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A college guy and a town end up shrunk on the garage floor of some college hotties!

A college guy and a town end up shrunk on the garage floor of some college hotties!

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"The Garage of Doom!"

Title page for comic I’m working on

You are wealthy 35-year-old bachelor Dylan Blake, an athletic straight-A college student. While getting drunk at the Phi Phi Pho sorority with some young 20-something college hotties in their garage, you find out that one of them is a time traveler from five-thousand years in the future. The chick from the future has miniaturization and teleportation technology, and shows all of you a dimensional portal that is locked onto the town of Bullet Bay, about five miles away.

She tells you that you need to take a transponder to the center of that town so she can shrink and teleport the entire town to the center of the garage floor where all of you are partying. Since you have a giantess fetish, you are eager to see what these hot college co-eds will do to the ant-sized shrunken people, so you peel out in your 2010 Corvette and head to the town with the transponder.

Once you get there and plant the transponder, the miniaturization/teleportation portal is activated, and you are shrunk along with the town and teleported to the floor of the garage where those hot chicks were partying! Now, you must strive to avoid getting stomped on or swallowed as you either find a way to escape or try to return to normal size! All the men of the town of Bullet Bay between the ages of 18 and 50 were duplicated, shrunk, and teleported to the floor of the garage.

Destiny outfits Dylan with a transponder that fits around his ankle, so she can return him to normal size so he can go about his normal life before returning to the garage. If he takes the ankle bracelet off or attempts to remove it, he'll shrink back down to ant size. In this way, he can go about his normal life without arousing suspicion that he is missing. The only problem for Dylan, however, is that she only gives him just enough time to accomplish what he needs to during that day - - if he is late getting back to the garage before the time expires, he risks being reduced to ant size out in public! To further complicate things, Dylan's homeless friend Skittles is outfitted with an ankle bracelet and is restored to normal size, and if he runs off and Dylan can't find him, they will both be reduced to ant size! Dylan and Skittles must return to the garage together, if one of them is missing, they'll both end up shrunk! They also both wear a timer that looks like a watch, Dylan's is on the same wrist as his wristwatch, so it looks like he 's wearing two watches. The wristband transponders also have built in transceivers, so Dylan can communicate with Skittles and vice versa, and they both can communicate with a communications console in the garage of the Phi Phi Pho sorority.


Dylan Blake (you): Wealthy 35-year-old college student with dark hair and brown eyes. Dylan is muscular and attractive, and very intelligent. He is a straight-A student majoring in electrical engineering at Matheson University. He partied most of his twenties and thirties away, and is now trying to make up for lost time by going to college.

Destiny Draconis: 21-year-old time traveler from five-thousand years in the future. She attends Matheson University, the same college you and the other girls she hangs out with. She is a brunette with gray eyes. She got her belly-button pierced because she thought it would help her blend in with 21st century college girls.

Serena Savage: 19-year-old college student with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She also attends Matheson University, the same college that you and Destiny and the others attend. She is a college soccer player, and came to the party wearing her green and violet Matheson University soccer uniform. Serena is the youngest of the girls.

Jerrica Johansson: 20-year-old brunette with green eyes and a nice tan. She also attends Matheson University, the same college you and the others attend. She is one of the three of the girls who is a soccer player at Matheson University. Her legs are epic.

Twila Travers: 20-year-old with short light-brown hair and hazel eyes. She also attends the same college as you and the others.

Victoria "Vikki" Vega: 21-year-old Mexican-American college student with long brown hair and brown eyes. She also attends the same college as you and the others. She is also a soccer player, and came to the party wearing her cheer uniform. Victoria is a little older than her friends, and maintains a leadership position among them.

Skuttle: Guy in his 20s, a friend of Dylan's who accompanies him when the town they are in shrinks and teleports to Vikki's garage. Because he was near the transponder in Dylan's car, he also wasn't duplicated when he and Dylan were shrunk and teleported to the garage.

Author's Notes: This story is 18+ but no nudity or sex is allowed.
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