at the facility for any reason. However, if an Unauthorized Outsider found out about the locals, said outsider had two choices, Military Prison for a minimum of twenty years, or live in the City as a resident for at least five years without leaving- unless there was an emergency- in which case the person would be escorted. In either case, before the person was allowed to leave, they had to sign a Confidentiality Clause- under Penalty of being charged with Treason, they were forbidden to talk about what they’d seen, or heard, or did.

As for the stories about aliens, it seems that Earth is a midway point for travelers between Mars and Venus, especially those planning vacations that last several Earth Years – in that they’ll wait until the Earth is in a certain position before traveling to it, then wait a few months before traveling to the next planet. Area 51 is something of a Resort town for these people, where they can be themselves, without having to hide what they are. In exchange, the military is allowed to reverse-engineer certain aspects of Martian and Venetian technology, like fuel efficient engines, cloaking devices, and even wrist-like devices that allow the wearer to change their form into something else. Also, the aliens like to buy souvenirs of Earth origin, especially Sci-Fi films about “aliens” – seems they treat them like comedies, over how ridiculous the “aliens” are made and such.

As for the Plot behind this story, New York City Police Officer, Jeremiah Johnson, was returning from vacationing in Las Vegas when he took a wrong turn, due to a faulty GPS device, and his car broke down on a road patrolled by Area 51 Security Personnel. When the Security Patrol located him, they contacted Command, and a deal was made – Jeremiah could stay at the base while the mechanics fixed the car, providing that the officer stayed in certain areas, like his room, and was to be escorted at all times, due to “National Security Reasons”, of course. Problem was, a late night excursion to the bathroom caused him to get lost, and for him to catch a mermaid skinny-dipping, and for him to realize that she was part fish, and that it wasn’t a dream either, especially when the mermaid alerted the base to the apparent intruder.

Needless to say, Jeremiah Johnson was given a choice, 20 years in a Military Prison, under some charge of espionage, or 5 years serving at Area 51, and living in Monster City. Due to his then-current job of being a police officer, he’s given a job on the Police Force. Now he has to find his way around, learn how to fit in with the others on the police force, and how to work with his new partner, to say nothing about trying to keep the peace between the various factions within the city.

Of course, as with any city, there were those who cause trouble and special people are found to keep the peace. This is the story of these people, who spend every day making sure that the biggest top secret remains just that, Top Secret.


1. The laws of M.C. are basically the same as every other city- keeps Outsiders comfortable during their forced stay- plus it’s easier on the Area 51 military personnel, so that that they don’t have to do the job of protecting wayward humans.

2. Killing people just to eat them is classified as a capital offence- meaning that werewolves and dragons just can’t eat humans, not without paying the penalty- their life.

3. Spelling and Grammar are a must.

4. Story is to be in Third Person.

5. The creatures can come from all realms of Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mythology, or your Own Imagination. Just create a Quick Bio of Sorts.

6. While in the City, the uniforms worn by the officers on duty look like typical police uniforms. However, when they investigate cases outside of the city, they look like something out of M.I.B - Black Suit, White Dress Shirt, Black Slacks, Dark Sunglasses (very important for non-human officers), and an expensive-looking watch that can actually cause the officer to change their species or increase their strength and speed, among other things, which is useful for hiding non-human officers and helping human officers in a fight where they are outnumbered.

See the following Campfires for the Inspiration for this - Truth be told, I had planned to make an interactive originally, but at 22 Interactives, and a then recent 10 interactive limit, I had hit the ceiling - so I'm recycling an interactive that went nowhere.

 Monster City Police Force  (18+)
If you think you know Area 51, you know nothing. And these officers make sure of that.
#2029858 by BIG BAD WOLF is 35 on June 3

 Monster City Police Force Part 2  (18+)
Continuation of Monster City
#2065504 by BIG BAD WOLF is 35 on June 3

Characters -

Name: Jeremiah Johnson

Race: Human

Status: Outsider

Former Occupation: New York City Police Officer

Reason for being in the City: Took a wrong turn after leaving Las Vegas when he was on vacation and broke down outside of the base. Was going to be given a room in the barracks, where he was to stay at until the personnel fixed his vehicle. Problem was that he caught a mermaid skinny-dipping- and realized that she was part fish. Personnel were alerted and the commander gave him a choice- 20 years in prison for espionage or 5 years in the Service, as someone who helped the residents of the nearby city. He took the 5 years- as a military record sounded better to him than a criminal one. Given his previous job, and the fact that there was an opening on the force, he was made part of the MCPD, and will be starting his first day.

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Eye Color: Green

Rank: New Rookie

Personality: More than a little nervous about his new job, but tries to get along with the others.

Name: Frank Greyfur

Race: Of European Werewolf descent

Status: Native

Former Occupation: Served as part of the Special Special Forces during World War 2. Claims to have been “this close” (finger distance) to tearing out Hitler’s throat, if it weren’t for the fact that a fellow officer came under fire at the moment he was going to attack. Continued serving in the military, in one form or another, until a chance shot from an insurgent in Iraq destroyed his left kneecap. While given a replacement, he could not serve on the Front Lines any more.

Hair Color: Grey

Eye color: Yellow

Rank: Sergeant

Personality: Loyal to his friends, hostile to his enemies.

(Other characters can be found in the campfires)
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