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Rated: XGC · Interactive · Erotica · #1763674
An immeasurably large and powerful succubus decides her family needs some new members.

An immeasurably large and powerful succubus decides her family needs some new members.

This is an interactive story containing 14 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This interactive is about Corona Ognas, a woman known as an Infinitely Growing Succubine Yuri Goddess or “IGSYG” for short- also sometimes referred to as an Infinitely Growing Monster-girl Yuri Goddess (IGMYG) due to the fact that many of them do not look like traditional succubi and take the forms of many different sorts of women. The vast majority of IGSYGs begin human, although Corona herself is an exception to this rule: Corona is known as a “Sangobus”, a succubus who has the facial features of Sango from Inuyasha since she is a “defective clone” of the original (For more information on this background, please see our IGSYG story, Dark Ascension: Reflection, Defection, and Ascension, at http://awesomex18.deviantart.com/#/d38d4w9 and http://awesomex18.deviantart.com/#/d392kre ). While she does have the face and hair of the demon huntress, along with her bountiful posterior and beautiful body, her breasts are large F-cups in size and she possesses several standard succubine features: Large leathery wings that are about as long as she is tall, obsidian claws that protrude from her hands and feet, black irises with red pupils, a spaded tail stretching out from just above her butt three times her height in length, snaking around her legs, a pair of sharp ram's horns adorning her forehead, and finally a long serpentine tongue.

Corona is the queen of all IGSYGs, immortal, unaging, and possessing immeasurable power, seemingly omnipotent to mortals. Over the countless aeons she has existed, she has given birth to an equally limitless amount of daughters, both through her original creation and by rebirthing those chosen mortals who she has deemed worthy enough to become her children. Her children, much like Corona herself, are lust goddesses with immeasurable power, cosntantly seeking to find new sisters to add to their family.

Corona’s most favored daughter is Elizabeth, her firstborn and one of the few daughters that she actually mothered within her own womb. Elizabeth looks very much like a “typical” demoness, in stark contrast to her favorite lover and wife, Athena, who commonly takes the form of an angel (but never acts the part). Elizabeth and Athena both have powers which rival Corona’s, but have not quite surpassed her, although Corona has made it quite clear that they both will eventually do just that.

The main focus of this interactive will be upon Corona and other IGSYGs going to various worlds and inducting new daughters and pets into her family. This is done many ways, but they all boil down to seduction, temptation, and sometimes outright mind control. Some of her favorite methods include embedding a shard of her power into a piece of armor or jewelry and sending it to some world for a girl to find. Othertimes, she’ll have one of her daughters temporarily shrink down and directly seduce their target. Still other times she’ll be summoned by a lust-worshipping cult, where she’ll often grant one woman from among the cult the honor of being her daughter.

Rules of the Interactive:

1) The main themes of this story are yuri (F/F sex), growth, corruption, and transformation.
2) Themes which conflict with the above themes- such as shrink, redemption, or M/F and M/M sex- are not allowed. Additionally, excessive weight gain (if their belly starts to grow larger than the width of C-cup breasts), toilet play, bestiality (anthros are fine and encouraged), futanari, and necrophilia (this includes zombies and vampires) are not allowed.
3) Male characters are allowed, but they must be turned fully female by the succubi's magics before they can join in on anything fun.
4) Due to the nature of WDC's limited interactive branches, I realize that option chapters are inevitable. However, if you add an option chapter, you must make another chapter following it with actual content within 24 hours, or I will delete the option chapter(s) in question.
5) Chapters should be 2-7 paragraphs in length. Any shorter, and you're really not adding much. Any longer, and you can probably divide it into two chapters to allow for more branches.
6) No “cliffhanger” sentences at the end of your chapters. Finish your sentence- make the choices completely separate from the chapters.
7) Rewards of 50 to 100 giftpoints will be given out for good, well written chapters. This means you must use proper spelling and grammar, and pay attention to the previous chapters within the story, and keep the characters within their personalities (mind control and alteration not withstanding).

And for those of you curious, here are some pictures of Corona, Elizabeth, and Athena:

Corona Ognas: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/052/6/9/succubus_queen_corona_ognas_by_re...
Elizabeth and Athena Ognas: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/065/9/a/Request__Athena_and_Eliza_by_Inis...
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