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A city is ruled by a giantess, but she's about to learn that there's someone even bigger!

A city is ruled by a giantess, but she's about to learn that there's someone even bigger!

This is an interactive story containing 102 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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<If you are reading this message, it means that this story is in need of new additions. I'm willing to offer 500 gift points for each chapter added. However, as I am currently very busy with college and other real life things, I may not notice new chapters for quite some time. If you want your gift points immediately, please message me that you added so that I can get back to you.>

(choice chapters are not included in the offer and you will not receive gift points for writing them.)

This story takes place in an average city... With one defining trait: it's ruled by a 100 foot tall giantess! Alice has always ruled her city without fear of opposition. After all, nothing could possibly hurt her at her size right? WRONG! Her world is soon turned upside down when an even bigger giantess arrives on the scene. Standing at 300 feet tall, Maria is going to teach Alice an important lesson: there's always a bigger fish in the sea. Follow the story of what happens when big meets bigger.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Okay, that's basically the story right there. Now for the rules.

1. No other giants can be introduced in the main 4 routes. Option 5 on chapter one is immune to this rule, and can add as many new giantesses as desired. Either way, no male giants allowed.

2. The personalities of both starting giantesses will be chosen at the start of the story. Please stick to them throughout the route you choose. In Route 5, the personalities of all giantesses can be decided upon their introduction to the story.

3. I will allow you to decide the physical appearance of both giantesses, but they are only allowed to wear a bikini. There's no way that they could get enough fabric to make a full outfit at their size!

4. No changing the giantess's sizes. Alice is 100 feet tall, and Maria is 300 feet tall... Lets stick to that, okay? Same goes for anyone added in later chapters on Route 5. Once you settle on their size, please don't change it.

5. No one-sentence chapters. I will allow you to make 'choice chapters', but I want you to fill out at least one of the choices yourself if you do this.

6. No killing off either of the main two giantesses in routes 1-4. I will allow it in route 5, but you have to introduce another giantess who is even bigger than the one who killed them immediately afterward. The story is based around having multiple giantesses at different sizes, and if you kill all but one of them, it takes away the point of the story!

7. In the event that one of the two giantesses in routes 1-4 is "removed from the story" in a way other than death (ie: Alice runs away from the city to escape from Maria or something like that), they still can't be replaced by a third giantess. In a case such as this, the story can either be ended in the next few chapters or continued by alternating between the POVs of the two. Also, always leave an option to steer around this sort of scenario as well.

8. I'd prefer it if any giantesses added in on route 5 were about triple the size of the biggest one currently there. (ie: You introduce a new one when Alice and Maria are the only ones there. Maria, the biggest one there at the time, is 300 feet tall. So the new girl should be somewhere around 900 feet tall.) As such, the only time there should be more than one giantess of the same size is if they were introduced at the same time as eachother. However, this one really isn't as much of a solid rule as it is a preference.

In order to improve the reading experience, I'll try to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes I find. I also reserve the right to make minor alterations to chapters if it is necessary to insert detail or correct one of the above rules being broken. If a chapter is too poorly written for me to fix, then it will be deleted. Chapters that I have to delete will not qualify for the GP reward.

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