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  1. The adventure begins
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Your favorite detectives crossover into different genres.
Chapter 1

The adventure begins

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One day, while team Chaotix was relaxing at home. Something strange occured.

"Say,Espio could you turn out the lights, I'm trying to sleep." said Vector.

"I would if I had the lights on, which I don't." said Espio.

"Huh? then what's making all the-whoa!" said Vector as he fell out of his chair.

"okay, I back from the- what's that?" Charmy said in a paniky voice.

The three of them could not believe what they were seeing, a portal in there home. While they were looking, Vector noticed something on the floor as did Charmy.

"A quarter!" they both said in unison. then they glared at each other an said,"Its mine!"

Then a fight started over the quarter which was acidently kicked into the portal.

"Your not getting away from me that easily." said Vector as he jumped in after it.

"I wanna come too." Charmy whined as he flew in after.

Espio sighed and said,"I better go in after them." He jumped in after them unknowing ly that a certain scientist was watching the whole thing.

"Interesting, a portal that leads to another world, what fun." he turned to his robots and said,"Go after them and claim that world for me,even though I will be coming along."

First, the scientist(Dr.Eggman) walked through the portal with his creation,Metal Sonic. After he entered, one by one the robots followed under his command.

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