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Werewolves have invaded the Earth! Will they be Man's Best Friend or Worst Foe? 9,880+ Vs

Werewolves have invaded the Earth! Will they be Man's Best Friend or Worst Foe? 9,880+ Vs

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
An invasion occurred to a planet far away. Its inhabitants were abducted, on mass, and then the planet was destroyed. The abductors did a lot of things to their new victims, enhancing certain features, making some larger, some very large, and making all of them stronger. Then, the kidnappers decided to train their victims on how to use their weapons, which were highly advanced, planning to use them as expendable soldiers during their next invasion. This backfired on them, big time. Their victims fought back, and soon the kidnappers were all dead, some wishing they'd been dead before they did finally die. With no home to go back to, the plan the victims had was to settle on the next planet that the ships had in their programming: Earth.

The aliens, which resemble Terran Grey Wolves, were enhanced in many ways, but here is what's common to them:
1. Ability to learn new languages - just thirty words, spoken or written, and they are just as fluent as a native speaker, although slang is an annoyance. This ability was for conducting interrogations or negotiating with Collaborators, or so the theory goes.
2. Very strong, and very fast. Even the weakest can outrun a deer, and outfight a bear.
3. Large appetite - These wolves need to eat a lot of meat, but can make due on plant matter if need be.
4. Rapid Healing - These wolves heal quickly from injury, but will need to eat a large meal after a serious injury.
5. Digestion Control - Even the smallest wolf can hold a prey item the size of a human safely in their stomach, for thirty minutes. After that, the prey is at risk of passing out from heat exhaustion and lack of proper air to breath. However, if the wolf is seriously injured while carrying live prey in their stomach, digestion occurs at a rapid rate. This ability is believed to have been used for taking prisoners, and possibly for torturing them. That being said, there might be other uses for this ability.

Their technology, which they took from their kidnappers, is highly advanced, but includes spacecraft, aircraft that can fly in either space or atmosphere, laser weapons, projectile weapons, armor, plus designs to make more items, such as watercraft if need be, among other more practical things, such as healing chambers, food processors, farming equipment, and other such things.

There are 4 main variations where the wolves are concerned, although there are those who thrive in Arctic-type areas, Desert-type areas, Woodland-type areas, and other environments.
1. Basic Infantry Type - Most common, at 40% of the wolves. 10 feet tall. Can swallow one human-sized prey comfortably, but can hold two in a pinch. Every wolf carries the genes for this type, which explains why there is so many.
2. Recon Type - 14 feet tall. Enhanced eyesight, hearing, and smelling. Good at tracking, and scouting. Can hold two human-sized prey comfortably, although they can hold three in a pinch. 30% of the Wolves. Genes suppress Basic Infantry Genes
3. Assault Type - 18 feet tall. Extremely strong. Very resilient. Can easily hold five human-sized prey in their stomach, comfortably, but can hold a few more if need be. 20% of the Population. Genes suppress both Recon and Basic Infantry Genes.
4. Infiltrator Type - 8 feet tall. Weaker than even Basic Infantry type, but still strong enough to take on a bear. Can swallow one human-sized prey, but they feel quite a bit of discomfort, and have trouble moving. Additionally, they can shapeshift into other species of similar size, such as humans. 10% of the population. Genes suppress Assault, Recon, and Basic Infantry.

The nature of the Invasion depends on a number of factors, such as if the first contact is peaceful, or violent, if the Native Humans think the wolves are Gods, or Demons, potential allies/enemies, technology of the Time that the wolves landed during, if a war is going on, not to mention peoples' reactions in general to seeing large talking wolves.

1. There will be an option for different Time Periods initially - from Prehistory to Modern Times. Likewise, the story might start in different locations. Throwing in a couple of Future Timelines.
2. The Wolves' technology will be superior to that of the Humans', at least initially. Humans might be able to acquire the wolves' technology through trade, or theft, or the wolves might decide to downgrade the majority of their stuff, keeping their advanced gear in reserve.
3. Humans as Prey will depend upon the situation. If there is violence towards the wolves, humans might be on the menu, as a form of punishment, or torture, or lack of alternative foods if the wolf is injured, and this might be directed towards those engaged in violence with the wolves, or with those who are already dead, or dying. In peaceful situations, humans might just be Pretend Prey, being released soon afterwards, either as part of Training, or a Role-Play scenario, or some other such situation. Also, it's possible that the human is dying of some sort of illness, like cancer, and doesn't want to prolong their own suffering.
4. It is possible for the wolves to have sex with humans. However, offspring are highly unlikely.
5. The wolves do not have names as humans know them, except as Designations, at least initially. This might change, depending on the time.
6. Good Spelling and Grammar would be appreciated.
7. Try to create a story, with the fetish stuff as a side note, and not the overall tone. That being said, give a reason for the fetish - part of a job, master and pet/slave, loving couple, or whatever. Don't just do it out of the blue.
8. Starting Number of the Wolves is one million - keep this in mind when making ratios comparing wolf numbers to human numbers of the given eras.
9. When it comes to fetishes, most anything goes, except for toilet related stuff, non-oral-type vore variations, body swapping, gender swapping, and anything else I think doesn't fit.

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