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  1. And It Begins...
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Your gf & family can cause you to shrink, now not only their butts are gigantic.
Chapter 1

And It Begins...

    by: G-Writer   More by this author
You groaned as you rolled to the edge of the bed, only waking when you realized you had almost rolled right off. Effectively startled awake, you blinked a few times and pushed yourself into a sitting position. You chuckled slightly and almost blushed as you pushed the pink comforter Sierra just wouldn't give up away from you, just one of the growing list of things you had to get used to after moving in with the Bobblebeauts (or the "Bubble Butts" as everyone else called them). Your chuckle turned into a smirk as your feet hit the "floor", most of which was covered with Sierra's random articles of previously worn clothes, while your own clothes were neatly in a basket in the corner. "I keep trying to keep my messes to a minimum, but I'm starting to think they wouldn't even notice..."

You couldn't help chuckling again, happy that apparently the stuffy nose that had been bothering you since you moved in seemed to have finally cleared. Taking a deep breath, you noticed that the room was just barely on the verge of starting to smell from all the dirty clothes piling up. The smell was barely there, and you probably only smelled it because you took such a deep breath, but as you shook off a sudden bout of dizziness, you decided it might be time to help Sierra clean up a bit... But after sweeping your eyes over the ever-dirtying room again, you thought better of it. ...Eh, the mess'll still be there later.

Pulling on some shorts over your boxers and a random t-shirt, you make your way over to the door (nearly tripping over an arrant pair of panties). Sticking your head out still somewhat groggily, you can't help but be bombarded by the sounds of the busy household. Though the mansion was huge, so was the family, and though you only knew a handful of them right now (most of them being in the same wing of the mansion as you and Sierra), you were sure to meet new members every day. For now though, you couldn't help but blush a little as you caught a glimpse of Kira's gigantically tall form (at least to you) as she made her way into her room. Before forcing yourself to look away, you couldn't help noticing as she toweled some of the sweat from the last of her almost nonstop workouts; her tight spaghetti string top clinging tighter with sweat, her boy shorts attempting a disappearing act into her massive...

You shook your head. Going from living alone to living with all these beautiful girls was starting to get to you. Taking a step out into the hall, you scratched your head lightly, trying to think of exactly where you want to start your day...

Choice 1: Actually... Maybe you should get Sierra's room cleaned up before she returns from work for her after all...

Choice 2: Maybe you should see how Kira's workout went?

Choice 3: You hear loud music coming from Grenna's room. You haven't really talked to her, maybe now's the time?

Choice 4: Cherry did want her "Little Man" to visit her at least once a day...

Choice 5: Maybe explore a different wing of the mansion? (Add a character.)

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