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Ryan finds a remote that can swap people's bodies and more. Additions encouraged!

Ryan finds a remote that can swap people's bodies and more. Additions encouraged!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
One day, a package is delivered to Ryan's house and is addressed to him. Inside he finds a remote capable of swapping people's bodies and more! What shenanigans will he get up to? Or will someone else get their hands on the remote?

Remote Functions:
Body Swap: Swaps the bodies of the targets. Targets keep their own clothes, tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, etc.
Body Swap with Clothes: Swaps the bodies and clothes of the targets. This also includes tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, etc.
Body and Life Swap: Swaps the bodies and clothes of the targets and make them think they are each other.
Clothes Swap: Swaps the clothes of the targets. This also includes tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, etc.
Personality Swap: Swaps the personalities of the targets. This also includes any related possessions such as toys, posters, and other decorations.
Undo: Reverses the most recently performed swap. Pressing it again reverses the next most recent swap.
Reset: Reverses all swaps performed by the remote.

Rules of the Remote:
Please take note of these rules regarding the remote's functionality when adding chapters.

1. Only the people holding the remote during the swap will think anything is different. The one exception is that if someone is aware of a particular swap, if the Reset or Undo buttons are used to undo that swap, they will still be aware of it being reset even if they are not holding the remote.
2. The remote will always travel with the user to prevent losing the it or having it stolen by a swapee.
3. The remote does not work on inanimate objects or people in pictures or on TV. It only works on people the user can see in person.
4. Clothes will adjust to fit the body they are on.
5. There is some room for interpretation on how some of the buttons work in specific situations, namely Personality Swap and Body and Life Swap, but please keep it consistent in a story branch once it's established how they work in that branch.
6. The remote doesn't have any additional functionality aside from what has been mentioned above so please avoid adding new functions to it. It is fair game to have it malfunction due to damage or being in beta still and do something unexpected, within reason, of course.

General Writing Rules:
These are the guidelines for adding to any of my stories. I reserve the right to delete any chapters that break these rules.

1. Use good spelling and grammar. I will fix small mistakes, but I will delete chapters that are too hard to read.
2. Keep the story in third person and past tense. It's jarring when these randomly change.
3. Be consistent within a story branch and maintain the established continuity of the branch.
4. Keep characters consistent with their bios. It's okay to expand upon what's in the bios, but don't have characters act completely out of character or change established details about them.
5. Avoid adding too many one sentence or choice chapters. These are fine for earlier chapters in a branch to get things started, but after that point it becomes annoying and doesn't add anything to the story.
6. Don't write something completely different than what the option you selected says.
7. Try to avoid leaving only one option at the end of a chapter.
8. Sex is fine, but please try to be at least a bit realistic about it. Most people don't have sex constantly.
9. Try to avoid killing characters, especially the main characters. It's fine to include character death sometimes, but it's not really the focus of the story.
10. Please try to avoid adding to chapters that obviously violate the rules. I'd hate to delete a good chapter because it was added to one that broke the rules.
11. No promoting hate speech or being otherwise disrespectful of others.
12. Most importantly, have fun and don't be afraid to add! The story isn't going to write itself you know...

You can find a list of characters below that you can include. Feel free to introduce your own, as long as they don't conflict with any characters listed here. I might even add your character to the official list!

Main Characters:
These are the characters that will be the focus of the story in most of the branches.

Ryan Martin: Just an average 16 year old guy. He's decently athletic, but he's not too into sports. He's also a slight bit nerdy, and loves video games. He's a big fan of all kinds of rock music as well and is learning to play the drums. He is a friendly, laid back guy who is easy to get along with. He has short dark brown hair and has average height and weight for a guy his age, standing at about 5'11". Ryan is in his second year of high school and has several good friends even if he isn't in the "popular" crowd.

Ashley Martin: Ryan's 18 year old sister. She is an attractive blonde with long, straight hair and a slim figure with some nice curves, sporting a pair of C-cup breasts and a height of 5'7". She is very bitchy and bossy and can be quite manipulative. She is also lazy and doesn't help out around the house. She otherwise has a typical girly personality and she loves to show off her body with revealing clothes. Ashley is a high school senior and one of the more popular girls. She and Ryan frequently get on each others' nerves.

