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Interactive Story were you can indulge your foot fetish on the biggest feet you can find
Chapter 1

list of girls

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Samantha: 18 year-old freshman, white. Has been your friend for years, but she doesn't know about your fetish. She’s 6 feet tall, with an average build, black hair, green eyes, and she has size 20 feet. Her soles are impressively meaty and quite wide with a seductive paddle shape, her toes are long but surprisingly meaty. She’s usually in tennis shoes.

Nicky: 19 year-old sophomore, Japanese. You’ve only known her for about a month. Her dorm room is right next to your’s. She’s a very nice and understanding girl. Kind of nerdy as well. She’s 5’5” and is average build with black hair and brown eyes. She has size 16 feet with long, wide soles and short very plump toes. She’s usually in flip-flops.

Sara: 19 year old freshman, white. You see her every day in math class, but her Goth sense of style intimidates you, so you’ve never actually talked to her. She is 5’10” has black hair, hazel eyes, thinner than most girls but exactly skinny. Her feet are a size 16 and she has long narrow soles with long skinny toes. She loves her well-worn combat boots.

Maria: 21 year old senior Hispanic. She’s been friends with your older sister Ashley for years, and is well aware of your foot fetish. She has always been kinda interested in your foot fetish, but she always felt you weren’t old enough till recently. She is 6’1” and a little overweight. She has black hair, blue/green eyes and the biggest feet you have ever seen. Size 22 with long, very wide soles and medium-length, meaty toes. Due to her gigantic feet, she’s only able to find flipflops and tennis shoes.

Samara: 20-year-old junior, African American. She lives across the hall from you, but all you know about her is that she never talks to you. She is 6 feet tall with black hair and blue eyes (she wears contact lenses, her actual eye color is brown). She has an average build and has size 19 feet with long soles and average toes. She’s normally wearing either heels or flipflops.
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