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  1. A Bullied Riolu
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by DaveE
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Riolu wants to be the biggest and heaviest pokemon EVER!
Chapter 1

A Bullied Riolu

    by: DaveE   More by this author
The sun rose to signal a start to the crisp summer morning in the dense forest. The beams of light soon found their way to the closed eyes of a little Riolu that was lying lazily on a tree branch. The sun rise caused the young pokemon's eyes to slowly open and eventually wake him.

The Riolu sluggishly got to his feet and let out a yawn, rubbing the last bit of sleep out of his eyes as he did so. This peaceful start was soon interrupted by a rather loud growl from Riolu's scrawny stomach.

"Guess it's time for breakfast..." he muttered to himself, rubbing his belly with his paws.

Riolu then swiftly made his way down from the tree and onto the forest ground. He'd only arrived in this forest a few weeks ago. Quite a few other pokemon lived in this forest as well, but Riolu had kept to himself, and since most of the others simply tended to their own business, everyone got along fine.

Another grumble from his belly made Riolu quicken his pace to where he was going.

He dashed around the trees until he came to the spot he was looking for: a small pond that was surrounded by enormous trees which had massive, bright-red apples hanging from them.

Riolu licked his lips as he gazed at the succulent fruit. He gathered all the strength he could and gave the tree a hard kick. Several apples fell to the ground around the tree. Not wanting to waste another moment, Riolu strained to picked up one of the huge apples with both paws.
But before he could take a bite, the earth beneath his feet began to shake.

"Oh no..." moaned Riolu. "Not HIM..."

The tremors became bigger and bigger as a giant Machoke came running to the pond, his footsteps shaking the ground as he ran.

This Machocke was a lot bigger than a normal one. Not just in height, but weight. His arms and legs were thick with fat and he had an enormous belly which hung out over his black belt.

"Morning, shrimpy!" he bellowed when he spotted Riolu with the apples. "Almost didn't see ya'. 'Cause you're so tiny! Har har har!"

"Just leave me alone...please," said Riolu, annoyed but trying to sound polite.

"What's that?" mocked Machoke. "I couldn't hear you...'Cause you're so tiny! Har har har!"

"(You already said that, moron,)" muttered Riolu, thankful that Machoke didn't hear him.

"I see you got me my breakfast," continued Machoke, slapping his stomach. "This gut needs some grub!"

He then grabbed the apple that Riolu was still holding onto and lifted it up with Riolu still holding on.

"Hey!" yelled Riolu. "This is mine! Go get your own!"

"Sorry, bug," said Machoke. "But this belly needs food to stay BIG and STRONG!"

He then flicked Riolu with his free hand right in his nose, causing Riolu to fall flat onto the ground. Machoke then proceeded to eat the entire apple in one bite, he then grabbed to others and gulped each one down, one by one. Once he'd eaten all the ones on the ground, he shook the tree with his meaty hands and all the apples in the tree hit the ground, which he then continued to eat.

Riolu tried to get his paws on another apple, but Machoke purposely grapped to ones Riolu tried to get or simply knocked Riolu away.
They continued to do this until Machocke had managed to eat all the apples in the area around the pound. When he finished, Machoke let out a massive belch and smacked his even bigger belly.

"Now that was some good eating!" Machoke said happily. "Too bad your not big enough to deserve food like me. I'd would've let you have some, but my belly needs it more than your puny one!"

The Machoke laughed to himself as he waddled away, the ground still shaking as he left. Riolu, however, stayed at the pond.

The rest of his body hurt too much for him to care about the empty feeling in his tummy. But what hurt even worse was what he saw staring back at him in the pond. Riolu's reflection showed a very small and violently treated pokemon who couldn't even have breakfast all because he was small.

The average Riolu weighs about 44 pounds, but this one was terribly malnourished, as it was very thin and probably only weighed 30 pounds.

He hardly stood a chance against that Machoke, which had to weight 255 pounds at LEAST. But there was hardly anything Riolu could do...

"Stupid, Machoke..." muttered Riolu angrily as his belly let out another loud growl. "I deserved those apples, but just because he's bigger than me he has to eat ALL of them! What about pokemon like me? Because of that jerk I haven't had a decent meal since I came to these woods..."

It didn't make sense why Machoke choose to pick on Riolu; the two had never met before Riolu came. Maybe it was because they were the only Fighting-types that lived here?

Before he could give it another thought, Riolu's stomach gurgled again.

"Oh..." he moaned, clutching his crying mid-section. "...so...hungry..."

Before he could pout any further...
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