Susan Martin: Ryan's 42 year old mother. She is a very caring mom and does her best to be supportive. She has shoulder length brown hair and she has a pretty average figure for a woman of her age, a height of 5'5", and C-cup breasts. Even though she's starting to get older, she is still rather attractive and manages to stay in shape. She tries to stay in style and likes comfortable, feminine clothing.

John Martin: Ryan's 44 year old father. He's a big sports fan, loves to cook food on the grill, and he plays golf a lot. He's a pretty cool dad, but he tells really bad jokes. He's kind of tall at 6'0" and has short dark hair. He tries to stay somewhat in shape, but he definitely has a "dad bod." He is often busy with work, but he always manages to find time to spend with his family.

Jake Edwards: Ryan's 16 year old best friend. He and Ryan have known each other since kindergarten and hare a lot of the same interests. They like to go to rock concerts together and can often be found playing video games into the late hours of the night in Jake's basement. He is also an amateur guitar player. Jake is an only child with an attractive single mother. He is quite tall at 6'2" and has medium length wavy blond hair that just covers his ears.

Alex Blake: One of Ryan's close friends. He's 15 and in the grade below Jake and Ryan, but has known both of them for years. He's kind of a nerd, but he's a pretty cool guy who has a good sense of humor and likes to play video games. He's really smart, but not stuck up about it. He's kind of scrawny, wears glasses, and has a height of 5'8". He has dark hair and he keeps it short because it's so curly.

Allen MacKenzie: Ryan's friend who lives down the street. He's a friendly 16 year old guy with a bit of a bro-y personality who is into sports and frequently wears team jerseys and athletic wear. He doesn't share too many interests with Ryan, but the two have known each other a long time. He has a tall, athletic 6'1" build and a decently muscular body. He also has medium length, curly red hair. He has a pet pug named Pokey.

Sarah Townsend: Ryan's 16 year old girlfriend. She's an all around awesome girl who moved to town a little over two years ago. She's sweet, attractive, and lots of fun to be around. She can always seem to find something to do. She's very girly, but she doesn't mind playing video games or stuff like that. She has long and wavy brown hair, beautiful green eyes, a slender build, B-cup breasts, and a height of 5'3". She and Ryan have been going out for almost two years.

Amy Townsend: Sarah's 14 year old sister. She's a somewhat tomboyish girl who really likes video games and action movies, but she also loves shopping and wears feminine clothes. She's a bit shy and socially awkward, but she is fun and friendly once people get to know her. She's a cute but still growing girl with straight, shoulder length light brown hair that's usually pulled back into a ponytail, as well as a pair of A-cup breasts that are still developing, and she stands at 5'2" tall. Amy is in the 8th grade and has had trouble making friends.

Kelly Bryant: Ashley's 18 year old best friend. She's been Ashley's best friend since elementary school. She has the potential to be a nice person, but as it stands, she's almost as bitchy as Ashley. She is loyal to Ashley and very much a follower, basically Ashley's minion. She has curly light brown hair that comes down to just above her shoulders and B-cup breasts. She also has a small and petite frame, standing at only 5'1".

Luke Weston: Ashley's 18 year old boyfriend. He's a jerk to anyone that isn't one of his friends or anyone that he doesn't have to be nice to. He's got short dark hair and good looks, with a broad and muscular frame, standing at 6'2" tall. Luke is a total meathead jock and is one of the top players on the varsity football team, second only to the star quarterback. He and Ryan do not get along at all.

Other Characters:
These are some other characters that may or may not be relevant depending on which story branch we follow. Some are friends and relatives of the main characters, and others are some additional characters to flesh out the story.

Sandra Edwards: Jake's 38 year old mother. She has a pretty relaxed parenting style, not smothering Jake with too many rules. She is pretty close with her son since Jake's dad died when he was a little kid. She's still quite an attractive woman, standing 5'6" and sporting a nice figure, straight, shoulder length dark hair, C-cup breasts, and a pair of shapely legs. She works as a realtor at a local agency.

