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  1. The Story Begins
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You and your girlfriend decide to have some fun in virtual reality, but SHE is in control!
Chapter 1

The Story Begins

    by: ForestFire5000   More by this author
You are Tom. You are whatever age your girlfriend is and look however you want to look. Your girlfriend is the real star of this story, so you don't need much of a description.

Now, who is your girlfriend?

1. Sarah: A sexy 18 year old girl. She is fairly tall (only slightly shorter than you), has long light blonde hair, a rather large bust, and a near flawless figure. She has smooth, lightly tanned skin and her muscles are slightly toned from gymnastics classes; but she is by no means a body builder. She is quite flirty with you, and enjoys teasing you when she gets the chance. Overall, she has a caring personality and would never try to hurt you. Even in the cyber-world, she typically tries to avoid harming you unless you did something to really tick her off. However, the fact that you can't actually be injured in the cyber-world means that she would probably be more willing to try some things she wouldn't otherwise do to you. You normally get along very well.

2. Cindy: An athletic 19 year old girl. She is very tall (a few inches above you), has shoulder-length hair (light brown with a single strand dyed green), and has a rather muscular build. She is a bit of a tomboy, and enjoys all kinds of sports; often wearing a sweatband over her forehead even when not working out. Due to her athletic way of life, she is fairly tanned and quite strong. She occasionally challenges you to a wrestling match, but due to her muscular physique and superior size, you rarely end up on top. Her tomboyish personality also means that she doesn't hold back if she has to fart/burp. You originally complained about this, but after being pinned down and forced to experience the stench up-close-and-personal, you learned not to argue with her about it. In fact, you actually grew to like this part of her personality over time; not only do you not have to restrain yourself around her, but she actually encourages you to "let it rip" if you have to (sometimes even making it into a contest). You now get along quite well (although your relationship isn't exactly what most people would call "romantic").

3. Julia: A seductive 20 year old girl. She just as tall as you, and has long black hair that is almost always tied into a long ponytail. She has quite a large rack, and loves to show it off. As such, she often wears some rather revealing clothes. Personality wise, she is a dominatrix. She loves the feeling of being in control of others, and is not afraid to assert herself. She loves to toy with you, using her feminine wiles to get you to do what she wants. Despite being a control freak, she still cares deeply for you and wouldn't do anything that she knew would cause you permanent harm. However, since this is all virtual, she no longer has to worry about that, assuring you that if you die in the cyber-world you will simply reappear as if nothing happened. You get along well, despite the fact that she clearly wears the pants in the relationship. You can't help but worry about what would happen if she had this kind of power in the real world, however.

4. Amy: A youthful 17 year old girl. Appearance wise it's as if puberty just completely ignored her, as despite her age she is quite short and is incredibly flat-chested. She has short, dirty blonde hair (which she often ties into pigtails). Personality wise, her attitude more or less matches her childish appearance (a fact that she constantly denies when mentioned). She instantly falls in love with anything that she deems "cute", and often tends to be distracted easily. She looks up to you (in more ways than one), and always enjoys spending time with you. Due to this, coupled with her young appearance, most people who see you with her would probably assume that you were brother and sister. She doesn't mind this, however, and has actually started treating you like a big brother at times (possibly because she's an only child, and she always wanted a brother). You get along well, but your friends occasionally tease you for being a "cradle robber".

5. Yumi: An attractive 19 year old Asian girl. She is average height, has short dark blue hair, average sized boobs (not huge, but definitely not small), and a nice figure. She has very bubbly and playful personality, and always seems to be happy. She is also a bit of a prankster, but sometimes she goes a bit overboard with her jokes. You get along well, but you feel she might be a bit over-the-top at times with her pranks. In a virtual world where she has complete control over everything, her relatively simple pranks would probably end up escalating to overly elaborate Rube Goldberg machine level booby traps. She's also openly bisexual, having both you as her boyfriend as well as a girlfriend of her own, and so she might want to try some things out on you by turning you into a girl as well.

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