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by Storm
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1766334
Try not to be eaten or crushed by Pokemon and their trainers... No guarantee of survival!!
Chapter 1


    by: Storm   More by this author
The story?

Your story is not about the promising life you had once had all to yourself, the dreams of becoming the Pokemon League Champion and beating all of the gym leaders in a battle. No, although that was not a bad goal for yourself, it turned out that the real story of your life involved something different.

Entirely different.

It all began the day that you finally graduated from Pokemon school. It was a happy day, as much as you tried to be unsentimental. You were done with school for the rest of your life, as you had decided to take the trainer's path and skip college. You were busy celebrating with friends, counting down the hours until you would receive your first pokemon as a gift from your parents for all your hard work in school.

Ironic. Heh.

The very thing that you were dying to get was actually going to become the worst plummet your life would ever take. If only you had known then.

You returned home that evening--that fateful evening--to find your parents waiting excitedly for you in the living room. Your mom had the most delighted, wide smile you had ever seen. Your dad simply nodded at you, gently caressing the stubble on his jaw. Out on the table before you was a small, gray box. Inside of it, as you soon discovered, was the pokeball containing your future. You were still trying to act like it wasn't a big deal, that this entire day was overrated and blown out of proportion, at that point. As such, you told your parents thank you and said you would officially start tomorrow morning. They were a little disappointed, which was to be expected, but they wizened up to your convincing. Pokeball in hand, you quietly went up to your room.

That's when it all began.

As you laid on your bed, you smiled to yourself, secretly knowing your true intentions. This was, of course, not something you were willing to put off until tomorrow. You wanted to see your pokemon now! You held it in both hands, looking down at it, and then reached to press the release button on the ball.


Even now, it’s still hard to believe what really happened just then and there.

You only faintly remember that the beam from the ball struck you, paralyzing your body in an instant. You do remember that sudden fear you had the moment you realized that your parents had made a mistake. This pokeball did not contain a Pokemon at all! In fact--little did you know--this specific pokeball was an experiment that had accidentally found its way into the public’s hands. The researchers had not wanted it to get out to anyone, but a mix-up had now put you into the way of this strange poke ball’s new effects.

You recall blacking out very quickly.

Then, you woke up, and nothing was the same. You were strangely soaked, out in the dark, and and beside you was a discarded soda can, taller than you. At first, you thought you were dreaming. This had to be a mistake! But then, you began to find out for yourself about your new life. There had been a change of plans for you, leaving you shrunken and powerless to every human and pokemon around you. It was no longer about winning it big and becoming wealthy, famous, and incredible. No, now it was all just about survival, all about getting to the next day while trying to return to your normal life before ending up in the gut of a pokemon or on the bottom of a human’s shoe.

Hm… It feels like it’s been a long time. Where exactly did you find out that you were, again?
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