Elaine Curtis: Sandra's business partner. She's a confident 47 year old woman with a no-nonsense personality, but she also knows how to have a good time. She's a fetching 5'8" blonde who still looks quite good for her age. She has straight, shoulder length hair and a great figure with D-cup breasts and a shapely butt. She wears stylish, feminine clothing and always looks professional at work. She's married and has two kids, but her marriage has been going through a rough patch.

Frank Curtis: Elaine's 47 year old husband. He's a charming, hard-working man, but he can also be a bit of a selfish jerk sometimes. He's a good looking guy with chiseled features and short, slightly greying black hair. He stands 5'10" and is still decently in shape. He works long hours at his office job and often goes drinking with his work buddies. He's been getting into arguments with his wife more frequently lately.

Spencer Curtis: Elaine and Frank's 14 year old son. He likes skateboarding, but he's also a bit of a troublemaker and often acts out. He's in Amy's 8th grade class and is known as the class clown, always cracking jokes. Despite his good sense of humor, he is a bit of a loner. He has messy, medium length, wavy dark blond hair and a skinny 5'7" frame. He usually wears band shirts and skate clothes.

Emory Curtis: Elaine and Frank's 12 year old daughter. She is a kind, studious girl who likes to learn and is better behaved than her brother. She is a girly girl and likes cute, feminine things. She has long blonde hair framing her cute face and she wears glasses. She stands 5'3" and she has a slender frame and small, developing A-cup breasts. She has a girly sense of style, but will sometimes wear more casual clothes too.

Deborah Jordan: Sandra and Elaine's office assistant. She's a fun-loving 29 year old woman and prefers to go by her nickname, DJ. She's attractive, has a decent figure, D-cup breasts, and a height of 5'7". She has dirty blonde hair which she keeps in a short pixie cut. She's not the most feminine, but not quite a tomboy either. Not one to care much of what others think, DJ is also an out and proud lesbian.

Dave Sherman: Jake's 16 year old next door neighbor. He's decent friends with both Jake and Ryan and hangs out with them from time to time. He enjoys sports and gaming and listens to a lot of rap music. He's a chill guy, but is often disorganized and hard to get a hold of. He is 5'10" with a lanky build and short, messy light brown hair.

Claire Sherman: Dave's 18 year old sister. She's a popular senior girl at school, but unlike Ryan's sister, she is nice and laid back, making her easy to get along with. She is an attractive 5'8" girl with long, straight light brown hair, a decent figure, nice legs, and C-cup breasts. She has a girly personality and wears trendy clothing and lots of makeup, but nothing too slutty.

Emma Blake: Alex's 12 year old sister. She's a total tomboy who likes sports, video games, and other things that are usually more popular with boys, and she would never be caught dead wearing a dress. She has straight dark hair that comes down just to the bottom of her ears, A-cup breasts, and a height of 5'0". Despite her age and size, she likes to act tough.

Hannah Blake: Alex's 10 year old sister. She's basically everything Emma isn't. She's a really sweet girl who likes princesses, ponies, dresses, and all things girly. It's weird to see her not wearing a skirt or a dress. She has long, straight dark hair and often wears it in pigtails, a height of 4'5", and hasn't yet begun to develop breasts.

Robert Blake: Alex's 40 year old father. He's a smart, humorous guy, and Alex takes after him quite a bit. He's a good dad who tries to be there for his family as as much as he can. He's thin, stands 5'9", and he has short, straight dark hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and glasses. Robert is a science teacher at the local high school and has a good reputation amongst the students.

Laura Blake: Alex's 39 year old mother. She's an energetic but petite woman, standing only 5'2", and is a fun mom. She can also be quite chatty at times. She has a decent figure, B-cup breasts, and curly, shoulder length dark hair. She has a feminine style, but often goes for more casual, comfortable clothes. Laura is a nurse who works at a nearby hospital.

Tracy MacKenzie: Allen's 18 year old sister and a friend of Ashley's. Unsurprisingly, she's also kind of a bitch. She's very attractive and has a nice 5'6" figure and D-cup breasts. She has very long, curly red hair that reaches past her nice, tight butt. She likes to wear tight, revealing clothes that show off her body and is not above using her looks to get her way.

