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Two people who don't get along find a magic stone that can swap things

Two people who don't get along find a magic stone that can swap things

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Another swapping story of mine, but with with the intent of more of a focus on the characters, or the main two characters in particuarly. The story will be in third person, and can switch back and forth between the two main characters as you please.

Kyle Henderson: 16 years old, black hair. Pretty avergae guy, with a laid back attitude usually. Enjoys some sports even though he isn't very good at any, video games and anime. Is in decent shape.

Tiffany Gates: 16 years old, red hair. Is usually nice, but with a temper as fiery as her hair. Has a mild interest in fashion and clothes, and secretly is into video games and anime
Background on the two: Kyle and Tiffany are neighbors and have been their whole life. When they were younger, they had been close friends, but drifted apart over time for reasons they don't even remember. Nowadays they don't get along much, and are competitive with each other, contstantly trying to out do the other. Secretly though, Tiffany harbors a bit of a crush on Kyle, though with how much they just don't get along, she'd never admit it to anyone, let alone herself, since she doesn't even realize it.

Kyle's family:
Sarah Henderson- Kyle's 8 year old sister. Sweet and girly.
Samantha Henderson- Kyle's 18 year old sister. Stereotypical teenage girl. Is a cheerleader, and has a part-time job at a department store in the mall.
Rachel Henderson- Kyle's mother.

Tiffany's family:
Johnny Gates- Tiffany's 8 year old brother. Energetic, and doesn't get along with his older sister.
Peter Gates - Tiffany's 18 year old brother.
Robert Gates- Tiffany's dad.
Mary Gates - Tiffany's mom.

Dan Johnson- 16 years old. Kyle's best friend.
Emily Wallace- 16 years old. Tiffany's best friend.
Sally Benson - 9 years old. Sarah's best friend.
Zack Jones - 9 years old. Johnny's best friend.
Angela Jones - 18 years old. Samantha's best friend, and Zack' older sister.
Paul Davidson - 18 years old. Samantha's boyfriend.
Harry Miller - 18 years old. Peter's best friend.
Jenny Benson - 18 years old. Peter's girlfriend, and Sally's older sister.
Heather Anderson - 18 years old, and cheerleader. Stuck up, and doesn't like either Kyle or Tiffany.
Kevin Bradley - 18 years old, and a footbal player, and Heather's boyfriend. Typical jock.
Steven Edwards - Kyle's mother Rachel's boyfriend. Have been going out for more than a year.
Elizabeth Harris - Kyle's mother's best friend.

You're encouraged to add other characters if you want.

The stone that the two find is special, and can perform swaps between them and another.

Types of switches:
Life - They switch lives with someone else. First name will stay unchanged. They will be treated as if they were that person, and those other than Kyle and Tiffany will act as if they had always been that person. Will gain the skills and abilities of the one they switch with. Can switch with anyone in town.
Personality - They gain the personality of another, while those whose personality they gain will also gain theirs. For Kyle and Tiffany, their own personality will always remain and be unchanged, but the new personality will have an equal presence. The person whose personality they gain, if not eachother, will only have the persoality of them, or whoever they also had the personality of instead if they don't only have their own. Limited range, though only for the one using it.
Wardrobe - They switch clothes with someone else, which are readjusted to fit the new person comfortably. Gains all clothes, as well as make up, jewelery, and head hair length and style, though color stays the same. When switching clothes with the opposite gender, they will then be expected to dress like that gender.
Relationship - Will gain the relationships of the person they switch with, such as friends. Life will be the same, and will keep their own family. Limited range, though only for the one who used it.
School & Job - They switch school and/or jobs with the other. If they switch with someone that goes to the same school as them, they will switch classes and and other activities related to school like sports with that person. If the job or other activities require any skills, they will gain them. Limited range, though only for the one using it.

The stone will only work for Kyle and Tiffany, and only when one of them is holding it. They do not need to be together to use it. Upon its first use, they will know what its powers are, though they won't necessarily always know what kind of switch happened right away. The stone can't be destroyed, but can be lost or stolen.
Whenever the stone affects one, it will affect the other in an opposing but equal way. When one of them has switched with someone, they other will have the same kind of switch performed on them. Ex: If one of them switches lives with someone, the other will be switched with the girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband of the person.
While they choose to activate it, Kyle and Tiffany have no control over which switch shall happen, nor who they will switch with. For the switches with limited range, the limit is roughly the size of their two houses, and they do not have to be in the same room as the person they could switch with.
When a switch is done, reality is altered so that any changes seem perfectly normal, and only Kyle and Tiffany will notices any changes.
Physical appearance does not change, and switches can only happen between humans, so no animal switches.

Other rules:
No sex
No killing off characters
No ending the story

Have fun!
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