Bill Townsend: Sarah and Amy's 46 year old father. He's a nice guy, but he is overly protective of his daughters. He's got an average build, but he's rather tall at 6'1". He has short blond hair, a clean-shaven face, and thick-rimmed glasses. He works a boring but well-paying office job.

Diana Townsend: Sarah and Amy's 45 year old mother. She's more laid back than her husband and wants her girls to be able to do what they want in life. She is a feminine woman standing 5'5" tall, with long brown hair, a nice figure, and C-cup breasts. She is a 7th grade English teacher at the local middle school.

Shannon O'Connor: Sarah's best friend. She's a good looking 16 year old girl of 5'5" with long, straight blonde hair that reaches down to her waist, usually pulled into a ponytail. She has C-up breasts and a decent figure. She's a friendly, outgoing girl and a studious individual when it comes to school.

Lisa Song: One of Sarah's friends. She's a cute, somewhat nerdy 16 year old Chinese-American girl. She's 5'0" and has straight, shoulder length dark hair dyed with blonde streaks, a slim figure, and B-cup breasts. She wears glasses and prefers cute, comfortable clothing. She has a typical girly personality, but also loves anime, fantasy novels, and other geeky things.

Grace McCrae: One of Sarah's friends. She's a clever, attractive, and fun-loving 16 year old girl. She stands 5'6" tall, and she has long, wavy auburn hair and a shapely figure with a round butt and D-cup breasts. She is quite feminine and loves to wear tight clothes to that show off her body. She is quite knowledgeable when it comes to makeup and fashion.

Amanda Blair: Ryan's 28 year old next door neighbor. She's a hot blonde woman with a very sexy figure, D-cup breasts, and a height of 5'4". She has long, straight hair and deep blue eyes. She and her husband just had their first child recently, but she has already gotten back in shape. She is a cool, friendly woman who always dresses fashionably. Amanda is a writer for an online fashion and lifestyle publication.

James Blair: Amanda's 30 year old husband. He works out a lot and is in great shape. He's rather handsome, with chiseled features, short dark hair, charming blue eyes, and an athletic, 6'2" frame. He is a manly man, but also a kind one and a loving husband and father. James works as a fitness trainer at a gym in town.

Timmy Blair: Amanda and James's 8 month old infant son. He is a cute blond-haired baby with beautiful blue eyes like his parents.

Jennifer Stevens: Ryan's 38 year old neighbor. She's a close friend of Ryan's mom who lives right across the street. She has straight shoulder length dark hair, a height of 5'6" and C-cup breasts. She's a single mother with two kids. Due to the stress of balancing her career owning and managing a hair salon and raising her kids alone after her ex walked out on the family, Jennifer is a smoker, but she is actively trying to quit.

Annabelle Stevens: Jennifer's 8 year old daughter. She's a cute, energetic girl who is into gymnastics. She is a very girly girl and loves cute animals. She is also very outgoing and curious, always asking questions about how the world works. She has long brown hair and stands 4'2" tall.

Max Stevens: Jennifer's 6 year old son. He is energetic like his big sister, but is far more hyperactive. He is always running around and playing and he has a short attention span. He loves superheroes and dinosaurs. He has short, messy brown hair and is 4'0" tall.

Carl Robinson: Ryan's 51 year old neighbor. He lives next door to the Martins with his family, on the side opposite Amanda and James. He's a friendly man standing 5'10" with short, balding and greying brown hair and a bit of a gut. He often comes over to watch sports games with Ryan's dad.

Lisa Robinson: Carl's 50 year old wife. She is a kind, but quite talkative woman who can be a bit of a nosy neighbor. She's full-figured and is a bit chubby after three kids, sporting some extra fat in all the right places. Her wavy shoulder length hair is starting to grey so she keeps it dyed strawberry blonde. She's 5'4" and has D-cup breasts, a nice butt, and shapely hips and legs.

Mike Robinson: Carl and Lisa's 23 year old son. He's graduated college already and has moved out, but he stops by to visit from time to time. He's a responsible guy and has a good engineering job. He's handsome, has a sturdy 5'10" frame, and has short brown hair and a short, neatly trimmed beard.

Jacqueline Robinson: Carl and Lisa's 20 year old daughter. She's currently in college, only home for holidays and during the summer. She's quite the looker and she is full-figured like her mom, sporting some very curvy features and D-cup breasts. She has straight, shoulder length light brown hair and stands 5'3" tall. She is bubbly and chatty, much like her mom.

Gabby Robinson: Carl and Lisa's 17 year old daughter. She's in the grade above Ryan at school. She is a nice and smart girl who is always on top of her studies and is part of several extracurricular clubs. She's 5'8" and has long light brown hair, a very slim figure, and B-cup breasts. She's cute, but a bit plain looking.

Carol Lowell: Susan's 36 year old sister and Ryan's aunt. She's the cool aunt of Susan's three sisters and is always up for a good time. She's pretty attractive and can still pull off wearing the tight jeans and low cut tops she likes to wear. She has straight, shoulder length blonde hair, B-cup breasts, a nice figure, and a height of 5'6". She works for a travel agency and gets to visit a lot of cool places. She lives in the same town as Susan and is often popping by for visits.

David Lowell: Carol's 37 year old husband and Ryan's uncle. He is a nice guy, though sometimes short-tempered. He's has a broad-shouldered, 5'11" build and keeps his head shaved. He works a lot so Ryan usually only seems him during family gatherings.

Mary Lowell: Carol and David's 13 year old daughter and Ryan's cousin. She's feminine, but doesn't really have a super girly girl personality. She loves Twilight and she tries to act older than she actually is. She has long and wavy blonde hair that comes about halfway down her back, A-cup breasts, and a height of 5'2".

Kate Lowell: Carol and David's 11 year old daughter and Ryan's cousin. She's a little slow about maturing and still acts like a little girl a lot of the time even though she's almost 12 now. She still has a strong attachment to Disney princesses and other kiddy things. She has straight, shoulder length dark brown hair, budding A-cup breasts, and a height of 5'0".

Trisha Campbell: Susan's 34 year old sister and Ryan's aunt. She's the youngest of Susan's sisters and became a single mother after getting pregnant with twins from a one night stand. She's an attractive, feminine woman and has wavy shoulder length light brown hair, D-cup breasts, a nice figure, and a height of 5'5". She has a very liberal parenting style and likes to be supportive of her kids and their interests. She lives a few towns over and works as an event planner.

Haley Campbell: Trisha's 9 year old daughter and Ryan's cousin. She is the complete definition of a tomboy. Her blonde hair is very short for a girl and she flat out refuses to wear dresses and other girly clothes. She loves sports and all the kinds of things that boys her age usually like. She is loud and rambunctious, unlike her twin brother. She has a height of 4'4".

Andrew Campbell: Trisha's 9 year old son and Ryan's cousin. He is the opposite of his twin sister in many ways as he is kind of shy and quiet and he doesn't care much for sports and many thing boys usually like. He has long blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders and somewhat androgynous features, leading to him being mistaken for a girl on occasion. He is 4'4" like his sister.

Heather Campbell: Susan's 39 year old sister and Ryan's aunt. She's kind of strange and she never got married or had kids. She's had some personal issues in the past and that combined with her quirky personality means that the family never sees her very much. She has C-cup breasts, a decent figure, and a height of 5'6". She has a feminine, if sometimes odd fashion sense. She owns her own business, but Ryan isn't quite sure what she does.

Brent Moss: An 18 year old guy who lives down the street from Ryan. He's a senior and the star quarterback of the varsity football team. He's quite the athlete and his football skills and good looks make him very popular. He has a muscular 6'1" frame, medium length brown hair, handsome features, and charming eyes. He does the bare minimum to keep his grades up, focusing on sports. He can be a bit of an arrogant jerk and is good friends with Luke, who he calls his right hand man.

Jenna Moss: Brent's 15 year old sister. She's a typical scene girl who likes emo music and wears tight band t-shirts and skinny jeans. She's a skinny 5'5" girl with modest curves and B-cup breasts. She's naturally a brunette, but her brown hair is currently dyed black with pink ends, and is styled in a choppy layered cut just shy of shoulder length. She is a somewhat quiet girl in Alex's grade at school who usually keeps to herself.

Allison Gill: An 18 year old senior at Ryan's high school. She's one of the most popular girls at school. She can be somewhat ditzy at times, but she gets by with her good looks and bubbly personality. She is a full-figured 5'6" girl with D-cup breasts, a great butt, shapely legs, and shoulder length light brown hair. She also tends to wear quite revealing clothing.

Jeff Dixon: An 18 year old senior at Ryan's high school. He's one of the most popular guys at school and Allison's boyfriend. He stands 6'0" and has a handsome face, short dark brown hair, and nice muscles. He's quite athletic and plays a lot of sports, and he is quite good at them too. Despite being the pretty boy jock type, he manages to keep up with his studies too.

Emily Wilford: A popular 16 year old girl on the cheer squad at Ryan's high school. While not really a bitch, she's not someone who would normally give Ryan the time of day. She's an attractive 5'5" girl with long, wavy blonde hair, nice curves, and C-cup breasts. She's a girl who likes attention, and she wears somewhat slutty clothing.

Gina Wilford: Emily's 14 year old sister. She's one of Amy's classmates and one of the more popular girls at school. While not as attractive as her older sister, she is a very pretty girl with a decent 5'4" figure, wavy, shoulder length blonde hair, and B-cup breasts. She's a smart girl who excels in school and she is a friendly person. She has a girly personality and a feminine fashion sense.

Amelia Banks: A popular 16 year old cheerleader at Ryan's school and a good friend of Emily's. She can be stuck up at times, but she is a decent enough person. She's a cute, slender 5'4" girl with curly, shoulder length black hair, a nice butt, and B-cup breasts. She always seems to wear very girly clothes and a lot of makeup.

Jeremy Winston: A tall, muscular, 16 year old jock at Ryan's school. He plays several sports and is known to be a huge bully. He often terrorizes the smaller, weaker kids and has gotten good at doing it in secret. He stands 6'2" and keeps his blond hair buzzed short. He likes to show off to his buddies with dumb stunts.

Molly Reed: A 16 year old girl who just moved to town recently. She's a nice girl, but hasn't really settled into a friend group at school yet. She's a cute 5'4" girl with a decent figure, B-cup breasts, and a nice butt. She has long light brown hair which she usually wears in a ponytail or a loose braid. She tends to wear casual, comfortable clothes, but sometimes some more feminine stuff. She also has a cute pet corgi named Oscar.

Kayla Miller: An athletic 16 year old African-American girl in Ryan's grade at school. She excels at sports, particularly soccer and basketball, and is generally a cool person. She's tall for a girl at 5'9" and has a very athletic build. She has a decent figure too, as well as C-cup breasts and frizzy black hair that she usually keeps pulled back in a bun or in braids. She usually wears sportswear, but she also dresses more femininely from time to time.

Susanna Hernandez: An athletic Latina in Ryan's grade at school. She's a 16 year old girl of mixed Mexican and Brazilian descent and Kayla's best friend. She loves soccer and is on the school team, but she is also a relatively girly girl. She has shoulder length dark hair, an athletic 5'7" build, D-cup breasts, and a nice butt. She usually wears tight or feminine clothing.

Kat Hernandez: Susanna's 14 year old sister. She is a loud, sometimes obnoxious tomboy in Amy's 8th grade class. Much like her sister, she loves soccer and is on the school team. She's got a decently athletic 5'5" build and B-cup breasts, and she keeps her dark hair in a short but feminine pixie cut. Kat prefers loose, comfy clothing and often wears boys' clothes, not really liking girly clothes at all.

Bethany Andrews: A 14 year old goth girl in Amy's 8th grade class. Most people avoid her because of her gothic fashion sense and the dark and strange stuff she tends to say, but she is typically nice to those who do interact with her. She often comes off as aloof and distant, but underneath it she is kind of lonely. She's 5'5" and has a slender frame, shoulder length raven-colored hair, pale skin, and B-cup breasts.
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